Wahl Speed Shave Foil Shavers Electric Razors Review

Wahl Speed Shave Foil Shavers for Men, Electric Razors, Rechargeable WaterProof Wet/Dry Lithium-ion with Precision Trimmers for Beard

If you are looking for something versatile, easy to use, and precise, then you are searching for the Wahl Speed Shave Rechargeable lithium-ion wet/dry waterproof foil shaver.

The Wahl Speed Shave is every man’s fantasy, as no one can resist its smooth, detailed shave and excellent battery life. Its state of the art lithium-ion battery can last up to 90 minutes of shaving session.

The lithium-ion battery can also go for a long time without being charged. It can be stored without losing its ability to charge. That means you can travel safely and look great with this shaver.

If you are tired of waiting for a device to get a full charge, no need to experience that pain again. With the Wahl Speed Shave, you can charge it for only one minute for a quick five-minute shave session.

Better yet, charge it for a full hour to get the full 90 minutes of fun. The Wahl Speed Shave also has a pop-up trimmer on the back to provide great detail and precision in trimming beards and sideburns. You haven’t seen anything yet.

Another amazing feature is that this shaver is water-resistant so that you can enjoy a great shave in the shower with water and cream as well as shaving in a dry environment.

This amazing product contains a travel pouch, charger, shaver, and a stylish instruction manual.

The sleek, urban grey look provides a handsome exterior that any man will be owning and using to sculpt his facial hair. Its masculinity paves the way for an excellent gift for any man that wants to look his best. With this amazing tool in mind, you will not have to run around the shopping mall in a panic attack because you forgot your husband’s anniversary gift.

817nQTjpdVL. SL1500 Wahl Speed Shave Foil Shavers Electric Razors ReviewThe shaver comes with a well-crafted rubber handle to facilitate an easy grip that can also be used anywhere. This is to get rid of the hassle of the shaver slipping out of your hands. The size and shape of the shaver are very light and easy to use.

It can help maneuver through the detailed process of trimming the toughest parts. If you realize that it will take hours to finish, the comfortable handle will keep your hands steady and cramp-free for hours. If you prefer a wet environment, you can take the shaver to the shower. The metallic foil can give you that smooth and sleek shave for your entire body.

Once your job is done, clean the shaver with soap and water to get all your hair out. The water-resistant feature has made cleaning a thing in the past.


  • The urbanized, masculine styles make it a great gift for anyone that wants to look his best.
  • The lithium-ion technology provides a battery life of 90 minutes per shaving session. The great part is that it only takes an hour to charge for full battery life.
  • Versatile in both wet and drive shave. The waterproof technology allows you to shave in the shower with water or cream. You can also use it out of the shower if you prefer the dry environment.
  • If you need longer shaving time, no need to worry. This lightweight shaver can help you finish the job without exhaustion and cramps.
  • The easy to handle grip makes maneuvering for a sleek and detailed look as easy as taking candy from a baby.
  • The water-resistant feature makes cleaning very easy. You can now use water and soap to clean out hairs and gunk.


  • Will not be able to shave hair that is too long
  • cant get replacement foils or cutters for it.

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