17 Super Easy Awesome Ways To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Fast

What comes to your mind when you think of psychic abilities? Do you think it is about seeing the future, reading someone’s mind, making objects move, or communicating directly with spiritual beings? If yes, then you must be asking yourself a simple question. How do you develop your psychic abilities fast?

In this physical world, there exists a lot of unseen things which can only be seen using advanced psychic abilities which expands your senses and perceptions. You must know that psychic abilities are a birthright of every human being.

To develop your psychic abilities fast, you need to strengthen your intuition and regularly engage in spiritual practices such as prayer, yoga breathing, using a mantra, among other practices.


What Are The Benefits Of Developing Your Psychic Abilities?

  • A deeper understanding of the world and things in your daily life.
  • A greater understanding of your inner self.
  • Improvement of your intuitive abilities.
  • Boosting your confidence in life.


What are the Types of Psychic Abilities

  • Divining the future
  • Getting messages from the spirit world in forms of dream or vision
  • Reading the thoughts of others
  • Ability to see things which are hidden or lost.


17 easy ways to develop your psychic abilities

To improve your psychic abilities without hitches, commit yourself to practice one technique each day. You don’t have to follow how the techniques are ordered in this piece. Start with the easiest and more fun method and then to the advanced ones.


#1 Practice Psychometry

Psychometry refers to getting information from an object using your extrasensory perception. With this practice, someone can know the history of an object by touching it to read its energy. For instance, a skilled individual might touch a wine bottle and extract information about where it was brewed, which year it was brewed… among other factors. Psychometry deepens one’s mind power, and you will need to practice it regularly using metals.


How to practice Psychometry

  • Take a piece of metal and place it before you.
  • Rub your hands together until you feel them hot with energy.
  • Close your eyes and touch the metal.
  • Ask yourself questions like; who owned this metal? Was the person a male or a female? When did the person like using this metal? How did the person look?

Try to make guesses using your inner energy. Practice the skill regularly until you start feeling the energy of people later when you perfect the craft.


#2 Personal symbols meditation

You can develop your mental power when you regularly practice personal symbols meditation because your psychic abilities can emerge through signs or symbols.

How to do personal symbol meditation

  • In a silent room, sit comfortably with your legs crossed and spine fully stretched.
  • With your hands in prayer position, shut your eyes.
  • Breathe in and out gently.
  • Start thinking about your favourite symbol. It could be an alphabet letter, a number, or an object such as a ring.
  • Energize the symbol by flooding your mind with it.

That symbol will assist you in developing your psychic abilities because you will be thinking about it every time.


#3 10-15 minutes meditation

In the realm of magic, meditation strengthens the mind and improve its focus on objects. Meditation can help you develop your psychic abilities if you frequently practice for 10-15 minutes. Before you start meditation, you need to be in a relaxed state of mind to feel more connected to your higher spirits and the spirit of others. It is advisable to maintain a positive mindset before you begin meditation.


#4 Acknowledge you have unique psychic abilities

Acceptance is a paramount practice in developing your psychic abilities. All you have to do is accept that you have extraordinary skills to empower your mind’s extrasensory perception. Even though it may sound stupid, start by telling yourself that you have terrific psychic abilities then slowly, your unique gift will develop.


#5 Believing in yourself and maintain positive thoughts

Have keen positive belief in yourself and maintain positive thoughts. Negative feelings will cloud your vision and damage your mind power. All you have to do is have firm faith in your mental ability and remain positive with your new skills.


#6 Maintain a quiet state of mind

You can develop your mind power and hone your psychic abilities when you always maintain a calm state of mind. A quiet environment ensures your mind eases tension and discomfort hence pulling together your emotions to develop your psychic abilities. You can practice maintaining a quiet state of mind when in bed before sleeping.


#7 Regular experimentation

Regular experimentation can help you develop extrasensory perception where you will learn what works and what doesn’t. The routine experiment will strengthen your intuition in the long run, and you will start seeing a change in your supernatural capabilities. When experimenting, don’t be afraid of failure. Regular experimentation will make your right and left brain to cooperate and send signals to your subconscious mind.


#8 Learn to develop your intuition

Intuition is the inner guidance or inner voice that human beings possess in varying degree. One need’s to develop this inner voice to become aware of their environment. Intuition has a positive impact on human beings because it is responsible for essential psychological functions such as thinking and feeling. Once you develop your intuition, you can be able to connect with strange things around you and in the long run, develop your psychic abilities.


#9 Surround yourself with like-minded people

Get in touch with a set of people who are like-minded. You can strengthen your mental power when you associate with people who are deemed to have developed advanced extrasensory perception to help you reach your goals.


#10 Learn to pay attention to your dreams

Dreams remain potent tools in our lives because they help us understand our inner voices and powers. Dreams can help you develop your mental ability when you pay attention to them. You can see symbols in your dreams, you can see hidden or lost things in your dreams, you can also see the future in your dream. You can learn to listen to your dreams when you start keeping a dream journal where you will record your dreams upon waking up.


#11 Practice random visualization

Random visualization refers to letting your mind wander and flooding it with images using your third eye.

How to do random visualization

  • In a quiet and isolated room, free form any distraction, close your eyes.
  • While maintaining positive thoughts, focus on your third eye area. 
  • With your eyes still closed, invite the highest powers to show you peaceful images.
  • Let your mind wander in those peaceful images.

Practice regularly to empower your mind hence develop your psychic abilities.


#12 Take a walk in nature

Talking a walk in nature makes you see and interact with beautiful sceneries such as the calm blue water in oceans, the green forest in the jungle, and the beautiful brightly colored flowers in the garden. Such thrilling scenes will clear your mind of negative thoughts and help increase your extrasensory perception. 


#13 Develop your clairaudience (psychic hearing). 

You can develop your psychic hearing by listening to sounds around you.

What to do

  • Before going to sleep, lay quietly in bed facing upwards.
  • Listen keenly to the sounds around you. It could be the sound of a cricket, your pet, or the sound of winds making the tree to whisper.
  • Focusing on the sounds and try to make accurate guesses.

Repeat this procedure each night to sharpen your instincts.


#14 Practice reading picture books

Look at the people in the people in the picture book and write down what you sense about them. You can look at their faces and tell their age, what they are thinking about, or what they like doing. You can also begin reading psychic books daily to help you sharpen your skills. Such books will help you learn about your skills and your natural talents.


#15 Pray

You can seek divine intervention in prayers and forward your requests for developing your psychic abilities.


#16 Test yourself

You can develop your psychic abilities when you test yourself in everyday activities. For instance, when you are expecting someone to visit you, you can think about the type of cloth they are wearing, what they are carrying, and what time they will reach. You can confirm your guess when the person arrives and see if you were correct. Such simple exercises will help you develop your psychic abilities.


#17 Practice Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun way of developing your psychic power.

What to do

  • Take a charged object like your keys or a piece of your jewelry.
  • Ask someone to hide the object.
  • You can walk outside while they hide the object.
  • When you come back inside, see if you can connect with the item and feel where it is located. 
  • You can use this technique to connect with the energy of the item and find it.

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