What Is a Cold Psychic Reading & How It Works?

Cold psychic reading and how it works

Cold reading is a technique or rather techniques used by mentalists, mostly by mediums or psychics to give someone the impression that they know so much about them. In this kind of reading the psychic or medium does not know anything about the person involved before the reading. So they will speak things especially personal information about the person based on judgments they make depending on saying the behavior of the person involved or their reaction to what they’ve been told mostly the general statements.

A psychic reader, on the other hand, is someone who uses the power of cold reading to impress the person involved. He /she will carefully observe the persons characteristics and behavior and a series of guesses mostly by making the general statements which most people perceived to be true about them.

Cold psychic reading is simply the process in which a psychic reader uses the cold reading techniques to amaze and meet the expectations of the client who came to them with aim of wanting to connect more with their spiritual beings.
Psychics have several techniques that they use in cold psychic reading that we are going to discuss below. Most of these techniques have worked well and most psychics have been able to attract people with these strategies.

1. Using general statements

General statements are those kinds of statements that seem to apply to everyone. During a cold psychic reading, the psychic reader will make general statements also known as “Barnum statements” to convince the person that they already know something about them even without being told. This will obviously attract trust from the client who has come to see the psychic. This means that they are likely to believe every other thing that the psychic will say during the cold psychic reading process.

Psychic readers often lead a person to believe that the general statements specifically apply to them. So they readily accept them.

Examples of general statements include

  • – “You have self-esteem issues”
  • – “You are poor at communication”
  • – “You are a victim of gossip from the past”
  • – “something really terrible happened during your childhood days.

The more experienced psychic readers will even go ahead and research about the general questions and they will often ask the questions according to one’s personality and also depending on the category in which the client falls.

2 Observing characteristics

The first thing a cold reader will look at the moment they meet the person is his/her characteristics.

These include

  • -Age
  • -Gender
  • -Ethnicity
  • -Any physical marks on the body
  • -Their body language
  • -The dress code
  • -Voice quality
  • -Confidence

By observing character a cold reader is likely to know the exact psychological measures to apply during the reading.

Psychics are good at this because you can pick up a lot of information about someone just by paying closer attention to clothing, behavior, the way they talk, etc.

3. Prior preparation

If a psychic is aware of the person who is coming to see/consult from them before the actual reading day they could actually take time to prepare in advance. By preparing it means the psychic reader will gather as much information as they can about the person before they meet them in person. This will help the psychic to know exactly what to say when their client arrives.

It’s actually easier if the psychic is working with more than one person say a group of people. This way the psychic will have an easy time to pick one person from the group to start a conversation with because of the research done earlier. At this point, the psychic may not even cold psychic reading skills.

Also, they are too smart to pick on a subject that will not susceptible to suggestion and isn’t too much of a skeptic, to begin with, this will lead to chances of success.
One can prepare prior by;

  • -Searching the person on the internet to find more information about them.
  • -Finding someone in the audience to gather as much information as they can about their target.

4. Reaction reading.

The way someone will react to certain information will tell you a lot about them. In this case, a psychic pulls their general statement card and how the client reacts to the statement will help them know which direction to head.

Most psychics often talk slowly this could probably mean that they actually trying to connect with the afterlife world but in a real sense, they just trying to wait for the response of their client because they could pick a lot from it.
Some of the things that psychics watch out during reaction reading are;

  • -Face and hands; if what the psychic said is true the client will often nod but if it’s not the client might not nod or shake the head in disagreement.
  • -Uncomfortable fidgeting in the seat

These reactions will help the psychic to know whether he is on the right track or not. If the is on the right track he/she will continue in the same direction but if he/she is wrong they may have to change the track.

5. Vagueness

During most cold psychic readings the psychic will use vagueness to get back on track. Most of the time they blame it on the fact that the spirit world isn’t communicating clearly.

For example the psychic might say something like your aunt died in an accident which might not be true, probably she died of cancer or something else; in this case the psychic will use vagueness just to get the right information or correct it by saying something like she was involved in an accident days before she passed on. This way they will easily get back on track and continue with the reading.

6. Encouraging the client to reveal important information

Most people go to a psychic reader because they believe that by the time they leave that place they should have gotten some kind of help. The same way someone goes to the hospital they expect to come out of their better than they came in.

So the same way a patient will volunteer information to a doctor so they can be helped is the same way a client will be willing to volunteer information to a psychic. This makes it easy for the psychic reader to squeeze that important information from a client that will help him throughout the whole cold psychic reading process.

A psychic can do this by explaining that most information being communicated spiritually is vague and might need clarification from the client, therefore, it will be easy for him to get more information.

When a session like this is over the client ends up being the one who has done most of the work. This works more often because the client is so ready to believe that they don’t realize they answered most of the questions for themselves.

7. Fishing

This refers to making statements that are very specific, seemingly improbable that may or may not be true to the client. When fishing the psychic will mostly use statements rather than questions.

When a psychic is using this technique during a cold psychic reading he/she tries as much as possible not embarrass themselves or fail at it by coming up with statements which are too improbable and which are likely to be true about anyone.

For example the psychic can use statements like;

  • -“The name Toney is significant”
  • -“I am getting something about a car accident”
  • -“ You were separated from your mother during childhood’
  • -“You used to own a white cat”

Note that the psychic uses statements rather than questions. This is just to make sure that they are on the safe side.

This kind of technique is most reliable when cold psychic reading involves a group of people. You will not miss someone in the crowd who have never experienced a car accident before or rather had someone who passed and was involved in a car accident or even someone who has witnessed a car accident. This makes the work easy for the psychic.

8. Making the client feel like reading is a success

This can be done by reinforcing the success for example when a client says something relatable during the cold psychic reading the psychic reader may often agree to them by saying things like “yes that’s true” or just nodding their head to show that they are in agreement.

This will convince the client that the reading is being successful.

9.Using ‘outs’

This is simply coming up with possible explanations or excuses after the psychic says something that’s totally wrong during the reading or something that will contradict with the client.

These are several types of outs that the psychic reader can use to bail himself out;

  • Blame the client.  The psychic can save his image by blaming the client for not understanding the statement or misinterpreting it or even he can blame the client for not being in agreement.

This can be done in various ways;

For example;

-“You will understand this better later”

-“Your mind be full of something so you should think about this later when it is clear”

Or alternatively the psychic can choose to directly blame the client for any resistance of statements for example

-“You must open your heart for such kind of messages”

-“You must be open to the idea of cold psychic reading for you to be able to understand such statements”

-“the spirits will make thing clearer if you focus more and say more about yourself”

  • Twist the statement How many times have you twisted an incorrect statement and made it seem so correct? So a psychic is definitely going to go for this option when he or she wants to bail himself out after saying something that the client will not be in agreement to.
  • Blame the spirits If all the above fails the cold reader will decide to blame the spirits any failures or errors made when coming up with information. For example, the reader will say things like;

“The spirits have refused to cooperate today”

“The spirits are sending mixed up messages today”

“I am not quite connecting well with the spirits tonight”

10. Clinching the deal.

After the cold psychic reading process, the cold reader can summarize the correct information mostly that which was given with the client without themselves realizing and they do so such a positive way that will give the client comfort and also confidence that the reading was such a success.

This can be done by giving a general statement such as;

“ Your aunt wants you to stop thinking about what happened and that is not what your fault at all. She also wants you to know that she loves you so much and will always watch over you.”

This way a client is most likely to leave the place very satisfied and feeling like their spiritual needs have been met.

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