5 Ways to Get Over an Infatuation with a Coworker

A coworker relationship can be very unhealthy since most organizations discourage it. One way you’ll realize you have a crush on your coworker is when your heart beats a bit fast when you see her approaching towards you. It’s always important to know how to get over an infatuation with a coworker before it’s too late and end up losing your job.

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What is infatuation?

It’s when you get in a situation whereby you get carried away by the love that seems so addictive in the sense that you have strong sexual attraction towards your coworker. This happens especially when you just happen to know each other for a short period. This is very common especially in the workplace between coworkers.

Here are different ways to show how to get over an infatuation between a coworker:

1. You should avoid touching:

It’s unethical to touch inappropriately with your coworkers at the workplace. This happens especially when you have got a crush on someone. A good scenario is: Where you’re tempted to place your hand on your crush’s shoulder especially when they talk about something that you might find very teasing. You should avoid this as it might lead to unhealthy love affair at the workplace.

2. You’ll interact with the coworker like any other workmate:

It’s always important to treat that coworker you have a crush on like any other workmate in your organization. You should avoid situations whereby you get into inappropriate contact. It’s important since it helps you avoid thinking about them any more as you interact with them rarely.  For example, you should avoid going home together with him by joining the company of other colleagues you work with when going home. Change your company when it comes to going for lunch by accompanying other workmates whereby you’ll have a different discussion from what you would be having with your crush.

3. Do not favor your crush at the workplace:

It’s always important to act professionally in the workplace. This helps you to serve as a role model for junior workers in your organization. If you are in a managerial position and you happen to be in a boardroom meeting, it’s always good to support that best idea. Those ideas might come from your coworkers that you do not have a crush on. You should avoid situations whereby you might support inferior idea just coz it comes from your crush and it’s not the best.  You should also ensure that you distribute different work tasks to all your junior staff equally without favoring your crush in any way. This might lead to some revolt amongst the workers.

4. Make sure you do not flirter with your crush:

Avoid situations whereby you get to flirter with that one person you have a crush on. This is very helpful as it ensures that you are serious and don’t want to engage in any unprofessional conversation with him. For example, if they make funny jokes it’s important to avoid exaggerating it by laughing some much as all you have to do is change that topic.

5. Take some time off from work:

Taking a break from work is very important especially when you realize you have a problem with dealing with that love affair with your coworker. This is important especially when you realize it has reached a different level and you need time to focus on important things in your life. It gives you time to look on ways on how to get over an infatuation with a coworker. At this time you will realize that you might be putting your work in jeopardy by engaging in such kind of an affair with your workmate since you’ll find that most workplaces require you to show the highest level of professionalism. You might also get time to realize that you’re putting a relationship that you’re in into jeopardy by focusing so much on your unhealthy relationship with your coworker.

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