What are the Benefits of Riding a Stationary Bike?

Are you looking for a simple, uncomplicated, but delightful form of exercise that you can quickly start doing and burn many calories at the same time? Then consider the amazing stationary bike.

Just like its more mobile cousin, this form of exercise has been around for a long time and helped millions of people get close to their health and weight loss goals. No bike helmet required – but you will still work the same muscles and get those same benefits from a regular bicycle.

Speaking of benefits, let’s discuss the most important ones that will happen once you start working out on a stationary bike.

Easy to Use

Using a stationary bike is, well, “just like riding a bicycle.” In fact, it’s even easier because there’s no chance of you zipping through congested traffic, and it’s less like you’ll fall off. Stationary bikes are very self-explanatory, and even young fitness goers can start pedalling away. Best of all, every gym has an exercise bike. There are several types of stationary bikes, like the upright, dual-action, recumbent, air bike, and spinner, but they all have the same basic design.

Low-impact Exercising

You hop on the comfortable saddle seat, put your feet on the pedals, then strap them on, grip onto the handlebars, and start pedalling. Most modern stationary bikes have a computer screen with controls for you to track the pacing, RPMs (revolutions per minute), and time.

Low-impact Exercising

Low-impact exercises mean that they aren’t as strenuous on your body as tougher cardio workouts like jogging or running, jumping, and more vigorous dancing. Low-impact exercises include walking, swimming, and cycling.

A stationary bike helps you meet your fitness and exercise goals while also being very easy on your body. You won’t have as much joint pain, especially hip, knee and ankle pain. You will also customize just how fast you want to go on the stationary bike; it allows you to pace yourself reasonably.

Who is best suited for low impact exercising? It’s ideal for younger people just starting in the gym, for people recovering from injuries, for anyone with physical limitations, and the elderly. But stationary bikes and cycling are enjoyed by millions, including Olympic athletes.

High-Calorie Burn Rate

Yes, a stationary bike may look like just a bicycle that’s been permanently planted on the floor. But, it is actually a really high-calorie burn rate machine. That’s because cycling is a full-body workout. Your lower body and upper body are involved, especially if you choose stationary upright bikes, dual-action bikes, or air/fan bikes.

Your legs rotate the pedals, your shoulders and hips balance your body, and your arms furiously pump back and forth. You’re working dozens of muscles all at the same time. You want to build up your resistance so that way you burn even more calories.

A 130 lb. person pedalling at a light intensity burns around 160 calories in 30 minutes. If you pedal faster, you burn more calories. The higher the RPM of the bike, the faster you’ll pedal, and the harder your body will work.

Many cyclers like to vary their workouts with higher intensity bursts interspersed with lower-intensity stretches. This increases overall calories burned. You can definitely lose weight by regularly using a stationary bike. It’s a great change of pace from other machines at the gym.

Indoor Convenience

Indoor Convenience

It’s great to go for a bike ride, but there are downsides. You’ll have to deal with the climate, wearing a helmet, the rules of the road and all the safety issues concerning vehicular traffic. With a stationary bike, it’s simple to set it up indoors in your own home gym. Park it in front of your TV and watch your favourite show while you’re cycling away. You can also listen to music. Customize your workout to what will make you the happiest, and you’ll want to use the bike.

Even if you’re using the stationary bike at the gym, it’s also set up for maximum convenience for you. Put your headphones on and start pedalling!

And Even More Benefits …

The benefits of riding a stationary bike don’t stop with just four. There are dozens of others because this machine was designed specifically to enhance and improve your body. Remember when you were a little kid riding your own bike, and how fun it was to cycle around the neighbourhood? Riding a stationary bike is very similar. It’s an enjoyable way to work out. Many enthusiasts say that it’s even a mood booster because it is so fun to use.

The stationary bike just might become your favourite piece of equipment in the gym!

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