What is a Good Speed on a Stationary Bike?

You might be new to biking and, therefore, wondering what is a good speed on a stationary bike? Riding your stationary bike at the right speed plays a significant role in achieving your fitness goals. Ideally, speed and resistance level determine your progress. The two engage your physical abilities to push the limits.

In this write-up, I’ll discuss what a good speed on a stationary bike is and why you need to cycle at the right speed.

So, what is a Good Speed on a Stationary Bike?

A good speed on a stationary bike is 15 to 17 miles per hour; otherwise, 20 to 25 miles per hour is fantastic for fitter people. With 15 to 17 MPH, you should do a ride at least 4 times weekly. And when combined with strength training, you will get fitter and will be able to exercise for longer.

On average, a good speed on a stationary bike ranges between 15 to 17 miles (24 to 27 km/h) for beginners. However, expert riders can reach up to 20-25 miles per hour (32 to 40 km/h) without straining.

The speed on a stationary bike largely depends on endurance, physical abilities, and leg muscles. But you can control the resistance levels, speed, and intensity. For better results, you can ride four times a week.

Note; the goal is to boost your cardio and improve your general health. So, you can combine biking with other muscle-building exercises to enable you to last longer and challenge yourself to ride faster.

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Is 20 mph on a stationary bike fast?

Yes! 20 MPH (Miles per hour) is fast, but not too fast if you’re a fit person. 20 miles per hour is in pace the best exercise speed for weight loss and overall fitness. However, if you’re a beginner and not fit enough, I recommend that you go a lower phase, ideally, 10 miles per hour.

How fast should you go on an exercise bike?

How fast you go on a stationary bike depends on your physical abilities and fitness level. It’s up to you to adjust your intensity levels and pedal speed. This means you are responsible for personal customization, and there no pre-set speeds on the stationary bikes.

The three common speed ranges include:

  • Light Speeds: These speeds range ranges between 35 to 50 RPMs and are the best level for beginners. It allows you to start and build your core muscles as you pace forward.
  • Mid-range Speeds: They range between 50 and 60 RPMs. Such speeds are great for cyclists who can speed without struggling. It is a level that burns calories, boosts cardio health, and builds core muscles. It’s the recommended speed if you are training for longer periods.
  • Fast Speeds: This is a speed occurring at 65 to 70 RPMs or higher. It is an expert level speed; so, you have immensely high endurance abilities. However, this level can drain you faster and mostly works for people with less time to train.

From the above ranges, what is a good speed on a stationary bike for you?

What’s a good speed for indoor cycling?

For indoor cycling, a good speed ranges between 15 to 25 miles per hour, and in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM),  target between 35 and 70 RPMs depending on your abilities. Fitter cyclists can ride between 20 and 25 mph, while beginners to average riders can ride at between 15 to 17 mph.

Are 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

Yes, 30 minutes of extreme cardio is enough on a stationary bike if you ride 3 to 5 times a week. On average, you burn at least 260 calories in 30 minutes of spinning. However, consistency is key; if you only spare a few minutes in a week, you won’t achieve the results you seek.

How many miles can you bike in 30 minutes?

The far you can ride in 30 minutes varies from person to person. However, slow to moderate riders can attain about 6 miles in 30 minutes.

However, the number of miles you ride depends on your riding speed, intensity, fitness level, and weight.  So, personal riding abilities differ among riders.

How do you convert rpm to mph on an exercise bike?

To convert RPM to MPH, multiply the wheel’s circumference by the RPMs. So, calculate your exercise bike’s wheel circumference.

  • To get the circumference, measure the diameter of the wheel and multiply by 3.14.  For instance, if the wheel has a 20-inch diameter, multiply 20 by 3.14 to get 62.8.
  • Now, if your bike reads 200RPMs, multiply it by 62.8 (circumference)
  • 200 X 62.8 = 12,560 inches per minute.
  • Convert this to inches per hour by multiplying by 60. So:
  • 12,560 X 60 = 753,600 inches per hour
  • Finally, convert to miles per hour (MPH) by dividing by 63,360 to get 11.9 MPH.

Stationary speed for weight loss

Stationary bikes are a great way to lose weight. You should strive to ride between 50-70 RPMs or 15 miles per session.  An average rider sheds 260 calories in a 30 minutes intense cardio ride on a stationary bike. Note that if weight loss is your main target, you should train regularly to achieve significant changes.

Keep in mind that resistance also influences how fast you lose weight. Set your intensity levels to your fitness levels and exercise regularly. Utilize the preset workouts to make your training fun and enjoyable. For instance, you can set your intensity levels, steady work level, and speed intervals. That way, you can train without burnout.

What’s a good mile time on a stationary bike?

A good mile time on a stationary bike is 30 minutes per 6 – 10 miles. However, it depends on your fitness goals, cycling abilities, gear on the exercise bike, and the distance to cover. On a good ride, it should take you about 3 minutes to complete a mile.

But the question is: what is a good speed on a stationary bike?

If you plan to cycle longer, e.g., 50 miles striking a balance between speed and distance is advisable. You can work on intervals while taking short breaks to gauge your abilities and your progress.

Remember to adjust the settings if you’re a beginner and increase resistance as you progress.

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Exercise bike speed in km/h

Most exercise bikes show speed, miles, and time on the monitor display. However, a few bikes show the speed in km/h. However, it’s possible to calculate variables – you change mph to km/h. and vice versa.

For instance, the average cycling speed is 20 km/h (12mph) and burns more than 563 kcal per hour at low speed. When you cycle fast, you hit the speed of 30 km/h (19mph) that burns 844 kcal per hour.

How fast is 90 rpm on a stationary bike

90RPM on a stationary bike is riding at 5.35 miles per hour. Keep in mind; you don move on a stationary bike, but the flywheel spins to make several full revolutions. The stationary bike’s monitor indicates the number of RPMs, determining your speed.

Here is how:

A standard 20-inch flywheel covers a circumference of 62.8 inches. Multiply 62.8 inches by 90RPMs to get 5,652 inches per minute.

Next, calculate the inches covered in an hour by multiplying 5,652 by 60. This gives 339,120 inches per hour. This means that at 90rpm, you cover 339,120 inches per hour.

Convert this figure by dividing it by 63,360 to get 5.35 miles per hour.

How many km should you do on an exercise bike?

You can cover around 15km (12miles) in 30 minutes of cycling at a moderate exertion rate. That means you’ll be riding at about 30km/hour. If you ride at least 3 times a week, it translates to at least 45km and at least 135km a month.

Cycling is beneficial to you, and you need to exercise regularly to maintain health. 15 km on a stationary bike helps you shed some weight and boost your general health. But if you need to shed more, you can increase the speed, resistance, and time to achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re a beginner, pay attention to your body and how it reacts to your workout programs. Give yourself some time to adapt to the exercise routine then you can increase the distance you cover.

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Still wondering what is a good speed on a stationary bike? Well, it depends on a lot of factors, including fitness level. However, if you can ride your bike at an average of 15 miles per hour for a sustained period, it indicates your fitness level is average – and that great. Nonetheless, fitter athletes can cycle much faster, attaining higher speeds.

Most stationary bikes come with a digital LCD screen that helps you track your performance. Though resistance levels matter more than a good speed, learn to pedal properly for better results. You can always improve as you build core muscle and endurance with time.

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