What Fruits Can You Not Put In a Juicer?

Have you ever thought of making a juice but are confused if that fruit can be put in a juicer or not? If your answer is a yes, then you are at the right place. This blog will tell you about the fruits that you cannot put in the juicer.

 The Six Fruits to NEVER Put in Your Juicer:


Apple is an amazing fruit with a lot of benefits. Both apple and apple juice are healthy, but the seeds in these apples are one of the biggest problems. The reason why you cannot put an Apple in the juicer is its seeds. The Apple seeds have amygdalin, and it turns into poison when mashed. Hence it is hazardous to put an Apple in a juicer.


Most of the coconuts have water in them, and this water is known as Coconut juice and coconut water, and this is a natural juice and can’t be made by men; hence, you cannot put coconut in a juicer as coconut is not juicy and no liquid will be extracted from it. Instead of that, your juicer machine may break as coconut is a tough fruit.


Pineapple has a lot of vitamins and fiber; hence, eating it is very healthy, but when it comes to its juice, the juice is not as healthy the reason behind this is; when you put the pineapple in a juicer, all the vitamins and fiber are gone, and only the sugar remains, and this sugar can be dangerous for your health as it may cause high blood sugar level or high insulin.


Putting a complete orange in the juicer will make your orange juice sour and bitter. As the orange peel and seeds are bitter and they are also not good for health. If you want to make orange juice in a juicer, it is advisable to remove all the peels and seeds.


The banana juice is not very common, and most people prefer banana smoothies or banana shake over banana juice. Even when you put a banana in a juicer, no or less juice will be extracted as a banana is not a juicy fruit.


Can you put these fruits in any other machine to make juice?

Yes, there are some specific machines for specific juices. For example, we have a machine for orange, which is known as an Orange juicer; this machine has a specific design that ensures that the seeds and the orange peels are not mixed with the juice. There is also a machine for Apple juice; this machine also assures that Apple seeds are not mixed in the juice.


Most people prefer having juices overeating the fruit. But in some cases, the juices are not healthy for your health; hence it is highly appreciated that you research before making a juice. In this way, you will know What fruits can you not put in a juicer, and then you can decide if you want to make a juice or not.


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