What Kind of First Sugar Daddy Dating do You Want to Have?

In the sugaring world, the first date is a big thing to both of sugar daddies and sugar baby. Let’s hear some real answers from sugar babies——“What Kind of Sugar Daddy Dating do You want to Have”:
First Sugar Daddy Dating
Answer 1:
Somewhere where we can talk and feel comfortable. Without the nerves that can be caused by being in a fast pace moving environment. Bring a picnic basket along and some wine…maybe. But I also wouldn’t mind going on a nice dinner date also. In a beautiful restaurant. I can quite a simple girl. But I also don’t mind extravagance.
Answer 2:
Somewhere where we can talk and feel comfortable. Without the nerves that can be caused by being in a fast pace moving environment. Bring a picnic basket along and some wine…maybe. But I also wouldn’t mind going on a nice dinner date also. In a beautiful restaurant. I can quite a simple girl. But I also don’t mind extravagance.
Answer 3:
To me being a sugar baby is not dating. It’s simply the act of giving and receiving. I myself am currently in a serious relationship with a boy in my area. Therefore I do not consider a sugar daddy my boyfriend or anything more than a friend. It’s probably mostly just going to be an online thing tbh I’m not very comfortable with the idea of meeting a perfect stranger in real life
Answer 4:
Bowling, shot put, go cart racing, cooking something bizzar together. Nothing too traditional. Life is so short and we all deserve the best of it. Its not about the date, but the time you spend with that person! A 7-11 slushy and star gazing can be an amazing option. Museums, zoos, parks ect. Anything to really get to know your partners’ thoughts, likes, dislikes and mindset
Answer 5:
I’ll like to go to a picnic somewhere where we can be alone maybe a forest o just a park, talk about selfs and get to meet each other, drink some wine and listen romantic music while we see the sunset, after that I like to go dance or we can just walk in the city in the night go some nice place to dinner, then I think would know how long this can go.
Answer 6:
I’d like to sit on the beach with some margaritas, or take a walk in N.Y,go shopping,have fun and have a nice dinner, or ride a boat in Venecia with my sugar daddy. Have a nice long talk with my while we walk around the city eat ice cream and look at our beautiful view. Sit on our balcony, take a relaxing hot bath with a few piña coladas maybe watch a movie under the moon on the beach.
Answer 7:
For a first date I would like to maybe catch a dinner or drinks and go strolling down a park way holding hands and just enjoying ourselves laughing joking learning more and more about each other. Maybe go see a movie and share some popcorn and a drink you holding me during scary parts or even a romantic movie. Maybe we stroll down to the beach and feed the birds.
Answer 8:
I think I’d be more comfortable with the whole “online dating” at first, and once we establish trust, allowance, and mutual feeling toward one another then we could go on a date. I haven’t been on many dates, but I do enjoy going to museums and movies. A dinner date would be nice too, maybe somewhere fancy. It’s completely up to my Sugar Daddy to decide what we do once we go on a date, but I’ll be up for anything.
Answer 9:
Well depends on the person! Having a dinner with a view. Then maybe some dancing with a live band somewhere or a nice walk on the beach. I love to cook so a nice bottle of wine with some home made Italian can go a long way and sets a more romantic moment. First impressions are always important so it’s nice to take the time to get to know each other.
Answer 10:
The first date should be something simple. Of course, we’re going to be nervous the first go round together so the date should be more intimate to get to know each other. Dinner would be the way to go and a walk together to talk. Or a picnic as well. All the fun times can come after the initial meet up. I’d love anything romantic or if we want to try something new together or do something friends would do I’m down for it.
Answer 11:
My first dating with sugar daddy would be him picking me up giving me roses upon arrival a greeting with a hug… gentlemen to open the door and close it. After we ride around the city talking figuring out what we should do that day/night. Hopefully, it’s a romantic spot where it’s nice quiet a little music playing while we eat and talk some more.
Answer 12:
I’m tired of the same old same old. Wine and dine just isn’t for me anymore. Let’s get out and see the new world. You could live in one location you’re whole life, and still be amazed what you missed when you stop and look. Let’s go out and find an old city that nobody’s lived in for god knows how long. Let’s go to your favorite river, and follow it until the end, find a back road that leads to nowhere. Be adventurous. Dream. And do everything you thought you would do.
Answer 13:
I would like a date full of adventure and passion. Something that shows who you are and that shows effort. For example getting lost in a city we have never been to. or perhaps taking a road trip across America.maybe backpacking through Europe. But something as simple as a picnic in the park would do, as long as I am spending time with you and I know you want to spend time with me.
Answer 14:
I’m not super young anymore so I am very practical. First date – I’ll know if there will be a second after spending 1 hour with you. Let’s not commit to dinner, movie or anything else where we are bound to stay for a period of time. Attraction is very simple. I’m sure we can get to know enough about each other in an hour. If there is a physical and basic emotional connection ie. The sense of humor and initial sexual undertones, in my opinion, we should move on to date number 2.
Answer 15:
I prefer kind of a simple date, just kind of to meet and get to see what our chemistry is like in person. I definitely like to meet somewhere public, so that I feel safe. So coffee, dinner, anything else that puts us in a public setting where we can talk and get to know each other. If we hit it off, I don’t mind going somewhere more private to see if the chemistry goes further.
Answer 16:
Well I’m very fun and outgoing so id love to go out and try some new things , like boating , fishing , swimming in lakes , fine dining , or even my fav, going to a Chinese buffet that’s what I’d most likely choose to do I love expressing myself and opening up to that person if they seem like they’re real deal, why not ? I’m ready for it.
Answer 17:
A romantic picnic in a park or along a public access river walk. Meet and greet only in a public place is #1 rule for sugaring safely. Even better if the food was prepared by my POT. Bring me dark pink Gerber daisies or a Pandora charm to show sentiment. I love surprises. If at a coffee or wine bar open doors and pull out my chair. Bring your A game…
Answer 18:
As far as first dates go, I almost always make it a public place. Some people like to meet at restaurants or malls. I myself like to meet at book stores. It doesn’t always have to be a B&N , but cute and quaint out of the way book store with a cafe. Bring your favorite book, or we can choose the book for each other to read. Tell me about your favorite book, or share a silly memory from your childhood. I want to know what makes a person tick, and you can’t always do that if you’re stuffing your face. Share some of your guilty pleasures with me. If we hit it off, take me to your favorite place, and let’s just sit and talk for hours. I’m really down for whatever, I just want to see how you really are.
Answer 19:
I wanna have fun let loose nothing serious but something to have fun with I’ll get as kinky as you want and send you all types of pics that will make you cum!! I want to spend the evening seeing if I am wasting my time I’m not saying home run but if you play ball right ya just lighting looking for love just a sugar daddy and some extra side love !!!
Answer 20:
I want a date where we are doing something. Build up the sexual tension and have a little friendly competition. We can work on a car, or write a song, go to kareoke and pool, bowling. Go on a hike. Tell me what you want me to wear for our date and if I don’t have it, buy it for me. I like to turn heads where we go and know that you cant keep your eyes off me.
Answer 21:
Something i won’t get bored doing 🙂 with the right person that can really mean anything!! as long as we both vibe with each other and having fun i won’t be turned off. but to get the ice breaking i’ll need a man to show his worth and impress me. i’m easily entertained but i love a man who can make me laugh and push me to do the most i can and have the most fun with.
Answer 22:
Something very simple. When both of us can feel comfortable and have a nice chat. It could be a picnic or dinner at home. Or a walk. Something really simple! People are totally different when they are alone! First dates are always so stressful. So i think the best would be just chilling somewhere outside in a park or garden with couple of drinks. Nothing fancy.
Answer 23:
What I like: -adventure as well as romantic dates. (It can start at the zoo, at a park or at restaurant. ) What makes a great date is the person with me and if we get along well with each other! What I dislike: -nasty conversations at first; -people seeking only for sex instead of a real conexion; – disrespectful words or actions; – denying food to me haha.
Answer 24:
I would honestly love a small picnic somewhere where nobody could bother us, or, maybe even at a cheap quiet not too popular diner, you know? It would b the perfect time, to me. I would love to grab a car and drive to a place where we can lay down and stargazing, just lay and see the stars, the sky, enjoy the moment and spend it with him, maybe having a good talk to about any subject. Or also it could be in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a cozy, little place that I love. The bread and the coffee is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it has one of the best views of the mountains that anyone could ever wish for.
Answer 25:
For the first time on a date I want to have an amazing time wining and dining and kicking back and enjoying the summer set by beach maybe even going out for a little clubbing and dancing if I’m feeling excited for it.I think the best date is when you can sit back and have a genuine conversation about spirituality in your life and goals. I always feel spontaneous enough to go a little bit above and beyond.
Answer 26:
Honestly, I’m a simple girl. I don’t need to be taken somewhere fancy or anything like that. For the first time, probably something casual and comfortable so we could get to know each other without any pressure. If we get food, I’d even buy my own. I’m looking for chemistry with a person, either as a friend, or a romantic partner. I don’t want just anyone throwing their money at me for no reason. I want it to be an informed decision made because you WANT to, not because you expect something from me. That’s how I give gifts and conduct favors. And moreover, I don’t want to feel like a prostitute.
Answer 27:
I just wanted to enjoy my life at my young age. I wanted to fulfill my dreams. I wanted to have someone even not permanently but someone that can help me grab those stars. I really love to be to be more of what I am. And to give even more of what I have to others that has nothing. Living my life and sharing for success is my final goal. I wish I will have someone here.
Answer 28:
Not something boring something fun and different. I’m a country girl that should give you a good idea.if it was a hike then a picnic. Dinner then dancing. Or dinner then a walk would be fun too. I’m not too picky just something out of the ordinary. I need different in my life. I must be doing something wrong if i cant keep a guy around. May not be me at all
Answer 29:
Wouldn’t want anything boring or awkward. Just where we can have a good time and be adventurous. Someone With a great personality an just knows how to make anything fun. Let’s drive through the mountains, go hiking/skydiving (whatever). Explore and see whats out there. But also knows how to treat a female, make them feel beautiful n wanted. Also doesn’t mind my sarcasm.
Answer 30:
Go travel in a kombi, see the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, while we listen to 70/80 music. Eat only local food, and have a lot of fruit and fries. Dance local music, have fun discovering new places, take a lot of funny pictures, idk, being stupids. Enjoy the nights looking at the sky, telling each other our thoughts about everything. The world, humans, why are we here, etc. The best date happens when you are not in a urban environment. The forest makes you connect with your true soul, your real you.
Answer 31:
I want a funny date, not the classic restaurant. It would be fun to go to some park and Play soccer, go to some Stand Up place, get some ice cream. Instead of the fancy restaurant, go to an latín restaurant and have fun! Dance, do stupid jokes, and that. Another kind of date that I want is in an Art Museum. Say whatever It comes to our minds when we look at the paints, the colors, everything. I enjoy art. And have someone to to enjoy It with could be very funny and good for me.
Answer 32:
I love to travel. Take me on a trip to Yellowstone for a day. Lets go fishing out there and drive around looking for baby bears and moose. At the end of the day we will go star gazing and hold hands/cuddle and forget all the stress of the city world. Don’t just take me out to eat or see a movie. That’s boring and too original. Show me you can be fun;)
Answer 33:
Lets go out to coffee or get food or something and if we click great! Let the adventure continue! Show me something you like. Don’t be afraid to open up and share that part of you. It doesn’t have to be anything super sensitive. Just a share a small part of you. It could be music or star gazing. Or something as simple as a walk. I mean if you want to go do something crazy and out there I’m game! But you can start small and we can work our way there if that’s what you’d prefer.
Answer 34:
Life is so short. So let’s have fun, do crazy stuffs and live like we don’t care. # When was the last time u looked crazy and did the most weirdest. # Single Married Orgy relationships lets just have it all. The mystery will never evolve if we are confined to nothing. I would like to meet you all. I would like to date you all.
Answer 35:
I don’t care about the location or the day time. As long as we have a good talk and understand each other, the date was successful and fun for me! It could be at a bar, a restaurant or maybe even in the Nature wandering around. I like fancy things but I don’t need them 24 hours, 7 days a week. Everyone needs a little time off and sometimes even from money.
Answer 36:
Something exciting, something a bit different. I’d also like to have the chance to talk and get to know them properly, so nothing like the usual dinner and a movie. Boring! And not too much pressure for first dates. If we’re both relaxed and at ease then we can get to know and look after each other better! 🙂 I think every girl loves to be pampered on a first date, but fun is definitely key too.
Answer 37:
I’d actually just like a basic dinner date at a nice restaurant. You can really get to know what the guy is about and also observe his mannerisms and the way he treats others, such as the wait staff. I don’t like rude people or entitled people, even if they have money they should be kind. You can Also observe their style. Also, I check and see if he leaves a good tip to see if he’s generous.
Answer 38:
I think going to a theme park would be the best first date, I mean you’ve got the hours of long ques to talk about anything and everything. Then you get to go on rides and play carnival games, it sounds kinda childish but i like the idea. Anything where you can talk but also be doing something constantly is a good place to start, like an aquarium, a theme park or the zoo.
Answer 39:
I want a True Gentleman and I don’t mind the classic “dinner and time spending with each other”. It is about getting to know each other, me showing him what kind of person I am and vice versa. Of course, the fancier the better but that’s just me. As I said, real gentleman wanted and when he makes me feel like a real lady – opening doors etc – I would love for go for something more adventurous or unusual like museum.
Answer 40:
Hmm.. I’m a person who loves the outdoors..I guess an outdoor date where we both would be involved with physical activities… Like wall climbing, obstacle course, zip lines, horse back riding, bump cars..stuffs like that…then after we both get tired…we would have a picnic (a blanket on the ground) while exchanging thoughts and getting to know each other…then have some wine while Star gazing.
Answer 41:
My idea would be mabey go on a drive to the top of a mountain and watch the sun set and get to know the person im with i love being outside so any where out side im game for a first date . mabey go fishing and take a late nigh swim or mabey go find a trail to hike and find a detour for a random adventure. Mabey go to a music in the park event and dance till our legs fall off.
Answer 42:
I will like to go to a Italian restaurant and learn how to do a lasagna mmmm or a nice chocolate cake and decorated. Or go to a painting class or something to enjoy together. And the end a picture to remember my first date. Becuse I will like to continue enjoy time with someone that like the same thing that I like. If the date go will a happy ending.

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