What Does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman? [Physical Attributes]

Common Attributes Aries Look for in a Woman

What Does An Aries Man Look for in a Woman? We’re glad you asked! In this article, I will discuss the common attributes an Arien Man finds attractive in a woman, and if you’re looking to date him, incorporating some of these would make you win his heart as he’s easy to fall for them.


In a nutshell, What are Aries Man Personally Traits?

Aries men have impressive personalities. They are assertive, dominant, passionate, courageous, energetic, and aggressive in all ways of life. They ooze with sexuality, and many women find them attractive due to their body shape. They love socializing and having fun. Thus, they quickly go for dates and meet new people.

Aries men love dating women. When young, they always date and leave; thus, it’s not surprising to have a long list of previous lovers. They have a habit of not showing seriousness in relationships; a lady should be cautious about heartbreaks as an Aries man can leave as soon as he loses interest. Aries men can even date several women at a go. Therefore, for a woman to win an Aries man’s heart, she needs her best game. She should have qualities that attract Aries men.

Have you been wondering how to impress an Aries man? Do you have one in mind and would love to win his heart?

You should pay close attention to this article as it spells out some of the attributes an Aries man looks for in a woman.

It touches on physical and emotional qualities that can help you understand if you have the potential to impress your match. Here are a few things an Aries man will consider when selecting a woman.


Aries Man Lifestyle

Aries men participate in engaging activities like working out. They pay close attention to their bodies. Thus, they engage in physical activities and follow meal plans to stay healthy and fit. Therefore, they cannot resist women who take part in physical activities to retain their body shape.

An Aries man likes a woman with a sporty physical shape. You should also ensure you retain your feminine touch and stay attractive. If you wish to attract an Aries man, you should engage in the following physical activities.

  • Work out in the gym
  • Join yoga sessions
  • Go for hikes and camping


Beauty and passion for life

A beautiful woman is impressive and will have an Aries man trying to win her heart. Besides the sporty and feminine look, he will always go for beauty. However, he has a soft spot for women who are passionate about life. He loves women who enjoy their work and finds them attractive. Thus, if you are looking to impress him, you should positively describe your work. He will find it attractive and think you are enjoying love.


Aries Man finds active women impressive and Sexy.

Since an Aries man is active, he will try and find a partner that can match his energy levels. Therefore, he develops interests in women who showcase high energy levels. If you are looking to impress him, you should try and join him when exercising. You can jog together, go for hikes, work out in the gym or even play some of the physical games. You should actively compete with him and challenge him at times.

Asking an Aries man out for coffee is a terrible idea. It may seem romantic and the right way to go about dating him, but you may fail to impress him. Sitting down and enjoying coffee does not involve physical activities and cannot show passion too. He might warm up to the idea of dating you but never make any efforts.

You should ask an Aries man out for a walk in the park, a competition involving engaging physical games, among other activities like training in the gym. It is a sure way of proving to him and you love taking part in physical activities.

You can find an Aries man when participating in outdoor activities. It is the best avenue to show that you are active. You can portray passion and stamina when taking part in various activities to impress an Aries man. Here is a list of outdoor avenues.



Once an Aries man settles for a chase, he loves to solve riddles and puzzles continually. Therefore, he develops interests in a mysterious woman. It helps his body stay active as he continuously thinks and follows a woman with a mysterious character. Therefore, a woman should make sure she keeps some of her secrets. He will always try to reach out and unveil some of the mysteries.



An Aries man will not mind having an independent woman. If you are always looking upon him for decisions, he may lose interest and leave. He loves a woman who can make independent decisions and make mistakes too. He will go for a wild spirit as it portrays energy and passion in life.

An Aries man is self-reliant. He also needs a partner who shows qualities of independence and strength to handle issues. Therefore, sitting back and letting him run things will lead him away. As his partner, you should at least show him the resilience to take care of some of the issues. Such a character will excite him, and he is likely to show up for the next date.

A woman should also avoid being clingy. Whenever an Aries man is looking to engage in an activity, you should not get in his way. He will go ahead and do it without minding the consequences. Therefore, a woman should show him independence by engaging in other activities. She can join her friends at an event instead.

Do not expect an Aries man to sit around and comfort you when crying. He expects you to rise to the occasion. It would help if you were smart enough to create working solutions and show him you are in control. Therefore, dating an Aries man requires a woman to have a heart.



An Aries man cannot resist drama. He loves getting in trouble, taking surprises, and solving puzzles. He loves a woman who brings him out of a comfort zone. He does not take an interest in a woman who has a clear-cut pathway of life. He cannot follow a woman that focuses on short-term and long-term goals without going astray. If you are looking to keep your date, ensure you keep him worked up trying to solve mysteries and surprises.


High-end tastes

An Aries man loves a woman who has to taste inexpensive things. He will notice expensive designer fashion trends, cosmetics, gadgets, among other items. Using expensive tastes is a sure way of attracting his attention. An Aries man will drive the latest cars, follow fashion, and always dine and have fun in a luxurious joint. Thus, he will find a woman who shares the same sentiments when it comes to luxuries.



An Aries man loves a woman who is straightforward about how they feel. If you are looking to impress him, you should avoid mixed messages or feelings. Passivity will not amaze him. It would help if you did not leave any doubts behind when communicating. You should feel confident enough to express yourself. Tell him about your thoughts point-blank. An Aries man finds such a woman worth chasing. He develops interests with her and can quickly settle down.


Wifely qualities

Despite an Aries man being independent and self-sufficient, he looks for a partner who can show wife qualities. He wishes for a woman who can take care of him. She can prepare meals, clean the house and offer him a lot of affection. Therefore, the right woman for him is beautiful and gives him the challenge to settle down. If you are gorgeous and can fit in as a wife, you are lucky as you will have a confident man beside you.



An Aries man loves a partner who is not predictable. Agreeing to everything will make a woman look boring. She should challenge him by creating curiosity. Being unpredictable is the best way to maintain interest. Aries man loves adventurous women. A woman should keep him on his toes.


Physical appeal

An Aries man will always go for women oozing with sexuality. Thus, a woman should make some point and transform their physical appearance to get a date. An Aries man loves a lady who wears a decent and classy outfit. Applying makeup and using elegant outfits is a sure way of having him look your way.

While looking to impress an Aries man, a woman should avoid being trashy. Do not wear a skimpy dress and overuse your makeup. He may get the wrong impression. Make sure you are attractive, and an Aries man will have to make an effort to win your heart before other men.

In a club context, you can let him buy him a drink or two. Show interest in his conversations and portray your witty characters. Do not show signs of commitment too early, or else he will lose interest and leave. It would help if you let him chase you around for a while to make it fun.

Dating an Aries man is all fun. A woman should anticipate physical activities, an impressive personality, and passion in life. With the correct information, it is efficient for a woman to get out there and fetch her man.

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