What Is the Average Cost of a Psychic Reading?

The cost of a psychic reading is the amount or rate a psychic charge a client per session. Every psychic has his own charges, some charge by minutes, and others on a flat rate.

If you are wondering how much it will cost you to talk to an online psychic, then you will need to consider things like

How long do you intend to spend talking to a psychic?

The type of psychic you will want to talk to- professional, intermediate, a new psychic, or a celebrity psychic.

What type of service do you prefer?

Before sending a call or message to a psychic you will need to consider the type of reading you prefer.

Most online readings are performed in three ways which are video chats, email, and online chat reading and the rates can also be determined by minutes on which the client is willing to spend which could be from 3-5 minutes, 10-30 minutes,60+minutes, 90+minutes and so on.

I will be discussing briefly the three types of services offered by most psychics.

Online chat reading.

This is one of the most patronized methods of psychic reading online.

This method of reading is an excellent choice for a first-timer who is not comfortable meeting a psychic in person.

Most online psychic offer this type of readings through live chat or text message and some industries accepts phone calls.

These types of services are usually very affordable.

Psychics Email Reading

This type of reading is not as popular as the online chat reading because you don’t get immediate response and will possibly have to wait for some minutes, hours, or sometimes days to get a reply.

This type of reading is paid base on how long it takes the psychic to answer the question but some readers prefer to charge based on questions.

Email Readings usually take about 15-30 minutes so if you are going for this type of reading, you should keep a flat rate of $50.

Psychics Video Chats or Webcam.

Webcam or video session are great ways of communicating with your reader or spiritualist by seeing them face-to-face online; which usually last from 10-60 minutes or more.

Most psychic firms that operate via video chats have their own platforms even though some psychic who does not work in an industry might ask the client to use skype or any other means of video calls.

What is the average price of a psychic reading?

What Is the Average Cost of a Psychic Reading?The average price of a psychic reading is determined by the level of experience and expertise of the psychic.

The rate of a beginner is different from an average and a professional. I will be discussing the different prices charged by different psychics.

Entry or beginner: $1-3.98 per minute.

These types of psychics are the most affordable readers. Their services are cheap because they want to perfect their skills and slowly increase it as they gain more customers and experience.

Their charge rates from $1.99-$3.98 per minute. Most times beginners psychics are looking for popularity and profit so they can charge less but provide quality readings.

Average or intermediate: $3.99-$6.98per minutes.

The average reader has built a reputation and is hoping to build more as time goes on due to his level of experience. An average psychic charge rate is from $3.99-$6.98 per minute.

This type of reader also skilled but doesn’t have many years of experience.

Skilled or professional:$6.99-$12.98 per minute.

A psychic that is termed as a professional is highly skilled and is a reader who has a number of years in the practice and his very experienced with a special and uncommon skill.

They charge from $6.99-$12.98 per minute. These types of psychic pay operations cost such as rent or paying the network they operate with.

They mostly perform readings about love, family, career, relationship, and personal life issues to guide the client’s path towards finding love, happiness, and peace.

For very skilled or celebrity psychics: 12.99 per minute.

These are the most expensive types of psychics who charge from $12.99 per minute or more. This is because they have built a good reputation for themselves by offering accurate readings or interpretations.

They are very experienced and are known as the best types of psychics. They offer private services and usually go on tour.

What are the types of Psychic reading and their cost?

1. Tarot reading.

This is a type of psychic reading that is done with the use of cards with each of the seventy- eight cards consisting of a symbol and unique image.

The cards are used to foretell success, trails, love, troubles, or challenges one might encounter in life.

The tarot reading price rate differs considering the type of services a client may require. Most tarot readers charge on an hourly basis but an estimated price for a beginner tarot reader could be free anything from $1-$10 per hour, and an intermediate reader charges $60-$80 per hour.

A highly skilled or professional tarot reader charge $120 or more per hour.


This type of reading is the most expensive psychic reading which can cost around $100-$300 per session. This is because Astrologers can give you an accurate reading which is precisely related to you because they study the astrological charts and readings for years to give original readings.

Most Astrologers have built a good reputation for themselves and are professionals in their field.

Palm reading.

This type of psychic reading is usually fast and accurate. Palm readers are specialized in reading the lines on the hand and interpreting the meaning of each line.

The price differs for each reader but a fast reading can cost around $10 to $90 for intense reading.

Should a psychic be given a tip?

Most psychics are well paid by the organization they work for and like to keep it professional when helping people rather than for tips.

But when you find a psychic reading to be amazing and breathtaking, then you can offer a tip as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for their help and time.

Is price a deciding factor for quality reading?

Yes and no. Most times an accurate and quality reading will cost you because the services will be offered by a professional who has bills to pay therefore the reader will need to charge more in order to stay in business.

Sometimes a reader might offer you a quality and accurate reading for less but it doesn’t mean the reading is not genuine.

Most low price readings offered by professionals are gotten in psychic tours.

How much does an online psychic industry charge per minute? (1)

1. Oranum

This is a psychic network that offers services at a very fair price and provides an option that is free to see and connect with the reader before payment.

Their payment price varies depending on the individual. Some take as low as $99 per minutes and their highly skilled or celebrity psychic charge price is from $9.99 per minute.

2. Psychic access-

This psychic industry is customer friendly by offering a free 6 minutes reading for new clients when they sign up. But the usual psychic fee for this industry is anything from $3-$7 per minute.

3. Hollywood psychic-

Is one of the psychic industry that accepts calls and online chats. They charge $1per minute and offer new clients free three minutes after payments.

4. Keen-

In this industry, each psychic has its own price rate. Which can be from $1.50-$30 per minute and a free 3 minutes for new clients.

But most psychics on keen who offer services between $2-$10 per minute are great and amazing in reading.

5. Psychic source-

Most psychics in this platform charge $10 for 10 minutes that is, $1per minute and offer free 3 minutes services for new clients.

6. Kasamba-

New clients are offered a free $1 chat per minute to talk or chat with any psychic of their choice that includes professional or celebrity psychic.

Like the popular adage says ” you get what you pay for” so also in psychic reading, services are rendered base on what you pay.

But sometimes you might get lucky by getting a fair price for a quality reading.


Psychic readings don’t have to cost you a lot of fortune. But you might need to spend good money to attain quality services.

When you are considering seeking help and guidance from a genuine psychic online and are not sure if it will fit your budget then you have a lot of options to consider.

All psychic industries have different price rates and you are definitely going to find one that suits your budget.

Genuine psychics do not offer free sessions only a minute and at most 3 minutes in order to keep the business running, therefore, avoid psychics who provide free reading sessions.

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