Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Review

The Wahl colour pro is a top hair clipper for intermediate and beginner hair stylists. Besides its quality build, this shaver satisfies my requirements for a quality hair shaver: affordability, convenience, and adequate motor strength for handling all hair types.

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Quiet, heavy-duty motor
  • Affordable
  • Available in corded and cordless designs
  • Equipped with an ear trim guide
  • Soft comfortable grip
  • Plastic body
  • One-hour maximum battery operation

Product details

Weight 2 pounds
Material plastic
Color White
Cord length 6 feet
Taper lever present
Blade type Self-sharpening
Manufacturing country USA
Voltage 120 volts
Dimensions 7.5 x 6.2 x 10 inches

Included accessories

  • Clipper with color guide
  • Clipper blade cover
  • Nine color-coded attachment guards
  • Two hair combs
  • Scissors
  • A neck duster
  • Two hair clips
  • Barber’s cape
  • Left & right ear taper
  • Blade cleaning brush and blade oil
  • Storage case with handle
  • A Wahl color pro

Full review

Wahl color pro clipper

Inexpensive does not always equal ineffective, and the Wahl colour pro-hair-clipping kit is proof. Designed by a revered name in the world of hair clippers, the colour pro shaver offers 35% more power than typical electromagnetic motor clippers, thus an ideal fit for all hair types.

Additionally, this model possesses Wahl’s self-sharpening blade design, which ensures quality service free of hair pulling or frequent disassembly for sharpening purposes. Like the elite pro, this set comes with essential shaving accessories; thus is better than standalone sets, which compound more money after buying each item separately.

Ergonomics and safety

Wahl color pro shaver

The comfort of a hair clipper in hand can make a world of difference in the shaving experience offered by the shaver. Unlike its counterparts, the Wahl colour pro is shaped to fit in hand comfortably, thus yields to the direction and style you wish to use.

Additionally, this hair clipper has a soft body fitted with a thumb rest, which ensures perfect handling. A testament to the model’s efficiency, I was able to shave without cutting myself or needing to apply more pressure than necessary.

The Wahl colour pro is light, perhaps owing to the plastic build, therefore did not expose my hands to strain when in use. The size of the clipper also makes it ideal for shaving as it leaves ample room between your hand and the surface you are shaving.

However, for a quiet shaving experience with these Wahl clippers, tighten each screw and align the blades before use. Also, tune the power screw to optimal settings with your house power, thus getting a noise-free operation ideal for users with sensitive hearing.


The self-sharpening blade design is among my favorite features of the Wahl color pro shaver. This feature ensures that the blades are in excellent condition, allowing for a smooth, comfortable shave without running the shaver twice over one section.

Also, the high-carbon self-sharpening blades are an excellent fit for novice shavers as it saves one the agony of often disassociating the shaver to sharpen its blades. I liked this feature since it saves time and money that I would have been spent sharpening the blades for optimal performance in each session. To prevent the Wahl shaver from overheating, oil it after every ten minutes in use, thus ensuring smooth interaction of the blades.

After a long duration of service, however, the blades are bound to wear out. When this happens, seek quality Wahl colour pro blades from your store to ensure that you enjoy a similar quality shaving experience from your shaver as when it was new.

Wahl pro-color-coded guide combs

Wahl color pro guided combs

The selling point for the Wahl colour pro is its nine colour-coded guide combs. With the colour code situated on the front of the clippers panel, the combs are easy to memorize, thus yielding your favourite hairstyle with the appropriate settings for each comb size.

The guide combs are color-coded as follows:

  • Green – 1/16”
  • Red- 1/8”
  • Purple- ¼.”
  • Dark blue- 3/8”
  • Orange- ½.”
  • Yellow- 5/8”
  • Lavender- 3/4”
  • Green- 7/8”
  • Light blue- 1.”

For a precise, uniform style, this hair clipping kit includes a right and left ear taper and an ear trim guide, which ensures uniformity in the ear region without exposing your ear to injury. Unlike conventional shaving kits, the Color pro kit includes one extra comb size, allowing for more size options.

Motor power

With a 120-volt motor, there is barely a hair type that the sharp claws of the Wahl colour pro can get stuck on. The power drive cutting system of this hair clipper proved an excellent option for me as I could hasten my shaving sessions without compromising my hairdo.

Unlike regular shavers, the Wahl colour pro mortar produces no noise when used, thus a comfortable device for all-around body shaving needs. However, be keen when using this trimmer as its combination of sharp blades and a strong mortar may prove lethal if mishandled.

I also recommend that you use this trimmer for dry shaving and apply the least amount of oil when cleaning the blades to avoid interaction of the mortar with fluids, which would result in damage to the motor.

Though a beast for consumer-grade use, the Color pro mortar is less than ideal for commercial use as its 120- volt mortar falls below standard commercial shavers.

Wahl Color Pro Corded vs. cordless

With so much buzz surrounding cordless shavers, battery-powered shavers have seen an upsurge in their demand. Unlike the earlier cordless sets that I have tested, the Wahl colour pro hair clipper balances functionality and battery power to ensure a similar quality experience with their corded counterparts.

With a battery capable of running for an hour at full charge, the colour pro proves a great hair trimmer for travel. However, Wahl could improve the running duration of the shaver to ensure more extended service for long trips and journeys.

In addition to travel, the cordless Wahl colour pro hair clipper allows for flexibility, which is crucial in shaving kids and pets, who prove challenging to handle with corded shavers due to their inability to remain stationary for long durations.

On the other hand, the corded hair clipper is fitted with a six-foot-long cable, which is ideal for personal shaving and stationary subjects. However, the cords reach can be increased using an extension.

Also, the Wahl colour pro cord comprises a sturdy rubber layer that withstands trods and accidental clipping by doors without exposing the wires. As such, this shaver is ideal for use in the bathroom as it assures you protection from electric related accidents caused by naked cables.

The multi-cut clipper on the base of the clipper ensures that the cable does not break as this area is frequented with activity when maneuvering various shaving spots.

Wahl color pro-style guide

Wahl color pro guiding combs Copy Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Review

Although style guides are given little consideration in the buying process, the Wahl color pro-style guide is detailed enough to warrant mention. With a comprehensive manual written in English and Spanish, this hair clipping kit makes it easy for entry-level stylists (which I often find as the case for DIY hair clippers) to master the art of hair clipping.


wahl color pro Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Review
A hair dresser’s performance is only as good as the tools at their disposal. With the Wahl color pro, I was able to tackle pro-level tasks with the aid of the quality accessories included in the kit.
The home kit also comes with a durable plastic storage case, which ensures that your shaving pieces are in one place and also makes it easy to pack for travel.


Warranty Copy Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Review

Personally, the best company is one that guarantees the performance of its products. Wahl satisfies this through a five-year warranty and a 30-day cash back guarantee which ensure that you don’t lose your money to service that does not meet your expectation in their brand.

However, the warranty is limited to USA residents and does not cover damages arising from the commercial use of the clipper.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this shaver for all my body hair?

Yes. With its wide variety of guiding combs, the Wahl colour pro can trim body hair to a smooth fade of your preferred sizes. However, this set is more massive than standard manscaping clippers, thus may prove daunting for shaving ‘nooks and crannies in the nether regions.

Is this a suitable shaver for my dogs?

Yes. Since the shaver is cordless, it gives you the flexibility to reach each section of the dog. Also, the sharp blade ensures that you get a smooth shave in a single shave, therefore, saving your time.

For a comfortable session for your dogs, ensure that you align the blade, tighten each screw, and oil the device, thus doing away with vibration, which irritates dogs and undermines stillness.

When aligning your blade, ensure that the top and bottom edge do not flash, which puts you in danger of being nicked.

How often should I change the clipper blades?

Every four months. This ensures that the self-sharpening blades run optimally, thus yielding uniform, tug-free shaves.

Must I use a transformer with this shaver?

No. Unless the voltage in your home is lower than required. For lower voltages, turn the power screw anticlockwise until the device produces a humming sound instead of vibrations.

How can I disinfect my clippers at home?

Methylated spirit and alcohol are great for sterilization of your shaving blade. To sterilize, soak your blade, detached it from the shaver, and dry it before attaching it to the clipper.

Afterward, apply oil on your blade and attach it to the clipper.

Why does my Wahl clipper not cut?

Wahl clippers comprise adjustable blades that rub against each other to maintain a sharp edge. When aligned improperly (with both blades at one level), the clipper may tug on hair and jam when in use.

Final verdict

The critical thing I check for in a shaver is the richness of features and their relevance to my hair grooming routine. The Wahl colour pro review is a quality hair clipper as it boasts of multiple elements that elevate your shaving experience.

However, ensure that you align the blades and tighten the trimmer body as poorly attached screws can cause the trimmer to operate loudly. Besides this, I would recommend the Wahl colour pro as it comes at a low price in which the shaving kit compensates for four haircuts.

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