Wahl HomePro Complete Haircutting Kit Review

The Wahl HomePro 22-Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review:

Cutting your hair at home can never be as easy and a dream come true as the Wahl HomePro 22-Piece Complete Haircut Kit.

This amazing kit has a very sleek and sexy design with grey and blue colours on the exterior. It’s an exceptional and excellent brand that has a powerful and quiet Motor.

The high-quality blade is made of high carbon steel for durability and precision. The taper is adjustable to allow you to have multiple cutting settings based on your desire. The clipper has an amazing ergonomic design that can cut any hair.

The rubbery grip is comfortable for flexibility and maneuver during complex cuts. That means you don’t have to worry about crazy angles because this product has got you covered. If you were craving a short buzz or mohawk, then this clipper can make your dreams come true.

It comes with additional accessories like a curling brush for volume, and the hot air can add volume to the roots. There is also a nylon bristle brush to create amazing curls. The aluminium barrel can release maximum heat for a long-lasting style. You can also use it while your hair is wet or dry, whatever you prefer.

Feature of the Wahl HomePro:

Clipper, blade guard, styling comb, scissors, Barber comb, pocket comb, blade oil, cleaning comb, hair clips, comb guides, and easy to follow instruction manual

Wahl 9243-517N 22 Piece HomePro


  • This kit is great to use on all types of hair
  • comfortable grip for flexibility and maneuver
  • quiet and peaceful motor
  • nylon bristle brush for excellent curls
  • can use on dry or damp hair.


  • Clipper wasn’t working very well
  • the blades get jammed easily
  • scissors are too small and fragile

Editor’s Verdict:

Wahl 9243-517N 22 Piece HomePro Hair Cutting Kit

I really like the Wahl HomePro because it has a multi-functional purpose. It can clip, trim, and curl your hair. It saves you money, so you don’t have to purchase separate tools to do what you want. Plus, it works on both dry and wet hair.

Sometimes, I like to cut my hair while it’s wet. A lot of clippers do not allow me to do that. This is definitely worth the price, and the whole kit is amazing. It gives you that salon-quality look without actually going to the salon. I enjoyed the different accessories they have, such as the comb, brush, and instruction manual.

The instruction manual was easy to use, and it contains a variety of hairstyles to choose from. I personally don’t like scissors; it’s too small for my hands.

Another thing that I find is the problem is that the blades can get jammed easily. This can be dangerous because some of my hair can get pulled out. Plus, the clipper wasn’t working very well, or maybe I just needed time to get used to it. Overall I really enjoyed the product, and I definitely recommend this to anyone that desires a professional haircut.

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