What are the Difference Types of Juicers Available?

We have a variety of juicers in the market. Each juicer has a special feature that makes it different from other juicers. In this article, I will discuss the different types of juicers and the difference between these juicers

Centrifugal Force Juicer

Also known as Fast juicer. This juicer is for household use as it quickly provides the juice and is even cheap to buy. You might be wondering about how this will make this juicer work? It is straightforward to use; all you have to do is put your fruit or vegetable in the feeding tube, and this feeding tube will push down your fruit towards the spinning metal blade, which will cut your fruit and extract the juice out of it. This juicing machine is perfect for people who want juices in a small amount. 


● Cheaper in cost

● Consumes less space

● Fast extraction of juices


● Produces dangerous heat 

● It can be very noisy 

Masticating Juicer

Also known as Slow juicer gear or auger juicers. This machine is very slow as compared to the centrifugal juicer. This machine is slow, and it does not produce a lot of heat and oxygen; hence it provides a much nutritious juice. This machine is very decent; hence the juice extracted is healthy for the people and the environment. Even though this juicer is rated above the centrifugal, this doesn’t provide a very high-quality juice. Even the juice extracted from this machine is not up to the mark. In this machine, your fruit or vegetable is turned into small pieces; therefore, the extracted juice has many fruit or vegetable pulps, which ruins the vegetable’s taste. This juicing machine is perfect for people who want the juices to stay for a longer time. 


● Even works for frozen fruits 

● The juicer can also extract milk from the nuts 

● It is less oxidation as compared to centrifugal 


● It can be costly

● Requires a lot of space 

Juice press

It is one of the best types of juicer that you can buy. These juicers are also called two-stage juicers. The reason behind this name is that there are two stages of the juicing process in this juicer. 

Stage 1: The fruit and vegetables in sliced into small pieces, and no juice is extracted until now

Stage 2: The juice is then slowly extracted by pushing the fruit


● It produces more nutrients as compared to other juicers

● It can be used to make baby food

● It makes little or no noise 

● It created foam in the juice 


● They are the most expensive

● It can be used commercially and in a household as well

● It is tough to clean them 

When you plan to buy a juicer, it is important to know What the difference is between juicers. There are special juicers for every industry, and you should buy a juicer that fits your needs. 


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