What Is the Difference Between Infatuation and Real Love?

Infatuation and Real Love – How to know which is which

How do you differentiate between love and infatuation? Love is a feeling that is entirely different from infatuation.

However, many people confuse to distinguish them. If you are stuck at a similar stage, you may be seeking guidance from an expert. Anyone who experiences these emotions in life will ask you to evaluate your condition using specific criteria.

Here is a discussion about some proven ways to recognize the exact feelings you are experiencing these days.

So, What Is the Difference Between Infatuation and Real Love?

The main difference between infatuation and real love is that infatuation is more an attraction or a crush for the person and is usually felt at the beginning of a relationship while real love, on the other hand, is the more intense feeling is more involved.

  • Consistency in your interest: Are you consistent in your feelings for the person? If so, this is love and will make it seem or reliable throughout life. However, if you still cannot develop consistency and change your interests daily, this will only be useful information. You still have to wait for real love.
  • Reasons for the attraction: If it is infatuation, there is a good chance that you will be attracted to the physical appearance and appearance of a person. If this is love, you must have an attraction for every aspect of your personality. Love will make you fall in love with the character of the person.
  • Acceptance or expectation: After falling in love, you will have a strong sense of accepting that person with their strengths and weaknesses. Infatuation, on the other hand, will make its demands in nature. Expect the person to act according to their wishes and change their lifestyle.
  • Infatuation strikes like fire: A definite fact about fatigue is that it hits like a burning flame. The emotion associated with it can cause you to start thinking about this person from time to time and wherever you are. Even with infatuation, lovers are ready to reach specific different depths to maintain the relationship. In most cases, people end up getting married before leaving that mentality. Infatuation is easily lost in love because when he hits, he is determined to challenge his obstacles until his end.
  • Apparent differences between love and infatuation: The most common reason that distinguishes love from infatuation is longevity. The person under infatuation has a time frame in which the fiery relationship can continue to flourish. But then, the offers of affection begin to diminish until they finally disappear. In contrast, love generally has the following qualities:
  • Always tolerant: Real love and tolerance are inseparable. When there is real love, couples are still understanding and willing to look beyond mere differences of opinion. But the infatuation looks for such opportunities.
  • Selfless and honest: Real love goes out of its way to seek the interests of the other person. But infatuation focuses mainly on personal advantages.
  • Standing time test and challenges: Real love continues even after a lover passes by. But the fatigue did not last long.
  • Mature and responsible: Love behaves maturely and responsibly, remembering that today’s actions affect tomorrow. The morning does not matter unless some selfish attention is concerned.
  • Self-care and sacrifice: When there is love, couples quickly show gentle care among themselves. They are always willing to make sacrifices to each other.
  • Do not discriminate in any way: It doesn’t matter if the lovers come from different races, languages, countries, regions, or religious backgrounds, always love works. But fatigue does not allow it easily.


The certified way to taste the love

With real love, it is easy to see the fruits exchanged between lovers. People say real love seems like pregnancy as it cannot be hidden.

Lovers gather in all seasons and are ready to support each other for life. That is why love is always patient. Therefore, patience is one of the actions you can use to verify if your love is real or not.



If infatuation is involved, your lover will be in a hurry to get selfish benefits from the relationship and leave it. It is simple to detect real love by looking at the actions presented by lovers and the motivating reasons for these actions.

In many cases, you may see selfishness or a spirit of sacrifice at work when you pay attention.

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