What Does Sugar Daddy Mean To You?

What Does Sugar Daddy Mean To You? Here are some answers from real sugar babies:
sugar daddy mean
Answer 1:
I’d want to smile when I think about or see my sugar daddy. I’d want him to sincerely care about my needs as I would his. I’d want him to be generous in thought, affection and time. This kind of relationship is a give and take and I’d want to make sure that I am satisfying my daddy’s needs as he is mine. The perfect thing would be for our sexual appetites to match. That’s if we are to have an intimate relationship. For me, a sugar daddy is someone I can look up to and learn from. Someone that has my best interest at.
Answer 2:
For me, a sugar daddy is someone I can look up to and learn from. Someone that has my best interest at hears and is willing to help me grow and be successful in whatever I choose to persue. My daddy should be able to treat me like a princess and ensure that I am comfortable and well gifted. In turn, I will be loyal to daddy, be a listening ear and his comfort. This lil baby will make sure daddy is satisfied with his investment.
Answer 3:
In my opinion, a sugar daddy is a man who can financially take care of his baby and the baby is a young lady who is there to please daddy and make sure he has what he needs. They both have mutual respect and loyalty to one another and wouldn’t want either to be hurt or sad or upset in any situation. Because if one isn’t happy then there is something that needs to be resolved otherwise it wouldn’t work out for either the daddy nor the baby.
Answer 4:
To me, a sugar daddy is someone who is willing to financially support his sugar baby with any means possible. Whether that means buying her gifts, giving her money, or just wine and dining her. He should spoil her rotten. That would be my ideal sugar daddy. Sugar daddies should be nice and respectful confident but not cocky.  Sugar daddies, in theory, should be a little older than you hints “daddy”.
Answer 5:
A sugar daddy to me is someone who establishes a relationship and boundaries with his sugar baby and provides for them financially. So it could be a long distance, online, friendly, romantic or intimate. But he makes sure they’re taken care of financially and with gifts. A baby gives their time and attention to their daddy, makes them feel special, appreciated, excited and enjoy life. I want a sugar daddy who respects my boundaries and won’t be put off by what I want and don’t want and keeps my financially free.
Answer 6:
My idea of a sugar daddy..is someone who takes control…someone who knows what they want and goes gets it…I’m here to take away stress…I’m here to be your lover, friend, companion, in an equal exchange of the finer things that I desire…I’m here to be your dream come true as well as you would be mine…I’m here to be whatever you want me to be….
Answer 7:
To me, sugar baby-ing is a whole other lifestyle and perhaps a somewhat alter ego that you create for yourself when you’re living it because in the “normal” world, women wouldn’t usually go out with some older dude that is paying for their stuff nor would they even consider giving the SD some “sugar” for some extra $$$ although it’s not everything that being a sugar baby is. But at the end of the day it’s all about fun and $$$.
Answer 8:
Being a sugar baby means that I can be someone’s dream girl. Maybe they didn’t get to have the kind of fun they wanted to when they were younger. It’s exciting. I want to be that excitement. My ideal sugar daddy would be someone that wants to invest in my dreams. No not pay for college or just overall expenses. But to help me gain experiences with them right by my side. If that makes any sense.
Answer 9:
A Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby is a relationship set/determined with mutual guidelines. I see a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship as one with mutual respect, companionship, guidance, financial support and mutual attraction. Every relationship is different what is is that it’s mutual, respectful, beneficial and enjoyable. It’s an open honest relationship where you’re both being satisfied.
Answer 10:
Sugar daddy and sugar baby to me is a man who is financially supporting his sugar baby. An ideal sugar daddy for me would be a guy who sends me money, is sweet to me, takes me out on dates for example: a really nice and romantic dinner, a men who will not rush into sex, a guy who spends LOADS of money on you, will always be there for you through ups and downs and most importantly, who knows how to make a woman happy!
Answer 11:
My ideal sugar daddy is someone who loves to just give him make the person feel very happy to take them all day taking anything that is their activity that’s outside someone who gives you a line once I thousand a week and happy and glad to spoil you and give you gifts to even see you get your presence it feels very good and that’s my ideal sugar daddy.
Answer 12:
I don’t really understand a hundred percent what they mean sugar daddy but society has filled it into people’s heads about it’s all about money money money and I think just from my experiences on the site it’s about getting to know people getting to yell can you get financial help but then you give it back to someone that can’t do it for themselves so let’s just enjoy life.
Answer 13:
t means you set up an arrangement with a gentleman with the hopes that it can expand into something more but understanding that it may never keeping that in mind you make a really good friend some of that you should be able to keep in your life for the most part as long as that person wants to be there and hopefully keeping some type of a friendship in the end if it should end you never know it may turn into humongous romance and fall in love and that would be the end of the story but the possibilities of that happening or very rare.
Answer 14:
For me, being a sugar daddy started out as just being compensated for my time and conversation with necessities by a man who is much older than me…and that definition hasn’t changed. All people need love, and for a man to be generous enough to see that I am trying to better myself and to help me out financially is great. My ideal sudy relationship would be long distance. I would get a monthly allowance for my time talking and possibly visit him once or twice a year. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I have other responsibilities and I’m not an object and don’t want to be thought of as one.
Answer 15:
I want my sugar daddy to be a gentleman and not a creep who will want sex whole day. I expect him to shower me with gifts and money. Of course, the important things like respect and all should be there. I expect him to take me out and pamper me. Give everything I want and spoil me totally. Not tell me what to do and stuff and not stop me from doing anything
Answer 16:
I’ve wanted someone who will take care of me financially. Emotionally. But possibly be good with it not being a physical relationship. Even something long distance. I need financial help and I want to be spoiled. I want to flirt and chat and have someone make me feel good about myself. Send me money whenever I need or set up a weekly allowance or something. I’ve never done this or gotten any help, but I think this is what I want now.
Answer 17:
I became a sugar baby because I’m naturally attracted to older men. For me as a teen, it was hard to realize my type isn’t for everybody to look at with approval. And as an SB I love the discretion and agreement between two minds who know what they love. For so many reasons, I respect and understand an SD who might want to keep me a secret, because of what we stand for: exclusivity!
Answer 18:
I believe it’s a mutual and respected agreement between two parties. An understanding of a financial /mental/emotional bond. He gets accommodated, nurtured/cared for, worshipped and listened to w heart and ear by desireable loving, passionate women. He assists in helping her obtain her dreams, goals, and successes! Most importantly be treated fairly on both ends so, as to remain, healthy close friends, if it should ever end! In hopes, this is a practical assessment? Smiles
Answer 19:
My ideal sugar daddy is one that I am comfortable talking to about anything and everything in my life. One I can ask from important life advise and reciprocate at the same time. I would want a sugar daddy who will be okay being seen with me in public. One who is not embarrassed about me. One who would protect and defend me from his friends when they trash me in front of him.
Answer 20:
Why do I want to be a sugar baby? I want to be a sugar baby because I work hard and go to school but I need a bit of help to get my bills taken care of .plus I have a beautiful daughter that would benefit from it also. I do really like these kinds of mature, rich men, I think they are more sweet and generous to women, they can give you more things than another young boy. And I also like making people feel good. So I want to please my sugar daddy in different ways and make sure he is kept happy. So I get a little bit of help and I get someone to be very happy!!!
Answer 21:
A sugar daddy means much more than just someone who gives you money. It’s someone who you can look up to, a father like a figure, someone you can trust l, someone you can depend on when times get rough. And a sugar baby is much more than a sex object! We are living breathing thinking intelligent and capable women who aspire to live fulfilled lives!!!
Answer 22:
A sugar daddy is a man or woman who wants to pamper a cute little sugar baby, in my opinion. My ideal sugar daddy would be ready to pamper me to no end, and would also be ready for the sweet love I could give him! Sugar babies aren’t just spoiled brats, they also have to pamper and provide for their sugar daddies 💙 Its a two-way street, and both benefit!
Answer 23:
I am a sugar baby and what I would look for in a sugar daddy is, of course, to be wealthy. Besides that, he has to have a fun and loving personality but dominate. If he likes to get dominated that’s ok too. 😍 I want him to be able to be excited to go on trips and try new things. Some times it is nice to stay in the house too but that gets boring after a while.
Answer 24:
To be honest I can’t find a real one who makes me feel secure and happy. A real sugar daddy for me or the ideal sugar daddy must be a gentleman, intelligent, with a sense of humor that makes the “relationship” something better for the couple, this isn’t about just for money.
Answer 25:
Being a sugar baby means for me treating him with sugar. Not the physical way (haha) but also making him my first priority when he needs me. I would make him feel special, share my youthfulness and joy with him, make his life a little easier and more fun. The perfect daddy is a real gentleman, handsome and intelligent who treats me like a lady and sometimes like a baby when I need it. Not changing diapers xD but being a wise mentor, a knight in shiny armor who rushes by my side to help the damsel in distress.

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