What Is a Norwalk Juicer?

Norwalk juicer is designed and manufactured by Norwalk Inc. They are manufactured and shipped in the USA with a reputation won over 80 years.

Norwalk juicers produce nutrient-rich juice through all stages of life. This machine type stands out mostly for its durability. Norwalk juicer users rarely use any other juicer all their lives.

Features of a Norwalk juicer

Norwalk juicers are built to last with the highest technical and quality standards. This is why old users never think of any other juicer, and new ones subscribe daily.

Let’s see why by reviewing some of its features.

  • Product Yield

Norwalk juicers have a larger chute that accommodates more food than conventional juicers. This makes up for the time lost in food preparation.

The juice product from Norwalk juicers is silky smooth, pulp-free, and nutrient-rich.

Due to their high yield, they can be used for commercial as well as personal purposes. Research has shown that Norwalk juicers produce 50 – 100 % more juice from the same fruits and vegetables that go into other juicers.

Juice produced has been tested and proven to be naturally superior and higher in minerals.

  • Operation

The operation of Norwalk juicers is part of why it’s called the Rolls Royce of the juicers.

A Norwalk juicer is a unique combination of two machines in one body, powered by the same motor.

The first machine is a Vortex Cutter (Triturating) that uses a helical cutter grinder mechanism to cut the fibers of the food fed into the chute to a cellular level.

The second machine that makes up the Norwalk juice is a Hydraulic Press, responsible for extracting nutrients from the cutter’s pulp shredded. Because of limited to non-existent contact with the cutter, full nutritional value extraction is ensured.

You hardly find any pulp in the juice, just as you don’t find any juice in the pulp extracted by a Norwalk juicer. Maximum extraction occurs.

Tremendous pressure is exerted on the food to extract fruit sugars, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and other vital elements. This ensures high-quality juice with a fine flavor and smooth taste.

  • Built to last

Norwalk juicers are built to last; that is why they offer a 12-year warranty, one of the highest in the juicer industry. Their products can only be gotten in Norwalk stores. The machine has 6 parts, of which five of them are removable, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

Norwalk juicers are versatile and multi-functional as they make more than juice. They can also grind the coffee, make humid, nut butter, slushies’, nutritious homes made baby food, snow comes, grind the coffee, or coconuts. If you are looking for a versatile juicer, you may want to consider buying the durable Norwalk juicer.

The striking thing about Norwalk juicer is the dedication of its users. You hardly find a Norwalk thinking about any other juicer brand. Norwalk juicers are easy to operate, efficient, and strong. With over 80 years committed to research, they’ve discovered what works and doesn’t work. If you’ve ever wondered what a Norwalk Juice is, now you know.

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