What Is the Difference Between a Crush and Falling in Love

Difference between a crush and falling in love

A crush on some is not much new to most of us. It happened the moment you meet your crush.  In most case, you aren’t ready, and suddenly it started.

At times you do not know the person. However, when you look at that person, you feel sweet, gentle, with a soft start in your heart. You get mixed emotions when you are with her.

When you look at your crush, your heart rises to heights that you didn’t think possible before; You spend nights thinking about that, you can’t sleep.

Schoolwork is then affected due to distraction, and everything changes. Most people start daydreaming in a fiction manner, think that they are in love.

If you are feeling that way, that does not love you have a crush on her or him.

The above description shows how you can have a total crush on a stranger and can happen at any time for boys or girls. It’s exciting, dynamic, transformative, and cheerful, but it not real love. So, what is love?

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These are the differences between falling in love and a crush:

  • Love: Love feels very calm, and your emotions are constant, you discover that you can study better than before, sleep well, think about what you love in quiet moments, do not worry too much and feel confident that he will be with you. You can believe in your loved one; your heart runs fast the normal. If you take care of each other,  love stays for long. In case it happens to end, you can still be happy that it happens. The good thing with love is that it can also last forever, even after death.
  • Smash: A very exciting crush, your emotions go up and down all the time, you can’t think about studying, you can’t sleep at night, you think about the person you love all the time, you always worry, you’re afraid of being left, not always you can trust him, your heart beats quickly, it is still affected for a short time, when it ends, you feel sad, it also always ends.

The worst thing about crushing is that it is challenging to realize that you have one. It is not easy to admit that your emotions can improve your judgment, so it is difficult to see what it is. Believe it or not, despite your understanding of what is happening, you can handle the chaos and confusion of the crush and even act effortlessly when necessary.

  • Falling in love: You are dating him, and you know him. However, he still has these initial feelings, he still feels euphoria and emotion, but these sensations are now also mixed with the general impression of heat; He feels happy most of the time because he feels appreciated, understood and cared for by someone who “inspires” all those positive feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Love for someone: That is the third stage that, in the case of a romantic relationship, is also accompanied by the second stage. Love supports. When you love someone, you are ready to help them in their life goals and dreams of life while providing them with emotional nutrition and comfort. Love pays attention to you and wants your loved ones to realize their potential while you provide emotional support and psychological help. Of course, they do the same for you. That is true love.


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So, the major difference between having a crush on someone vs falling in love with someone is that Crushing on someone is not real, and it has some consequences, while Love is true.  If you’re in love with someone, it means you still don’t like it. Crushers can turn to something great, and crushers can absorb a lot.

Sometimes they become something beautiful and lasting, and sometimes this is just a collision and a high burn that makes you wish you could recover time.

For those of you who are recovering from a non-reciprocal crush, or are in love with someone you have no intention of approaching, there are some simple strategies to fall in love that will help you feel that you are restoring your life.

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