Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Review [2021 Updated]

Considering Buying The Wahl Elite ProClipper High-Performance Haircut Kit, but not sure, Here’s I spent over two weeks with the shaver; here’s What I Don’t/Like.

The Wahl elite pro is an affordable all-in-one consumer-grade hair grooming kit with many shaving accessories. Wahl elite pro clippers also have a quality build, ensuring comfortable use and smooth shaving for any hair types.

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully equipped 21-piece bit kit
  • Durable, sturdy plastic and stainless-steel accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Heavier than common shavers
  • No battery power storage
  • Left and right ear tapers absent

Product details

Weight 2.5 pounds
Material Steel, metal, plastic
Colour Black/ silver
Cord length 8 feet
Taper lever present
Blade type Self-sharpening
Manufacturing country USA
Voltage 120 volts


Included accessories

Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Accessories

  • Styling sheers
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Scissor sheath
  • Cord wrap
  • Gloves
  • A complete set of Wahl metal clipper guards
  • Protective bag for shaving guards
  • A cleaning brush
  • Clipper oil
  • Storage kits
  • A 28×40 inch barber cape

Full Review

Wahl Elite Pro Review

As a DIY hair groomer aiming for a neat, classy look, you want hair clippers equaling the quality found in a top barbershop (Without the expensive frippery you would never use in your grooming routine).

Thanks to the 21-piece shaver from Wahl, you can enjoy quality, long-lasting service and faster, cleaner shaves.

Although many sets are branded as the ‘best hair cut kits,’ the Wahl is my favourite option for all clipping needs as it comes armed with all necessary hairdressing materials ranging from scissors to gloves. In addition to these, many elements on this set are better than those of its predecessors.

Motor power

Z Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Review [2021 Updated]

A quality blade and quality material are among the details which yield a quality shaver. The motor, however, is the heart that pumps power to the blades, thus giving them ample speed to cut through the thickest of hair.

Among the selling points for the Wahl elite pro, the 120-volt motor ranks top of the list, boasting 15% more power than its predecessors. A testament to their claim, the clipper cuts through hair without jamming, thus preventing accidental cuts and yielding a precise shave without having to redo one spot.

However, among the pitfalls of the motor is that when used under low voltages, it produces a loud sound, compromising the quality of the shave. Although the set is fitted with a quality cord, which ensures that the gadget receives as much power as is needed for optimal operation, it is loud when used under low voltages.

For use under low voltage, the set has an adjustment screw on the side, which is tuned to work optimally under the energy in your home. Although the motor model is not indicated, I found its smooth, snag-free shaving performance similar to entry-level professional clipper motors.

Ergonomics and safety

It is essential for a good shave that I have control over the hair clipper and that my hand does not strain halfway through the task. Owing to its hand-fitting ergonomic design, I could move the hair clipper with ease and without slippage, thus yielding results free of contours.

However, the shaver was more cumbersome than my usual shavers; hence it took me time to adjust to its weight. This was a sacrifice I considered worthy since the extra weight of the gadget is attributed to its build of sturdy plastic and stainless steel instead of the plain plastic build of many shavers.

Even better, the on/off switch is placed in a position I found comfortable to control when shaving, thus maximizing power savings and personal safety. This hair clipper is also fitted with a taper level, which improves the control and reduces the cases of pricking one’s skin.

The set is fitted with a heavy-duty cord to avoid electricity-related accidents, thus promising durable service without fraying or exposing the wires. Therefore, the joint between the shaver and the wire comprises reinforced rubber, therefore, withstands rigorous shaving activity without breaking.

Since the motor works without vibrating, the shaver does not irritate you when held, allowing for long shaving sessions.

Self-Sharpening Design

Top of the issues I’ve faced with previous shaving kits is the blunting of shaving blades. Besides the task of sharpening the blades, blunt blades tend to pull your hair when in use, thus causing excruciating pain in each session.

Wahl elite pro shaving blades comprise two opposing blades that rub against each other when in use, thus maintaining the sharpness of the blades. They save you from the regular sharpening of the blades and ensure that each session yields a painless, clean, uniform shave.

I also found out that frequently oiling your shaver keeps this function in check, thus, ensuring you enjoy quality service for a longer duration.

Guide Combs

2Q== Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Review [2021 Updated]

Guide combs are among the elements which dictate the precision offered by a hair clipper. While previous sets limited me to the essential guide comb sizes, the Wahl Elite pro hair clipper features ten clipper guards with the necessary eight and two extra combs of a half and a one a half guide comb size. The additional sizes ensure a precise cut for short hair, allowing you to bring forth the look you intended.

The guide combs are also fitted with a stainless-steel attachment clip that fits tightly, thus preventing the guide from displacement during use, hence adding precision. Also, the nameplates on guide combs are easy to read, allowing for a quicker replacement to the required guide comb.

However, the Wahl shaving kit is exclusive of left and right ear tapers, thus making it hard for non-professional hairstylists (which I’m not) to navigate the area behind the ear. I, however, managed to tackle this issue by buying fitting on those from my previous shaver.

Plastic case

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I love to have my clipping accessories in one place as this ensures easier retrieval and prevents misplacement. While previous sets provided a plastic bag for storing my shaving elements, the Wahl elite pro comes with a sturdy thick-gauge plastic case that holds all its constituents.

Even better, the case comes in a snug fit, which fits in my travel bag when packing for long journeys. However, I found this set limiting for hiking ventures as it lacks a strong battery for shaving when you cannot access a power source.


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Among the reasons why I consider the Elite pro a steal from Wahl is the richness of accessories, which have equally superior quality as the hair clipper. If each element were to be acquired as a standalone item, the price of the kit would be unbearable.

With materials ranging from scissors to cleaning oil, I find the holy grail’s kit to hair grooming woes. Although the oil bottle seemed paltry at first, it will last a long duration of time as it only takes two drops of oil to clean the blade.

However, ensure that you don’t overdo the application of the cleaning emulsion as it may seep into the mortar, bringing the life of the hair clipper to a halt.

User guide

You don’t have to go to hairdressing school to cut your hair. At least not with the Wahl elite pro. Thanks to the detailed user manual, you can quickly get the ‘pro’ shaving secrets following step-by-step instructions, thus acing in all tests ranging from but not limited to tapering and outlining.


Although a month is not an adequate period to base the durability of a shaver on, the Wahl elite pro shaver has exhibited quality service without the shortcomings I experienced with previous sets. In this duration, the shaver has had no change instead of sets that heat up after a short duration in use.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Wahl elite pro hair clipper kit for head hair only?

No. the Wahl clipper kit can be used for all-round shaving needs, provided that you take the required caution as the blades are quite sharp. Also, the kit can be used to shave kids and people with sensitive skin as it does not vibrate and is made of allergen-free material.

How often should you have your blades realigned?

This totally depends on the frequency with which you use the blades. If you use it with a frequency exceeding four times a week, you should have them realigned at least three times annually.

To align your blade, loosen the top blade and place it such that the left bit of the top blade is above the first bit of the one below. After doing this, tighten your blade.

Can the Wahl elite pro shaver be used out of the USA?

Although this hair clipping kit is designed to work optimally with the power in many USA households, it is compatible with all households that can provide 120 volts for the shaver to run on. However, you can tune the shaver to lower operation capabilities if your power doesn’t meet the required voltage.

Final verdict

Compared to other clippers I’ve used for home grooming, the Wahl elite pro is a great option. Although the kit costs higher than its stand-alone counterparts, it offers you a substantial amount of savings instead of buying each item in the kit individually.

While the product is advertised as the best shaving kit for men, I consider this a great option for all household members. Considering its features and accessories, I would personally recommend the Wahl hair clipper to anyone looking to invest in a consumer-grade shaver.


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