Ways to Make Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter Stand Out!

If you are reading this now, you have satisfied completed your medical assistant training program and probably have already passed the certification exam. Because of the positive prospects associated with this career, it is reasonable to presume that eventual employment is guaranteed. However, to better your chances of getting that prime position, you must look for ways to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out.

The medical assistant cover letter has the primary goal of securing a job interview. With one page of text, you will be expected to introduce and sell yourself to gain the attention of hiring personnel. Once you have their interest, a more in-depth description of your job qualifications will be provided by your medical assistant resume.

It’s not easy to distinguish your job application from the potentially hundreds of similar applications on the pile. One obvious thing to avoid is to draw attention to your medical assistant cover letter for all the wrong reasons. These include using bright or flashy-coloured paper, elaborate bullets, images and multiple styles of formatting, crowded text, and folding and/or stapling your cover letter and resume.

As a general rule, you should use excellent quality paper in white or a neutral and light-coloured hue. If you absolutely cannot resist adding a touch of personality, you can use thicker sheets of paper with extremely subtle texture or design. Naturally, the type of paper used for your cover letter must be the same type used for your resume.

An excellent way to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out is to craft your content and presentation to satisfy the specific requirements the job entails. As hiring personnel skim application letters of prospective employees, they do so with a certain checklist in mind. If you write your medical assistant cover letter with this same checklist in mind, then your cover letter will have fulfilled all the necessary criteria, and your resume will automatically warrant a closer look.

Of course, you can only do this successfully if you’ve done your research regarding the job. For example, if the company or clinic needs a certified medical assistant who has experience coding and filing insurance claims, bookkeeping and transcribing physician dictations, your cover letter must explicitly mention when you received your medical assistant certification and indicate your experience and proficiency with coding and filing insurance claims, bookkeeping and transcribing physician dictations.

Use action words and support your claims by briefly citing concrete examples and providing other relevant information such as the types of bookkeeping software you are familiar with and your actual transcribing speed and accuracy rates.

Another way to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out is to align your personal work goals and objectives with the company or clinic’s mission and vision. With a little research, you can confidently formulate statements that express similar sentiments, using the same or nearly identical terms used in the company’s mission and vision. Hiring personnel will be more likely to employ and retain applicants who have similar goals and objectives as the company since they are more likely to have the same set of priorities and more initiative and drive than their counterparts. This would consequently lead to better productivity and efficiency.

Conveying your sincere interest, eagerness and commitment to the job is another way to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out. Doing the extra research to find out the name of the person in charge of hiring, the company or clinic’s profile, etc., underscores your interest in working for the company. On the other hand, your first and last paragraphs should clearly express your enthusiasm for the position, while your commitment can be expressed by stating your intent to follow up your application within a specified time period.

Finally, writing a brief letter that is rich in relevant content and easy to browse is a smart way to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out. At most, your cover letter should have two pages and should be limited to three to five easy to skim paragraphs.

Include only the most pertinent details, use simple descriptive and action words in concise, formal sentences, and construct the letter with the following flow: an attention-grabbing opening paragraph that states what specific job title you are applying for and where you learned of the job opening; subsequent self-promoting paragraph/s that identifies your qualifications, credentials and relevant experience and skills about job requirements; and a closing paragraph reiterating your interest, providing your contact information, and stating your intent to follow up your application via phone call.

Readability should not be limited to content but also presentation. Use simple font size 10-12, balance the text with white spaces using 1-inch margins all around, and leave at least a 10pt space after each paragraph.

As most individuals have become internet-savvy and are probably employing these ways to make your medical assistant cover letter stand out, the critical difference could very well be the way you actually sell yourself in an application letter. If you feel you’re not up to it, enlisting the help of a professional is a logical step to take.

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