What Is a Twin Gear Juicer?

Are you ready to extract every last drop of juice from your ingredients? Why not try a Twin Gear Juicer? Remember, this twin gear juicer is only for those who love to stay fit. So, if you are a health-obsessed person and determined to extract every microgram of essential nutrients from the fruit, leaf, vegetable, or stalk and you don’t want to settle for second best quality, the twin gear juicer would be a perfect choice for you. Twin gear juicers are one of the best juicers when it comes to nutritional quality and yield.

If you prefer quality over quantity, continue reading as we will discuss what is a twin gear juicer? And how can it help you get the highest yield?

Twin gear juicer

These juicers work on the principle of cold press juicers, but as the name suggests, these juicers have two gears to grind the ingredients and get the maximum amount of juice. They are high-speed juicers and are often called centrifugal juicers.

There are a variety of two gears juicers available in the market.


  • The body is usually made of stainless steel.
  • There are 2 gears to grind the ingredients.
  • A rotating disc blade to obtain the maximum yield.
  • A strainer to remove the waste part from your juice.

What principle does a twin-gear juicer work on?

Similar to cold press juicers, these juicers extract juice from ingredients by pressing them hard to get the maximum yield. The operating speed is between 80-120 revolutions per minute with no or little heat and air.

The presence of two gears placed close to each other to get the maximum yield. This quality sets these juicers apart from the others available in the market. These gears efficiently cut, grind and crush the ingredients simultaneously with their sharp blades.


  • Give maximum yield
  • Very efficient in juicing vegetables, fruits, nut milk, sorbet, and sometimes breadsticks.
  • These juicers have a good lifespan compared to others.
  • You get a thick, fresh, and nutritious juice with a decent yield.
  • Some twin gear juicers allow you to adjust the amount of fiber you want in your juice.
  • You get all the macro and micronutrients in the final product.


  • They are expensive
  • They are noisy
  • Washing is difficult as it is made up of many different parts.
  • They take more time to squeeze the juice from the ingredients.


All in all, if you are eating healthy or your nutritionist has advised you to drink fresh juices, then it is better to have your own twin gear juicer because no juicer can compete with the nutritional values of juices extracted by twin gear juicers. If you want to grab a bargain, you can look for other juicers, but if you prefer quality alone, then these juicers are a perfect addition to your kitchen. The juices made with these juicers are vibrant and dense. You will not find any pulp. Therefore, you do not need to dilute the juice.

I hope this article helps answer your question “What is a Twin Gear Juicer”? So, if you are clear enough, get one for yourself today.




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