What Psychic Abilities Do I Have: Awakening Your Psychic Powers Guide

Many different types of psychic abilities.

Everyone has some sort of physic ability but many are not aware, choose not to use it, don’t know how to use it or have no desire about learning more about the power that comes with it. With using your powers comes a lot of responsibility.

It’s imperative that you study and make sure tapping into your psychic powers is something that you really want to do.

Some psychics can see into the future while others have intuit powers through touch, feel, sight and smell.

Others can move objects, have visions, heal others and many more. So now lets get down to the fun part how can you tell what type of psychic you are?

How can you start enhancing your gift? How can you awaken those gifts? Let’s get started and answer some of the questions that you may have.

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How To Understand Your Calling

Am I Psychic or Intuitive?First thing is first you want to understand the changes that are happening around you.

A good way to keep track of all of the weird things that you are suddenly encountering or maybe you’ve always had these feelings but was afraid to talk about them with anyone because you were afraid that perhaps they wouldn’t understand.

Don’t worry about that it’s normal with people who has psychic powers. You can’t explain to someone else what or how you’re feeling if you can’t even understand it yourself.

Have you ever been in a situation and you’re gut feeling was telling you not to do something but you did it anyway? Your sixth sense is your intuition, your intuition is your gut feeling. You have to learn how to trust your intuition and let it lead you.

Your intuition is apart of your higher being. You did it because you didn’t trust your intuition. Imagine being so in tune with your intuition that you get that gut feelings and automatically listen to it without second guessing.

In order to awaken your powers you have to learn to to completely give in to your inner spirit aka your intuition. This will not happen over night but keep trying and trust the process it will soon become natural.

How To Tell What Type Of Psychic You Are

What Psychic Abilities Do I HaveThere are more than one psychic ability as you probably already know.

There are times when people have more than one ability but perhaps one is stronger than another. It is important to know where your strength lie so that you can enhance and awaken it properly. Knowing what your abilities are will help you know where to start your studies and where to start practicing your craft.

There are over thirty different types of psychic abilities. We will start off with the 10 most common ones.

The Clair Senses

The Clair senses is simply the psychic abilities that taps into your five senses.

  1. Clairvoyance – Means clear seeing. This is when a vision appears in the form of a dream. Typically these types will have a passion for the arts, design and or photography.
  2. Clairaudience – Means clear hearing. This is when you hear voices, sounds or music in your head. Typically these types will feel more connected to music. ex. musician, producer, singer.
  3. Clairsentience – Means clear feeling. This is when you’re not only in tune with your own feelings but others as well. Have you ever met someone and can tell their hurting or you get chills implying bad energy? This is a sign of clairsentience. Most clairsenrience people are natural healers so a lot of people who needs to be healed will be drawn to you. Be careful with this one because if you don’t study and enhance your abilities this power can become very draining. ex. doctor, counselor
  4. Clairalience – Means clear smelling. This being able to smell a sense that really isn’t physical. An example of this is if your grandfather died years ago but he use to smell like a specific coffee. Your able to smell that coffee smell although he is no longer in the physical ream.
  5. Clairgustance – Means clear tasting.This is the ability to taste something that is not really there. Clairqustance people are more naturally drawn to the food industry. Chef, baker etc.
  6. Claircognizance – Means clear knowing. This is getting a notice of something that is going to happen before it happens. Kind of like a premonition. This is more in tune with spiritual leaders, business leaders etc.

If you feel like any of these may describe you or what you’ve been feeling please take time to study. There are also different activities that you can do to help enhance any of these abilities that you may have.

Other Types Of Psychic Powers

  1. Energy Healing [1]- There are several different methods of stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal without traditional medicine. This includes hand on and off healing and crystal healing. Different crystals have different meanings and symbolizes different things from wealth to health. If this is one of your psychic powers it will be important to learn the different crystals and what each one symbolizes. This is in no way suggesting firing your doctor it is just an alternative and or an addition of wellness.
  2. Psychic Surgery [2] – Maybe you’ve seen this in a movie. Psychic surgery is when you can treat medical conditions by calling on spiritual beings to help aid in the healing process. This ability requires a lot of studying and aligning your frequency.
  3. Telekinesis [3] – You’ve probably seen this in the movie The Craft. Telekinesis is being able to move an object without actually touching it. Now there is not much word on too many people having this ability but it is out there and hey you never know it may be your psychic ability. Again not to many people speak out on things like this because they feel like others may not be able to understand or maybe they don’t want all the attention that may come with having certain psychic abilities.
  4. Method of Divination [4] – Last but not least is divination. Divination is finding answers to a question or situation by readings or interpreting signs. With divination you will usually need to use tools such as Tea leaves, crystal balls, tarot cards and spirit boards. You need these tools because you are enlisting help from other spiritual entities.


Different Tools To Help Align Your Abilities

Awakening your psychic powers may require you to stop hanging out around so many people. Your energy must be protected until you learn your powers and how to use them.

Studying is going to be imperative. You want to learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize every power that is within you and it is going to require peace and time alone to grow.

So a “psychic diet” is a thing. This is something that some do to vibrate at a higher frequency.
What this includes is no meat, a lot of fruits and veggies, no junk food, no alcohol and lots of water.

So basically it reminds you of like a keto type of diet. As you open yourself up and start to become more aware, your intuition will start giving you more signs. That’s a great thing! Again trust them and utilize them.

You may become more sensitive physically, again this is also ok it’s a sign that your ” clairs” are opening up. How exciting!

Last but not least you will become more sensitive to energies. You’ll learn to embrace positive vibes and will not be able to tolerate bad vibes anymore. You will be able to tell the difference between bad vibes, hurt vibes and etc.

Remember everyone’s healing is not assigned to you. Listen to your inner spirit and move accordingly and don’t second guess yourself.

Second guessing yourself may lead you into some situations you would have been better off without.

How To Enhance And Awaken Your Psychic abilities

Like any other journey you first embark on it is important that you understand and practice on your craft. Everyone’s psychic ability is different. So use this information as a guide to help you understand what ability you have and once you’ve found that out that’s half the battle. Here are some things that you may find interesting to help you find what works best for you.

  1. Mediate – Mediate for at least 20 minutes a day. This will allow you to relax and align your energy. The higher you vibrate at the more in tune you will become spiritually.
  2. Take a Walk – Without headphones. Concentrate on the nature. Try to align your energy with that of the nature. Walk with a clear mind. This is also another form of mediating.
  3. Give Psychic readings – Get some Tarot cards. Study them, learn them and practice on as many different people you can. Let them know that you are in the beginning stages to set their expectations.
  4. Keep A Journal – Keeping a journal makes you accountable. It also tracks your success and those days you are feeling discouraged you can read through your journal and see how far you’ve come. You can also awaken your psychic powers by writing in your journal certain situations and allowing yourself to relax so you can be guided.

Having psychic abilities are amazing. Knowing what to do with them is even better. If you always thought you were weird or different because you had an imaginary friend, because after your father dies you still saw him sitting in his favorite chair or you hate being in the dark because feel and hear things?

These are some of the first signs that you have psychic abilities. Being psychic is actually rather awesome. It sets you apart and you see the world in a whole different light.

The more you start to learn about your powers the more comfortable you will become and you will actually see that you’re one of the lucky ones.

Do not be afraid of your gifts, they’re yours and you control them. You hold the power use it! Life is so much better being able to have that inside scoop on things and people. Embrace your psychic abilities and be great!

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