What Batteries Do Mobility Scooters Use – Pick The Best One

Electric mobility scooters are the best option if you’re planning on getting a new scooter. They are quiet while driving, energy-efficient, and don’t produce any harmful components to nature. No matter if you’re buying a new mobility scooter or replacing the battery of your existing scooter, choosing the battery is a daunting job. The batteries come in a wide range of types and offer different benefits and features.

What Batteries Do Mobility Scooters Use?

If you’re thinking about What batteries do mobility scooters use and what battery you should go for, this article is for you. I’ll talk about all the options in battery selection for your mobility scooter, including the benefits of different options available. Stick to the article to get the perfect battery for your scooter that can serve you for a long time with the highest efficiency.

Why Are Mobility Scooter Batteries So Expensive?

There are a few reasons why mobility scooter batteries come so expensive, such as:

  • When you end up with a single battery with a defect, and you have to change it, you cannot change a single one. You need to replace both the batteries even though you have a good battery on the housing. So you end up paying for two when you need one.
  • The disability market is not as profound as the regular scooter market. So the sales volume is far less than the regular one. Sellers have to charge you more to keep the business going with a good profit margin.
  • If you need to get a pair of GEL batteries, that will cost you far more than AGM batteries. Although the GEL batteries also perform better than the AGM batteries.
  • In terms of usage, you don’t have to use a car battery continuously unless to make the ignition. But with a mobility scooter, you have to use it constantly, so they come more efficiently. More efficiency costs you more money!

What Batteries Do Mobility Scooters Use?

Mobility scooters get the drive power from rechargeable batteries, a set of two batteries, to be exact. Different models and different types of mobility scooters require different types and models of batteries.

What Batteries Do Mobility Scooters Use

Here is an extensive and detailed idea about what batteries do mobility scooters use:

AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries or the Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are known as batteries with sealed lead acid. These batteries come flooded with the lead-acid inside, but some glass mates are holding on to the electrolytes. As the glass mates contain the acid, they cannot spill out in AGM batteries.

Even if you break an AGM battery, they won’t spill out, which is a safer side for this battery when you’re running with it. AGM batteries tend to be less expensive as well when you compare them to Gel Cell batteries. Also, it requires less maintenance other than having to recharge them from time to time.

Gel cell Batteries

Like AGM batteries, Gel Cell batteries also come with a sealed interior, and it’s also spill-proof. The Gel battery is valve regulated, and there are silica fumes to contain the sulphuric acid in it. This is where the name came from. This type of battery is completely maintenance-free other than the requirement of charging it. For the charging cycle, the Gel battery takes 20-25 charging and discharging cycles to reveal the most efficiency. This battery type is the most expensive on the list, having the AGM batteries second on the list.

Lead Acid batteries

Lead Acid batteries, also known as Wet Cell batteries, tend to be much cheaper than the other types. However, they come with many maintenance jobs, which is not an option if you want to have a headache-free service from your Mobility scooter. You will have to check the water level often and top them up if necessary. To make it worse, they tend to spill acid out the battery if shaken hard. They can last you a little longer than the gel cell batteries if you maintain with care, though!

Lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion is more of new technology in the race, and it’s taking over the next scooter market. They come in with massive longevity if compared to any other models. Lithium-Ion batteries can give you over six times larger power compared to a lead-acid battery. Lithium-Ion can store up to 150-watt hours of power in a kilogram size of a battery. The self-discharge rate of Lithium-Ion is only about 5%, whereas nickel comes with 30% of self-discharge a year.

How Do You Maintain Batteries In A Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters take in different types of batteries to draw their power from. It’s important to have a great service from the battery as it works as a daily driver for you. There come the maintenance and proper usage of the scooter, especially for the battery. Here are some points that you must note and follow to maintain a good battery life from your Mobility scooter:

  • Use the right charger.

The best thing you can do to serve your battery for a longer and healthier lifespan is to use the right charger. If you have the original charger which comes with the battery, you’re good to go with it. But if you have to buy a new charger or borrow one, don’t DIY it, rather, go to the nearest Mobility shop and ask them for a proper charger.

  • Keep them cool and dry.

While storing the mobility scooter, make sure it’s away from wet humidity. Wet humidity will damage the battery quicker than you can imagine. Keep them in a dry place where it’s not too hot, not too damp, and it will keep them healthy. If you get a wet bath to the batteries, make sure you dry them well and store them safely.

  • Storing and servicing

The charger might weaken and damage, especially in a wet place and during winter. Make sure you’re storing your charger in a dry place where it’s safe from the humidity outside. One more thing to keep the scooter and the battery pack on top-notch service is to get them to the service centre often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about mobility scooters and their batteries:

Can I use a car battery on a mobility scooter?

No, because car batteries are for high voltage current in a short time.

How long do batteries last on mobility scooters?

With good care, mobility scooter batteries can last you two years or so.

Should I leave my mobility scooter on charge all the time?

No, you should charge it every discharge, but don’t drain it completely flat.

How often should I charge my scooter battery?

For continuous use, charge it for 8 hours every time you have a low battery. If not using, plug it once every month.

How can I speed up my mobility scooter?

You can upgrade your battery pack to a higher power to speed up the Mobility Scooter.

Final Thought

Mobility scooters come in so many types and serve various functionalities to ease your life. Giving it proper maintenance will give it a longer lifespan, and you can use it with greater efficiency. Never use a charger to charge the battery that’s not made for this battery exactly. And Don’t forget to take care of the rest of the body of your mobility scooter. I hope now you know What batteries do mobility scooters use and how you should take care of the battery of your Mobility scooter.

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