What Is The Difference Between A Psychic Reading And A Tarot Reading

A psychic reading or tarot reading? What is the difference between the two? What is better, psychic reading or a tarot reading?

What's a psychic reading

Well, psychic reading involves a situation when qualified psychics use their divination to see the future of a person.

What’s a psychic tarot reading?

What's a psychic tarot reading?On the other hand, a tarot reading can use Tarot cards which have symbols representing different human aspects such as emotions, intellect, and physical issues.

A typical Tarot card is divided into four sections, and a psychic reader can help to connect the messages of these Tarot cards by effectively interpreting them.

What’s the Difference

The major difference between a psychic reading and Tarot reading is that a psychic reader uses their psychic gifts to provide present, past or future readings. These psychic gifts can be inherited from the ancestor, and a reader can be able to read the right answers or intuition. On the other hand, tarot reading involves the use of tarot cards to provide readings.

Psychic Reading Explained

Do you want to discover more about psychic reading? Simply put, psychic reading consists of the use of subconscious power to explore more about the surrounding. A psychic reader refers to a gifted individual who uses their extrasensory perception to see things in the surrounding. This means that a psychic reader can see the glimpse of the present, future, and past. A gifted reader can also see and talk with spiritual forces around.

Because of the advancement in technology, you can now get a psychic reading online via messaging, live chat, and email. Another advantage is that you can get psychic readings to help from an expert psychic reader. But first of all, you must rigorously read the reviews and ratings of a reader before settling of one.

Tarot Reading Explained

As the name suggests, Tarot reading involves the use of Tarot (symbolic representation) to give guidance on divine intervention. With Tarot reading, you can get guidance or prediction of your future by using a set of Tarot cards and reading them accurately using your intuition.

With Tarot reading, you can know what your future holds. Among the things you can notice includes how your professional life will look, who your future partner will be, and much more. There are different kinds of tarot reading, including Celtic cross, the tarot past, present & future, and the crossroads tarot spreads.

Tarot readings can also help you to get clarity of life and get general insights into specific things in your future. A seeker who uses Tarot reading can get general feedback about his/her future and take appropriate direction on life.

In Tarot card reading, there are always various parties involved, including the tarot card reader, the seeker or inquirer, and the tarot cards. The reader is then required to pick a pattern of cards, examine the layout, and interpret the results.

Each tarot card has a specific meaning which varies depending on the scholars or readers who use them. Since each card has a symbol, the symbol has relevance depending on the user who is required to shuffle the cards.

The seeker then picks a card, and his/her energies are read by the tarot reader who gives them the clarity on different life situations, including their problems, possibilities, and outcomes.

What Different Types of Psychic Reading are There?

  1. The Clairs –  The Clairs refers to the heightened extrasensory perception, which enables psychics to see things in one’s life through visions. The psychic readers can use their Clair senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and touching to give someone an insight into their life.
  2. Psychic Mediums – Psychic medium refers to the ability to speak with people the departed spirits. A gifted psychic can use this ability to walk in the world of spirits and bring their message to the living people. A psychic can interpret the spirit’s message and channel it to the seeker.
  3. Divination – Divination is the use of special tools such as the Tarot cards to identify the forces and energies that might be affecting a person. A gifted reader can use their extrasensory perception to identify the negative or positive forces affecting a person.
  4. Spirit guides – Spirit guides involve holding communication with a spirit or angel to channel the messages they have towards a seeker. A reader uses their extrasensory perception to connect to the angels and spirits around the person and communicate the messages or pieces of advice the spirits would like to share with the seeker.
  5. Telepathy/Mind to Mind Communication – Telepathic power is the supernatural talents that can enable a talented person to read or sense the minds/thoughts of others. In the magical world, the human mind contains the power to transmit and receive information from one mind to another mind.
  6. A gifted psychic reader can use the telepathic technique to master specific skills such as: altering another person’s thoughts, interpreting their emotions, manipulating their subconscious mind, manipulating a person’s spoken language, erase, restore or manipulate someone’s memory, translate language, and torture victims mentally.
  7. Telekinesis/ Mind-Over-Matter – A psychic reader can manipulate inanimate objects using the power of the mind, provided one has intense focus and concentration on objects.
  8. Astral Projection/ Mind Traveling – This refers to the withdrawal from one’s body to the spirit at the full consciousness of the person. This psychic ability can enable a reader to withdraw from their physical bodies at will and travel to places using their mind.
  9. Levitation/ Anti-Gravity Floatation – This mysterious psychic ability enables someone to raise their body above the ground and let it hover freely on air. With levitation abilities, an individual can propel themselves through the air but only for a short time.
  10. Supernatural ControlPsychic readers with this ability can control supernatural phenomena such as invincibility, weather control, stopping tsunamis, the ability to stop time, and much more.

Where Can You a Get Free Psychic Reading

In the modern world, tons of websites claim to offer a free psychic reading. Some are authentic, whereas others are not.

That requires you to do some in-depth research and choose a reputable website that offers genuine free psychic reading without credit card.

Below are the psychic networks where you can get 100% free chat reading:

I. Oranum

Oranum has been a people’s favorite website because it offers a free psychic reading from qualified readers from across the world, allowing seekers to chat with the advisors without paying for anything.

Before getting started, users are required to sign up in the platform then allowed to ask questions through chat rooms and receive answers in the same platform. Oranum has more than 3,000 psychic readers who are selected after rigorous screening and interviewing.

Among the psychic services offered on the website includes tarot card reading, love & relationship guidance, money and finance interpretation, career advice, family issues, spiritual guidance, and much more.

II. Psychic Source

This reputable website has been in operation since 1999, offering guests free psychic readings. Upon registration, users are given free minutes as a trial where they get a chance to interact with a psychic reader that suits them.

III. California Psychics

California psychics boasts of qualified experts readers who offer a variety of readings in several topics including love and relationship, finance and career, family life, and much more. The website has a rigorous screening process, which ensures that only top psychic readers are available on the platform.

IV. Kasamba

Kasamba offers free psychic reading in a variety of topics such as love and relationship, career and finance guidance, family issues, astrology readings, and much more. Even though the platform lacks telephone support, one can contact them through email and get their queries clarified.

Best Types of Psychic Readers

There are tons of psychic readers in the world today. Where do you start? Which advisors are genuine and which are not? Which one is the best? Check out the list below:

  • Medium Jozette at Ask Now Psychics – With over 25 years of psychic reading, Jozette is one of the top-rated readers at Ask Now Psychics, who specializes in comprehensive topics such as family issues, relationship, guidance, and much more.
  • Intuitive Healer Kamal at Asks Now Psychics – With over 23 years’ experience in psychic reading, healer Kamal is one of the top rated psychics at Ask Now, handling simple to complicated topics such as spiritual guidance, love advice, conscious empath, medium, connection with departed souls, and much more.
  • San Francisco Medium Virginia at KEEN – This psychic reader has been in business for more than 50 years and boasts of impressive reviews in his profile. Among the topics he specializes in includes medium, love-life, family, friends, among other topics that bring dilemmas in one’s life.
  •  Psychic Kristine at Psychic Source – Kristine has more than 15 years’ experience of psychic reading and specializes in a variety of readings including career, love, relationship, and destiny.
  • Psychic Yazmin at KASAMBA – This psychic reader is a top rated psychic at KASAMBA, boasting of over 25,000 reviews on her profile, averaging to 5-star. Yazmin’s area of specialization is Best Psychics, which involves predicting the future and telling about someone’s past. Her other areas of specialization include empathic readings, clairvoyant, clairaudient, sympathetic readings and much more.

Best Tarot Card Readers

  1. Intuitive Tarot Reader: These are people who possess a remarkable gift, giving them the ability to pinpoint the truth by helping seekers separate fact from fiction.
  2. Empathic Tarot Reader: These are gifted specialists who feel exactly what you feel. They can sense energies in an environment and get an accurate emotional data from those energies.
  3. The Tarot Counselor: This is a licensed counselor, social worker, or therapist with an appropriate education that would help them in their counseling work.
  4. The Tarot Life Coach: These are licensed or certified experts whose intention is to help people identify their goals and then help to formulate a strategic plan to accomplish those goals.

Final Words

There are some slight differences between psychic reading and tarot reading. In either case, they both involve the use of qualified experts who uses their extrasensory perception to interpret the results.

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