Wahl Clip ‘N Trim Clipper Review

Introducing Wahl Clip-N-Trim Complete Haircut Kit

It can be annoying visiting a barber constantly to get your hair trimmed. This could be especially true if you have very long and thick hair that grows very fast like mine.

Some say that you can cut your hair, but the hardest part is getting to the neckline and sideburns.

Fortunately, the Wahl Clip-N-Trim 23-Piece Complete Haircut Kit is the answer to your prayer. This hair kit contains 23 complete tools for you to work at home. It has a two in one device that is great for trimming around the neckline and ears.

Wahl Clipper Clip 'n Trim 2 In 1 Hair Cutting ClipperIt can also help shape up your sideburns. This kit can help you meticulously get around the roughest edges and help you perform at your maximum level.

It can help you with finely thin cuts, just like a surgeon. The product also comes with a self-sharpening high-quality steel blade that is durable and can stay sharp for a long period of time.

With this haircut kit, you can be your barber or stylist in the comfort of your own home. Heck, you can even open up your shop to showcase your skills.


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Powerdrive clipper, built-in trimmer, storage case, oil cleaner, brush, scissors, blade guard, comb, neck duster, instruction manual, and cutting guide.


  • Lightweights with comfortable handles for easy maneuvers and flexibility.
  • Durable blades
  • Able to work on difficult areas like the head, neckline, sideburns, and around the ears
  • Able to work on all types of hair.


  • The scissors are small and poorly made.
  • The case is not made of durable material so that it can break easily.


When I got the product, I was very excited to explore the haircut kit. The first thing that I noticed was the steel blade. It cuts very well and has never jammed, Snapped, or gunk up like those other cheaply made clippers out there.

The motor is very smooth and quiet; it’s also reliable and sturdy. They have a wide selection of combs for you to choose from. The blades are also adjustable, so you can use them to shave all the way down the skin, but do this cautiously, so you don’t get hurt.

The problem I have with this product is that the case is very cheap. The material is made out of cheap plastic, so it breaks easily. The other problem is that the scissors are very small and poorly made. This can be a problem if you need a more precise cut.

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Imagine if you have big hands and stubby fingers, you will not be able to use the scissors. The combs are cheap but functional. Overall the product was pretty good. The clipper and blades work wonderfully, and I was able to achieve the cut that I was looking for.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who desires a professional do it yourself kit so you can cut your hair in the comfort of your own home instead of going to the barbershop.

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