What Do Real Bikers Think Of Sons of Anarchy?

You’re asking: What Do Real Bikers Think Of Sons of Anarchy? Are there any real bikers in Sons of Anarchy? The reality is indeed surprising. Find out!

Sons of anarchy is a hit action crime drama television series that aired between 2008 and 2014. This drama series focused on a motorcycle club that operated both legal and illegal businesses in Charming’s small town.

Clay, the president, liked it old school and violent, while the club vice president Jax, who is also his stepson, wanted to run things based on a journal left behind by his late after.

The difference between the club’s president and the vice president affected the club’s operation and personal relationship. This is just the storyline of this hit series. Now back to our topic of the day, what do bikers think of the son of anarchy? Continue reading to find out more.

What do bikers think about Sons of anarchy?

What do bikers think about Sons of anarchy?

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Many bikers respect this hit series because they portrayed bikers’ lives and their generous treatment of women. However, most of them take issue with its portrayals of violence and illegal activities.

For instance, in season six, Jax convinced his fellow members to get out of drugs and guns and instead turn to pornography. However, in real life, bikers don’t advocate for criminal organizations or organized crime.

Do bikers like sons of anarchy?

Yes, most bikers like Sons of anarchy. Most of them like this series because it has highlighted bikers’ real-life, including the challenges they go through. Although most of them don’t agree with some of the things highlighted in the series about bikers, such as using guns, drugs, and prostitution, they appreciate the fact that this series has made many people know more about the world of bikers.

What are the things that sons of anarchy got wrong about bikers in real life?

YES, there are some things that sons of anarchy go it or about bikers in real life. They include;

The overall treatment of women on the show is not a reflection of what really happens in the real world. Women in motorcycle club culture are more often treated as possessions, and if a lady is not married to a member of the cub, she is held in low regard. There is a lot of brutalities directed towards women in motorcycle clubs.

This show has also created the impression motorcycle club members will work with people of different ethnic origins. However, that is not the case in the real world. In fact, most motorcycle club members are much less likely to work with outsiders. Juice Ortiz’s attempt to hide his African American origin in season 4 is a good reflection of the racial divide in the real world of motorcycle club members.

The show has highlighted that club members turned to pornography as a way to make more money.

However, that does not happen in the real world. Most real-life clubs don’t advocate prostitution as a means to make money.

Motorcycle gangs in sons of anarchy are experts in outsmarting the authorities. However, this does not happen in real life. In real life, FBI agents and ATF usually infiltrate motorcycle clubs to get information. For instance, in 2010, undercover FBI ages managed to infiltrate the Outlaws motorcycle club and prosecuted seven members.

At sons of anarchy, bikers spend very little time on the road. But bikers love riding their bikes and spend most of their time on the road in real life.

Are there any real bikers in Sons of Anarchy?

YES, Sons of Anarchy has real bikers. They include David Labrava, Sonny Barger, Robert Patrick, and season 5 newcomers Chuck Zito and Rusty Coones. These casts have been a part of real life.

Are there any real bikers in Sons of Anarchy?

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Why do Sons of anarchy biker vest have patches?

Patches are stitches on the vest of bikers and represent club position, club association, and other important club-related details. Bikers vest in Son of anarchy have patches that serve to identify clubs, ranks, charter, and status within their respective group. Bikers also use patches in the real world. Earning a patch can take years, and wearing one that has not been earned can cause serious Umbridge.

Is there a real biker club known as sons of anarchy?

Yes, there is a real Sons of an anarchy motorcycle club in San Bernadino in California. The club’s president is known as Les Packer.

Do biker is Sons of anarchy smoke?

Yes, most bikers in sons of Anarchy smoke cigarettes and joints. The fact that members in this series smoke do not mean that bikers in the real world have the right to smoke what they want anywhere. Even though most states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal use, it does not mean that any biker with a prescription can smoke anywhere, as portrayed in the series.

Is it bad to wear Sons of anarchy vest?

Wearing a vest with Sons of anarchy patches would be deemed to be very disrespectful, especially it is worn on a motorcycle. There have been several instances where some people have been forcibly removed and even destroyed. Earning a patch can take years, and wearing it if you have not earned it rightfully is deemed to be highly disrespectful.

What does a 3% patch mean in bikers’ world?

3% patch indicates that the patch owner is still awaiting approval from the motorcycle club of their choice to become a distinguished member of the club. Once you are accepted, you become a full member of the club and are thus allowed to wear the three-piece patch.

What does 13 mean in the biker’s world?

13 is a popular patch worn by outlaw bikers. This patch has several meanings. The most common meaning of thirteen is the 13 letters of the alphabet, M and stands for Meth or marijuana. 13 also stands for the original or mother chapter of an M/C.

What does it mean when bikers point two fingers down in sons of anarchy?

Pointing two fingers towards the ground means hello. It a greeting that is casual and easy to do while still maintaining your focus.


Sons of anarchy is a hit series that has received a mixed reaction from bikers. However, even though most bikers don’t like some of the things highlighted in the series, they respect it for highlighting their lives and concerns.

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