What Can Paralegals Do and Not Do (Paralegal Limitations)

The paralegals are entitled to a more significant role inside the law firm where they have gradually increased responsibilities as the years for by. The paralegals are increasingly becoming responsible for many duties which were at times regarded as the duties of the attorneys. The paralegals are however restricted to Some assignments, and they are not allowed to do others. They aren’t allowed to advise people, but they can only consult with their attorneys and assist them with the necessary legal work types that are required. They mostly have almost the same duties with the attorneys.

What can paralegals do and not do is the question every paralegal aspirant want to know. There are some duties which they will do, and there are those that can’t be done by them.

The lawyer has some responsibilities that only they can do, and there are others which the paralegals will be allowed to work on.

The limited functions towards the paralegals are due to the legality reasons, so they have what they need to perform in the firm.

Despite there being some limitations which restrict the paralegals on some duties, they still do more of the work supposed to be handled by the attorneys, and that is the fact.

These paralegal assistants are highly trusted by their respective attorneys since they quickly understand the law firms as well as those documents which are prepared.



Here are what can paralegals do and not do.


What Paralegals Can Do:

  • Handling Paperwork: They are entitled to manage the available paperwork as they prepare the legal documents that are given to them. This paperwork that they feel can entail pleadings, contracts, shareholder agreements, and also the court motions among other valid documents. The paralegals have the right to write several legal forms and agreements. They can also be free to reword the documentations as they help their attorneys to craft the arrangements which can later be used in the court.
  • Interviewing The Witnesses: Among exciting things which paralegals are allowed to do is to question the witnesses who are brought to the court. When they question the witnesses, they get potential of being quite exciting, mostly when the case revolves around the thrilling or fascinating fact. They can also conduct some Research where among them are their jobs as paralegals, and they are so critical. They are delegated with the task of researching and interviewing, which is among many reasons that can make a person learns to become a professional paralegal. After finishing paralegal courses, such graduates can finally perform very legal and substantial tasks as they take on very complex but still legal responsibilities that they are supposed to handle.
  • Liaising Between Lawyers And Attorneys: The paralegals are allowed to do some other duties under the attorney’s supervision where they are great mediators when it comes to communication between clients and the attorneys. Despite them acting as the bridge connecting the clients to their lawyers, they should however never give any confidential information to these clients, which can lead to an impact on the case.

What Can Paralegals Not Do

However, there are some great things which the paralegals are not allowed to do. It is not that it is our of their capabilities to handle them, but it is because the law restricts them not to go beyond those duties.

These duties which paralegals cannot do entails;

  • Practising Law: Paralegals are not entitled to practice law in their hands. The code can only be practiced by licensed people who have the order of doing so. They are only authorized to work under the licensed lawyer’s supervision. Otherwise, they will be acting against the law.
  • Giving Legal Advice: They are not at any point, ordered to provide legal advice so they should always remember that since mostly when people need legal help with fewer costs, they tend to rush to the paralegals. The paralegals know all that law entails, and they can give good advice, but it’s because they haven’t pass bar examinations, so they are limited to providing legal advice.
  • Soliciting Legal Businesses: They are as well not entitled to request any legal business by setting the fees target to clients and rejecting or accepting cases. The lawyers are the only ones responsible for the duties and signing the documents but not the paralegals.
  • Not Following The Law: The paralegals giving legal advice to the clients is like them telling the client the possible solution to follow according to their case. This is, however, the work of the lawyers to do since they are the ones who entirely run the evidence of their clients. The paralegals are expected by their lawyers, as per the law, to abide by their demands and help them like giving consultation and doing any assigned duties they get from the attorneys. The paralegals are free to refer their clients to their respective lawyers who will then advise them on what is the next step they should follow. It is because the lawyers are qualified since they are licensed to give such advice and directions, unlike the paralegal assistants.



The previous years the paralegal assistants had duties were among them included back-office assignments which were filing and organizing the files.

They never got a chance to directly communicate with clients unlike now where their rights have been added, and they can talk to the clients and also load between their attorneys and the clients.

When they However practice any unauthorized law, they will be rendered misdemeanor, and they will face the consequences. It is, however, right that they should always follow the law and work as they are expected by the law.

Everybody should know what can paralegals do and not do before they study to become one.

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