Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Review: Is it Worth It?

The Wahl magic clip cordless hair trimmer is a professional shaver that infuses sharp, zero-overlap blades with a lightweight, cordless design that allows for a quality shaving experience.

Additionally, the shaver is fitted with a rotary motor that runs cooler than standard electromagnetic motors, thus ideal for commercial-grade service.

Wahl magic clip cordless

  • Lightweight
  • Corded/cordless operation
  • 90 minutes battery runtime
  • Zero-overlap blades
  • Fitted with a hook hole
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • 5500 RPM rotary motor

  • Not waterproof
  • No battery life indicator
  • Noisier than standard Wahl clippers

Product Details

Product dimensions 1x1x1 inches
weight 10 ounces
Shaver length 6.25”
Power frequency 120 volts
Corded/ cordless Both
Battery type Li-ion


  • Clipper
  • Li-ion battery
  • Eight attachment guides
  • Charging transformer
  • Styling comb
  • Brush
  • Blade oil
  • Red blade guard
  • User manual

Full review

Would you agree that both professional and DIY hair grooming procedures call for a clipper with a powerful motor? Is it essential to have control to maneuver every nook and cranny without straining your hand?

Among the many hair clippers in the market, the Wahl 5-start magic clip shows the best balance in power, control, and convenience. Featuring stagger-tooth technology, zero-overlap blades, the clipper allows for close cuts while yielding two cutting paths, thus producing smooth fades and blending.

Owing to the blade design, this shaver is least prone to damage; therefore, it saves you frequent trips to the electrician.

In this Wahl magic clip cordless review, I aim to show you the elements and the quirks of the clipper, thus ensuring that you make an informed investment decision.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

The Motor

Wahl magic clip cordless blade

The Wahl magic clip motor is among the features that make it an excellent option for professional use. Unlike standard electromagnetic motors, the rotary engine is light and cooler when in use.

Though I am yet to have experienced any issue with the motor, some of the users have reported that the blades can heat up if continuously used for long sessions.

I recommend having a substitute set of clippers to use interchangeably and avoid mounting too much pressure on one shaver, thus preventing the blades from overheating in a commercial-grade setting.

With a 5500 RPM power, this motor ensures that the blades operate optimally, thus cutting through thick hair without tugging.

Corded/ cordless

wahl magic clip corded cordless

Gone are the days when a barber required acrobatic skills to jump cables and find perfect positions to shave points far from the socket connection. With the Wahl magic clip cordless clipper, you can maneuver hair surfaces with ease hence gaining a straight cut free of lacerations. Additionally, when you aim for maximum time optimization, you cannot afford time for recharging your battery.

The Wahl 5-star magic clip enables you to handle the maximum number of clients by giving you a quality runtime of ninety minutes (one and a half hours). In addition to this, the clipper can be charged when in use, thus ensuring that you don’t stall midway through a shaving session.

Unlike standard corded hair clippers, the Magic clip features an eight-foot-long cord with a thick rubber coat, which does not char, thus protecting you from direct contact with power cables. It is vital to note that the motor fluctuates in performance when used without a cord.

However, the power on the battery is enough to flow through your hair without tugging or having to run the clipper twice over one place.

However, the clipper produces more noise than standard Wahl shavers; thus, it may be a major turn-off if you aim for a near-silent shaver.

BladesWahl magic clip cordless replacement bladeThe zero-overlap, stagger-tooth 2161 blades are the key selling point of the Wahl magic clip cordless hair grooming kit.

Unlike typical shaving blades, magic clip blades move backward and forward in a parallel design, thus decreasing the chances of misalignment. The zero-overlap design provides for a bald shave that rivals blades without exposing you to nicks.

For a precise shave, however, ensure that your blades are well screwed before you start shaving. Also, ensure to oil your blades frequently, especially before storage, to protect your blade from rust.

ErgonomicsWahl magic clip cordless clipper

Another feature of the Wahl magic clip cordless hair trimmer that I love is the body design, which easily fits my hand. The taper lever is placed at a thumbs distance, thus allowing for easy control when in use.

Together with its lightweight build, the shaver allows you to handle long shaving sessions without exposing your wrist to strain. While the exterior commands a quality aesthetic appeal, I wish it comprised a rubber component as it may get slippery if used after contact with oil.

Also, the exterior is made of quality plastic, which withstands accidental falls without breaking. Although the decorative chrome fitting on the shaver comes out sometimes, which I consider a non-issue, it is easy to reattach and doesn’t affect the shaving experience.

User experience

The Wahl magic clip cordless shaver was, without doubt, built with the user in mind. To grant you a better service, the clipper is fitted with a hook hole, which allows you to hang the clipper to the wall unit when washing and brushing the hair.

A downside to the clipper is that it lacks a battery drain indicator, which proves inconvenient when using the clipper during travels. To avoid frustration, give your trimmer a full charge before packing for a journey.
Additionally, the shaving kit does not include a travel bag; thus, it may require you to buy one.

Guide combs

The Wahl magic clip cordless shaver includes eight guiding combs ranging from 1/8″ to a 1″, thus allowing them to realize hair shortness that appeals to you most and to gain a better fade.

While the clipper shows unrivalled performance, the guiding combs included in the package give out after a short duration of service.

I acquired Wahl guiding comb replacements for a small cost to navigate this, which showed better quality than the initially included combs.

Style guide

The Wahl magic clip cordless kit style guide is a less-than-ideal manual for a beginner. Perhaps because the product is labelled ‘best for professional use.’

Unlike other Wahl style guides, this manual covers every little about hairstyling and machine usage.

If you have used previous shavers before, this is not a significant issue. Also, beginners can perfect their shaving skills by looking at YouTube videos and engaging various grooming platforms.

AccessoriesWahl magic clip cordless accessories

A barber is only as good as the tools at their disposal. Although the clipper is adequate to unleash your shaving Maestro, the shaver comes with items to help maintain the clipper and finalize your shaves.

However, the set lacks essential items like scissors, which can be bought as standalone sets or taken from your previous shaving kit.

How to oil Wahl magic clip cordless clippers

Oiling your clipper blades is essential in ensuring that your shaver operates without pulling and snagging. When oiling your clipper, whisk all hairs off the module using the brush and apply a drop at the edges of the top blade and the base of the blades.

Wipe off the excess oil from the blade to prevent it from running into the motor. Turn your shaver on to let the oil reach all areas, thus curbing friction of the blades.

Frequently asked questions

How do you fade with Wahl’s magic clips?

Comb your hair to its full length and attach the smallest guide comb. Using the least comb number, trim areas around your ears and the back of your head.

whenFor smoother shaves, use gradually larger shaves from the ear and back region, the under rim region, the rim, and the most extensive hair comb for the top hair.

Also, ensure to maintain your fade regularly to maintain a good look.

How can you tell if Wahl clippers are fake?

An original Wahl clipper is more substantial than a fake counterpart of a similar model. Also, Wahl shavers are engraved with a born-on date code, which tells you the date on which the shaver was built. A sure way to get a quality Wahl shaver is by buying from a distributor.

How long do Wahl clippers last?

Wahl clippers should last up to 12 years. To lengthen the service of your clipper, however, ensure proper maintenance and handle it properly to prevent slippage. Be very keen not to drop your clippers as this ranks as the top reason why many clippers get ruined.

How do I unjam Wahl clippers?

If your blades are jammed with hair, move the lever repeatedly until your blades are free.

Final verdict

Whether you are looking for a DIY shaver or a clipper for professional use, I recommend that you consider the Wahl magic clip cordless shaver.

By giving you a wide variety of shaves and relatively lesser weight in hand, the shaver allows you to live up to your potential and maneuver various shaving styles without getting a swollen wrist.

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