What Is the Difference Between Puppy Love and Real Love

Puppy Love and Real Love – The main differences

Most teenagers these days have a hard time distinguishing between love and just one puppy, so most suffer heartbreaks. There is a difference between love and puppy love, so you may want to teach your teens the difference that teenagers know if they are in real love or puppy love.

Here are different common signs which will show you that you are in puppy love:

Note: Puppy love happens when youngsters tend to engage. They know almost nothing about one another and are generally honest. Couples frequently take part in a sexual relationship too soon, because of extraordinary feelings, without waiting to grow fully to the level of even making informed decisions, having a long enough relationship and first realizing the individual well.


You make your own decisions.

You are in puppy love if you can decide without telling the person you love the puppy. If you are in love, you cannot make any decision without notifying your partner because it is already included in your mind that you need to tell your partner what resolution you are considering.


Think of yourself first

I don’t like it if you first think of yourself and not your partner. People who love you with true love, you will, first of all, think about their partners before thinking about themselves. That is a selfless act that only people in love can do. If you are not in love, you are more likely to think of yourself instead of thinking of someone else.


You are afraid of compromises.

If you feel scared every time you hear the word commitment, you are definitely in puppy love. People who are not willing to compromise mean that they are not really with their partners. These people still want to enjoy their lives without the complications of being in a relationship. If you are the type who is afraid to discuss the issue of engagement, then you certainly do not like it.


You can’t explain how you feel.

If you’re always excited and can’t explain this feeling, you’re also in puppy love. A person who falls in puppy love still feels happy or usually suffers from a severe emotional disorder. You feel something, and you don’t understand how you feel this way, and you can’t explain it. That is not true when you are in love. If you are suffering from this, you are in puppy love and not with love.


Consider having sex sometimes.

If you feel the love of a puppy, you will be surprised. You think you can’t spend a day without thinking about sex. That does not happen when you are in love because you always think about what will happen next if you give in to your feelings or seduce yourself.

The most important characteristics of a loving puppy are:

  • You don’t get tired of seeing that person
  • Think of that person all the time.
  • You are not sure of that person’s feelings for you.
  • Feel fast and excited when you know this person.
  • Ignore anything the wrong people say about the person, especially their family.
  • Get out of your way to look your best for that person.
  • You can lose your appetite for a while.
  • Feel the sexual attractiveness of a person.
  • You focus only on the good qualities of a person.
  • You may blush, sweat, or palpitate when you see the person.
  • You continuously check social networks for messages from the person.
  • Provide a lot of information about yourself too soon.
  • They have been together for less than a year.



These are some signs that will tell you that what you feel in a puppy love is not love. People should not make mistakes in love and be in puppy love to be themselves because these feelings are certainly not the same. You can also do more research to see if you love a puppy or if you are already with someone you love.

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