What Can You Do With a Paralegal Certificate?

This is a very good question to ask yourself for those of you who might be considering the idea of getting a paralegal certificate to start up a career.

You need to know what you are getting into before you do so because no one likes to regret his or her actions. 

This article is designed to offer you reasonable information about a paralegal certificate, especially what you can do with a paralegal certificate when you attain one.

I always tell people not to look down on any detail in this life, many people see paralegals as minor so the certificate can’t worth much in the society but I strongly disagree with this mindset, and there is more to it than many think they know.



Is valuable to have a paralegal certificate in the professional world. You must graduate from a paralegal training program to earn its certificate and this certificate opens doors for much work in the law aspect of business this means that the paralegal certificate offers both business training.  Where are paralegals needed? They are needed everywhere! This is because the law touches every aspect of our lives, and this means there are many jobs with paralegal skills in most areas of government and business.



Most paralegals do work for private firms and corporate legal offices for a full-time and once you have earned the paralegal certificate there are so  many positions for a paralegal and these areas are listed below;


Public Defender Paralegals

Public defender paralegals are a paralegal who has an interest in criminal law and also has the interest in protecting the rights of the accused these persons can work in the offices of state public defenders. To be able to work in this sector you will need the working knowledge of procedural law in the criminal system and also legal research and forms.

Paralegals help to complete the forms for the public defenders and also organize legal correspondence, pre-trial agreements, motions, legal pleadings, summonses, and responses. They can help to put together evidence charts, arrange proper documents which include that subpoenas get to witness. Lawyers always like the paralegals to communicate effectively with them both the clerks, law enforcement and forensic experts too, the paralegal profession is a dynamic area of law which needs a lot of skills.


Government Paralegals

Every department and agency in the government always need a legal service this is because the government gets big every day and they need paralegals. For example, the District of Columbia has the highest employment rate of paralegals in the country higher than any other state. Paralegals also seek employment at the federal government, state and local government too.

Individuals who seek employment as a government paralegal should have solid working knowledge in Laws governing that particular agency.Certainly, this is a legal minefield, when looking for a job a regulatory and government agencies are considerable too.


Paralegals within NGOs

The diversity and encounter for a paralegal that works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are limitless. By the mode of operation, NGOs are focused on specific missions and goals. An experienced paralegal who the special interest in his work can find a like-minded organization, for example, the Red Cross helps to save the children around the world through giving them shelter, food and immunizations and other assistance they also help people with health issues and also in times of disaster. There are also educational and environmental NGOs

Community-based NGOs always focus on helping and providing for the poor and assisting immigrants. Organizations such as these often have minimal staff, a volunteer attorney and also have a paralegal that help people with their legal issues. A small community NGO may always set up a family legal clinic to help all families with financial difficulties and navigate this routine in legal issues which looks insurmountable to them. Paralegals also help these people in filing their legal papers related to issues with child custody, divorce, and visas.


Real Estate and Title Insurance Paralegals

In a title company and real estate firms, paralegal are essential in the part of own in –house legal departments. Paralegals in this department need t have the knowledge of the various aspect and stages of the real estate transactions in both residential and commercial real estate. The paralegals often draft the original sales contracts, prepare the files for closings and also do lien searches, review title commitments, order, and review appraisal reports, and environmental surveys, prepare title insurance policies and clear title exceptions. They also help in Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and non-RESPA settlement statements, preparation of closing binders, loan documentation and preparation of seller’s documentation.


Corporate Paralegals

Corporations across the country are looking for paralegals with a wide range of skills acquisition to meet their client’s needs. For example, a software company might seek a corporate paralegal to help them manage their new subsidiary setup processes, a position that would require due diligence, a post-closing integration, and knowledge of closing mechanics.  This job requires and involves the company’s finance, tax, facilities, and HR departments also working with outside counsel. Any individual at this position will require support from the sales, licensing and marketing by enlisting and discussing legal agreements under the direction of an attorney. Also, the paralegal would have to support the merger and acquisition transactions, and other areas of transactions in collaborations with the corporate development.


Judicial Paralegals

In the Judicial environment, the paralegals can work in many roles. Some do work with the judges; they help in legal research and also have the opportunity to help draft the aspects of decisions. This is the best and excellent position for a paralegal that has possible aspirations of continuing in law school.


Nursing Paralegals

Nurse paralegals are relatively new, but increasingly in demand. Indemnification companies, medical companies, and hospitals all need specialized legal support. Because of high medical costs, insurance companies and hospitals want to minimize litigation. Nurses who are paralegals are valued medical companies since they have with the medical familiarity and can better understand the unique problems of the medical field.

A new paralegal is called the Nurse paralegals, but they are demand. Insurance companies, medical companies, and hospitals are all n need for the Nurses Paralegals.

Because of high medical cost and insurance companies, hospitals want to minimize litigations.  Nurses who tend to become paralegals are valued in companies; this is because of their medical knowledge and can also understand the field of medicine.

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