What Is the Best Online Psychic Reading I Should Get?

There are different psychic reading online today all thanks to technology. A psychic reading can be performed online saving you the stress of traveling for long distance to meet a psychic. A psychic industry can only be called the best when it has been in the business for a while and has a lot of experience and put the client’s interest in mind as a priority. I will be discussing some of the psychic industries I consider to be the best online.

What are the top 7 online psychics?

  • Asknow – Asknow is one of the best industries in the business and has been performing these services for about 20 years. They are one of the best industries that provide great and unique distance psychic services online which could be via phone calls or chats. Asknow is known for its high standards and how they perform a dynamic test before employing a psychic. Only a few psychics get hired on Asknow because they believe in providing quality readings to clients. Asknow is specialized in love readings, finance, career, and relationships. Their psychic services are available in English and Spanish. They are one of the few psychic organizations that accept phone calls and chats. If you are looking for a good reputable online psychic industry then Asknow is one of the best sites to try. They offer new users a free 5-minute reading and be rest assured to be attended to by a professional.
  • Psychic Source – Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most reliable psychic firms which has been in existence for over 30 years with different and experienced psychic. This psychic firm has over 300 skilled psychics ready to attend to any client and has a great review with a 5-star rating. Psychic source allows you to browse and select any available psychic that you like and feel connected to. They perform phone call readings, charts, and video calls. Psychic source provides you with a wide range of services to choose from such as clairvoyance, medium, intuitive, tarot reading, past-life, and much more exceptional psychic services. The psychic source is always ready to listen and provide answers to any client by offering a 24/7 service with a fair price of $1 per minute and a free 3 minute for new customers, all you need to do is give them a call from any place in the world and you will be amazed and happy you visited the psychic source site.
  • Keen – Keen is one of the most popular and biggest psychic sites in the world. With more than 4 million clients who are satisfied with the accurate and exceptional service provided by Keen. Keen has an estimated one thousand seven hundred readers, who have been rated as the most accurate in providing spiritual readings for the past 20 years. Keen has highly skilled readers who provide great tarot reading, astrological reading, love, relationship, career, and all other psychics reading. Keen is known for its confidential and secret services which are offered through their sites which allows a client to choose any psychic of his choice and the application allows a client to call back if the psychic he feels connected to is busy. Keen is open to calls or chats 24/7 and offers a free 3 minutes reading. If you are looking for a psychic site that will keep your readings anonymous and have a fair price, then keen is the best site to visit and they are currently offering a 10 minute reading for $1.99 which is one of the best deals you can ever get.
  • Kasamba – Kasamba is one of the best online psychic company that offers email service and online chat. Kasamba was initially known as Iverson and has been in existence since 1999 and are known for giving the best and accurate reading. With over 4 million pleased customers since inception. Kasamba offers a 24 hours service a day and 7 times a week. Kasamba also provides you with email services such that you get to send all your questions via email and they send you a quick reply immediately they get your questions. They work with professional and certified psychics who have experience in clairvoyance, fortune telling, astrology, tarot reading, love reading, and any other psychic services. Kasamba is one of the few organizations that offer a 50% discount and free 3 minutes for new clients. This firm accepts payment via PayPal and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee service.
  • Oranum – Oranum which is known as the largest community of psychics in the world with more than a hundred professional spiritualist who offers their services via live webcam or chat which make them easy to access by their clients but they do not offer phone calls readings. Oranum site has a wide range of specialized spiritualist who offers unique services like Reiki healing, horoscope, astrology, numerology, tarot cards reading and more. They offer free readings and a free 10 minutes sessions for new customers. Oranum is one of the few psychics sites that allow new psychics to join without going through any vigorous test. They believe in giving this opportunity to new aspiring psychics to share their ability with people around the world through their platform. With Oranum, you get the chance to choose a psychic you feel connected too and fits your budget.
  • Hollywood psychic – Hollywood psychic is one of the few online psychic sites that provide reading specifically for men. They do not operate like other psychic firms who let you choose your psychic, but they choose the best psychic to meet your need and enable fast and accurate reading. Hollywood psychic offer great services like tarot reading, horoscope, clairvoyant, dream interpretation, pet psychic love reading, career and many more. Hollywood psychics offer 24/7 service all through the year. With free 3 minutes for the first payment and a $1 per minute for new clients with guaranteed satisfaction. And if you are a busy person who doesn’t have the luxury of time to search for the best psychic by going through a psychics review or information, then the best online psychic site for you is Hollywood Psychics.
  • California psychic – California psychic is one of the best online firms that conduct a series of test before employing a psychic. They are known for their genuine and reliable services because they hire only the best psychic. California psychics provide great readings about your past, present, and future. They also offer information about your destiny, love life, relationship, success, and career. With California psychics, you can be confident to get confidential and secure services and a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. They also charge new clients as low as $1 per minute.

Are online psychics better than psychics who live nearby

Online psychics are better than psychics who live nearby and these factors determine it.


Online psychic are culpable because they operate under a company. Therefore making them responsible for providing genuine information or readings, unlike the freelancer psychic who is not answerable to anyone, he chose to stay or shut down the business whenever he, please. But the online psychic firm needs to stay in business and it’s their top priority to provide quality readings.

Different psychics to choose from.

Online psychic gives you the pleasure to choose and chat with different psychics without worrying about the distance. Most psychic sites allow you to go through their psychic’s profile and check things like price, professional, specialized ability, and the type of communication they offer which could be a phone call, chat or email.


Most online psychic firms believe in accuracy. They select the best and accurate readers in order to provide quality service to their clients. They make sure that they check for accuracy, commitment, and skills of a psychic before hiring him.


Online psychics are great options to chose whenever you need a reading. What could be better than getting your reading done from the comfort of your home at your convenient time and day? With online reading, you don’t have to feel bothered about meeting a psychic face-to-face.

What type of questions should I ask an online psychic?

Talking to a psychic for the first time can be hard because you are unsure of what or how to ask questions. I will be listing some questions to help you have a better idea of how to approach your reader.

Love and family related questions.

  • How can I find true love?
  • What is nature trying to tell me about my love life?
  • Will I have a happy future with my current spouse?
  • Does nature have any guideline for me to learn to follow my heart desires?
  • What information does the universe have for me about my family?
  • How can I restore love and peace in my family?

Career-related questions.

  • What is the best career for me?
  • What is the universe saying about my current job, colleagues, and position?
  • What can I do to increase my income and job success?


When you are having hard times or unsure about what the future holds, then trying a psychic online might be the solution to your problem; just signup with any of the best online psychic industry and get answers and revelations about your life.
What could be more satisfying than having a good psychic perform a reading at a fair price from the comfort of your home without going through any stress? With online psychics, you can be confident to get authentic, reliable and genuine readings. (3)

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