What Is Psychic Card Reading and Where Do I Get It Online?

What is psychic card reading?

Psychic Card Reading is a way of predicting the future through the use of cards and extrasensory perceptions ability or the use of the basic sense which are sight, sound, taste, feel and intuitions. This senses can also be called clairvoyance which means to see (vision), clairsentience to feel, clairaudience to hear and claircognizance to have genuine knowledge.

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Where do I get the best online psychic reader?

There are a lot of psychics out there and not all psychics have the same ability- some are very good while others are average, and some are poor. But to avoid falling into the wrong hands here is a list of some psychic readers I feel are the best in reading online.

The psychic source

The psychic source which is known as the earliest and most reliable psychic firm. It has been in existence for over 29 years with the best and genuine psychic readers who have been rated with 5 stars because of their accuracy.

In this firm, there are more than 300 psychics with varieties of expertise ranging from clairvoyance, tarot reading, past- life reading, love reading, palm reading, mediums and many more. Psychic Source is always ready to answer and listen to one’ needs or questions any time of the day because they are always available 24/7. With subsidies payment one can access the above-mentioned services, all that is needed is to visit nowhere else than this psychic firm’s website or give them a call from anywhere.

Asknow Psychic Service

Asknow: this is a group of psychics that was formed sometime in 2005, and are among the best in the world that provide distant psychic reading services via phone and also the internet. These services are as old as the launch of the group.

Some individuals who used this service refer to their consultants to be highly professionals. One of the thing that makes

Asknow different from other psychic reading sites is their standard in recruiting highly efficient members to join their community, such that only 5% of psychics who applied to join asknow are hired. This gives comfort to individuals or clients having known that they are conversing with a professional with a world-class standard and high psychic ability.

They offer services or answer the question on the following; Money, Love, career, relationship or other forms of life’s challenges, questions or needs.

Keen Psychic Service

Keen; this network has set recorded as the world biggest psychic site with gifted psychic readers that renders high and professional services worldwide with over forty million visitors record for the past twenty years.

Keen is in a way special, because clients get to choose the psychic reader the desire, as keen has approximately one thousand seven hundred psychic readers, interestingly keen operate with a mobile application enabling its client a fast connection to the reader. When a client is done with sign up he/ she can check to find the best psychic reader on the platform to chat or call.

Kasamba Psychic Services

Kasamba is one of the best psychic organization which has been in existence since 1999 and was formerly called Liverson. It is one of the largest psychic platforms with over four million pleased clients.

Just like other psychic organization, kasamba offers a 24/7 service through chat or email. They have certified psychic who offer different services ranging from live readings, clairvoyance, fortune telling, astrologers, mediums and any other psychic service.

Kasamba offers an amazingly cheap price service to first-time clients with a free three minutes secession via email and a fifty percent discount. Kasamba does not accept calls only chats or emails. Keeping the privacy of customers is one of Kasamba priority.

Oranum Psychic Services

Oranum which is also called the “largest spiritual community in the world”, with over a hundred psychic who offers their services through a webcam to enable them to see, listen and interact with each other.

Oranum has professional psychics who are specialized in different readings such as horoscope, numerology, tarot card readings, reiki healing and any other psychic service you can think of. They do not provide a platform for calls or chats.

Oranum also gives room for anyone with psychic abilities, that is, a psychic who is new into the business can apply to work with them. But this may cause the employment of false psychic readers who might end up misleading clients.

Oranum has over hundred psychics on display in their site, giving you the right to choose one for your reading.

What are the elements to consider before choosing an online psychic reading?

Precise or accurate reading.

No clients wants to fall in the hands of fake psychic and end up with wrong interpretations that is why before choosing an online psychic company you must make sure it can provide you with the most accurate result and to get a precise result you must consider how long the reader has been in the business, the abilities of the reader and how truthful the reader is.

Not all psychics are genuine, but even the genuine psychics can sometimes fail to give the right interpretations but that those not mean they are fake. A client can terminate a session if he is not pleased with the service

Company’s legacy or reputation.

A company’s reputation is undoubtedly a great element to consider before choosing an online psychic. You need to be sure if the company has a reputable image or not. How long have they been in existence? What are their followers saying about them on social media platforms? Are the reviews on their page or website positive? All this and more are questions to ask yourself before contacting any company.

Ratings and Review.

A genuine reader should be assessed or judged by the comments of his previous clients. When a client is satisfied with a reader’s service, he rates him. Therefore, the rating on the reader’s page should provide an answer to a client whether to consult him or not. Always consider psychics with 4 or 5-star ratings. Try to avoid 1-2 stars rating no matter how captivating or interesting their profile may be.

Price and Cost-effectiveness.

Everybody wants to find a good reader within his budget. This makes the price to be a considerable factor in choosing a psychic. Psychic readings can be expensive, even though it shouldn’t be the reason to make you settle for less or a fake psychic. Therefore when choosing a reader try to find out if they offer a first-time discount or are free minutes for a new session. What are their charge rate- flat or by minutes?

Is communicating with an online psychic better than meeting them in person?


Most online psychic organizations are accountable because they have an image or reputation to protect.

They provide a client with the best quality sessions in order to attend the client’s satisfaction to make the client willing to visit back for more psychic sessions.

They want their business to grow and therefore will go to any length possible to provide you with unique and quality service unlike meeting a spiritualist in person.

Varieties of options to choose from.

Online psychic reading provides a client with different varieties of services to choose from and also chose the reader they desire to speak to.

Such options are a method of communication, professionalism or expertise, type of reading, review, and rating.

But meeting a spiritualist in person does not allow you to select who you feel connected or comfortable to talk to and one reader cannot have a specialty in all aspects of divination.


Online reading is better than a physical meeting because you get to speak to any reader at any time from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to book an appointment or spend money to travel to meet a psychic.

All you need is just to click or give your best psychic network a call and you will be attended to by a friendly and professional reader.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

Almost all genuine psychic communities have a satisfaction guarantee they offer to clients- they pay you back or they provide you with extra minutes to try another reader.

Not everyone on social media is a genuine psychic who can offer a satisfaction guarantee, therefore, it’s better to seek the help of a psychic from a reputable organization.

Don’t care about the physical look.

Meeting a psychic in person sometimes makes the psychic be unprofessional by looking at the outward appearance of the client-whether he is rich or poor, married or single, etc.

But an online psychic does not have the luxury of time to check this thing and make him give wrong interpretations.

An online psychic depends on his intuitions and extrasensory perception to give meaning to his reading, making him more reliable and accurate than meeting in person.


The [1]online psychic platform is a better option to choose when you need a genuine psychic. It is very convenient and offers you the ability to end a call or chat you don’t like it.

These platforms also have different readers who are willing and always ready to connect with you.

With an online psychic industry, you don’t have to feel shy about disclosing your information to the spiritualist because he won’t judge you and you are likely never going to meet your reader.

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