What Psychic Powers Do I Have? Do I Have Psychics Abilities?

What are Psychic powers and do I have them?

Psychic powers or abilities tend to allow different perceptions beyond the physical body. There are currently a series of books and other resources that have a lot to say about this kind of powers.

In a real sense, psychic powers are considered as a kind of brainpower that will obviously vary among different individuals.

Some will have more power than others and in most cases, it’s often a part of their lives. In the same way, some seek to develop their abilities which are also very possible with just the right training. All in all, a true fact is that we are all born with these psychic powers. Therefore, in one way or another we are all psychics in our own unique ways.

For that reason, you may wonder what psychic powers I have?.

This article will outline some of the most efficient ways to answer your questions. It will suggest a number of actives to try that will help you to release your true powers. You can also use the tips to develop your psychic powers which is what most of us need to do. By the end of this article, you will be able to confidently understand where you lie and know how to start developing the abilities. Therefore, pay close attention to the following guidelines for the best possible results.

Comprehend the psychic powers

To realize what physic powers do I have, the first step will be to fully familiarize with the psychic abilities or powers that exist. You must also understand that they are only sensations that cannot be elaborated in physical terms. To gather power, you will need the energy body instead. In other words, try to receive the perception without letting your will, get in the way.

You will need to be in a passive state to achieve all this. If you can exercise this ability using your physical perception, identifying every time you have a psychic perception is made possible and easier.

Below are the seven main types of psychic abilities you must first understand. It may also be necessary to mention that all of the psychic abilities below start with the word “Clair”. This is a Latin word that means clear. In other words, the abilities will entail a clear ability to perform a variety of things.

  1. Clairvoyance –  This is a psychic ability that enables you to see things or events before their actual occurrence. In most cases, they seem or would appear as intuition hits or in the form of dreams. Many refer to it as the third eye.
  2. Clairaudience – Having a clear hearing is also a psychic ability. This ability makes you very sensitive to sounds. Having varying feelings from sounds is also very common. If you fall into this category, you may hear voices or music when there are none around.
  3. Clairsentience – This is the power of a clear feeling. With this power, it is possible to feel the energy of people around you through the aura. Sometimes, plants and animals included. If you can immediately tell that a person is no good upon meeting them, this is likely where you lie.
  4. Clairtangency – This is the ability to receive a clear vision or intuition just from touching an object. In most cases, it makes you feel some way concerning the specific object until you can realize its true identity. If this has ever happened to you, you might just be a clairtangent.
  5. Claircognizance – This person will know things from the past or the future in some way. To them, it is also clear why they have the specific information they know. Unlike those that will see events happen, these people will just know these events will occur. In addition, the ability makes you know something to be true without any confirmation.
  6. Clairalience – Also common as clear smelling, this ability will give an intuitive just from smelling stuff. These guys will receive information from people through their smells. In most cases, it is an overcoming fear that is sudden and cannot be ignored. Such cases indicate the person is around.
  7. Clairgustance – This power will involve your sense of taste. Generally, if this is where you belong, you may have tasted things even with nothing in your mouth. May sound a bit weird but these mysterious tastes may just be trying to communicate something.

If by any chance you have ever experienced any of these abilities, chances of it being your psychic ability are very high.

That’s how simple it is to actually identify the possible abilities in you. Otherwise, you would not know where to start.

Put your psychic abilities to a test

Having understood the different kinds of psychic powers, the next step would be to try and put each one into a test. Clearly, different abilities will require different activities for more clarity and understanding what psychic powers you have. I came up with a few activities that will help you slowly identify and develop your true psychic powers.

  • Start engaging in some mindful eating. This will get you more in turn with the feelings that come from the different tastes. You can also try and keep a record of these hints just to study your findings. Meditating can also help.
  • Expose yourself to more scent especially those you enjoy their scents like flowers and herbs. Keep a journal of how each of them makes you feel. Slowly, your sense of taste will improve and you just might never know what you get to discover.
  • If instincts are common for you, you can start considering them instead of ignoring them. To help you remember some of them, you can write them down every time one comes in mind.
  • You could also start testing the different kinds of feels you will get from the different objects or materials you touch. Your friends can help by confirming some of the hits you receive when you use some of their objects. Holding stones during meditation can also work.
  • Sound healing could also help discover if you are indeed posse clairaudience powers. You can try this with singing bowls.
  • You can also consider getting a dream journal and storing it near your bed. The nearer it is, the easier it will be to remember. In case of any visions, record them down for future reference.
  • Meditation will also be very helpful in every single case. While at use include relevant useful materials like amethyst to make the practice more effective.

Remember to stay calm and in a passive state while exercising these abilities. Don’t push too hard to handle. The process should be natural and spontaneous as possible. Also, take care not to overdo them. Rests play a very important role.

Do you have any interests?

Just by going through the abilities and the different kinds of exercise related to each, it is possible that you have already developed an interest in one or maybe two of them. Well, consider that a sign. Curiosity is among the key characteristics that really help to answer your question. Think about it, if you generally develop an interest in something, it would mean you are a bit informed about the topic. Consequently, have a better chance of improving and hence expanding on it.

To truly discover your true psychic powers, focus on developing these abilities. Read, study and train for the best results. With an interest already, you are not very far from unleashing the true power within you.

Begin applying them. Make it as healthy as possible

It will also important to mention exercise without any applications will not help much. As you are trying to find out what psychic powers you have, make sure to also try and apply them. Slowly, they will automatically become natural and a part of your life. This way, you avoid instances of forcing or pushing your mind into them and this interferes with everything.

Most importantly, avoid using any kind of drug plant, or supplement when applying the psychic abilities. It will not help. Instead, it only interferes with your psychological state and abilities. Who knows, it may even drive you crazy which is what most of us avoid. Therefore, make sure you start applying the abilities the healthy way for better understanding.

Your Belief

Approaching the subject with an open mind will have a big impact on realizing the best answer to our question. Allowing the thought of these powers actually manifesting will be very important. In the same way, understanding that they may as well not show will equally is useful. Remember, it is all in your mind. Therefore, for the process to work, do not get discouraged if things are not always showing. It is a process. It will take time.


Physic powers seem like a really cool activity you can easily master and manifest. These abilities are extraordinary and are also considered as unnatural by many.

There is also sufficient evidence that concludes we are all born with these abilities and therefore everyone can consider they a psychic. For that reason, it would be usual to ask what psychic power do I have once in a while. I know I have.

Consequently, trying to understand, discover and apply the power in your daily life should also be considered usual.

Unlike the stereotypical images and figures we currently are exposed to, psychic abilities will not make you any abnormal or irrational in a way.

It is important to understand those impressions are inaccurate and the majority of them are just exaggerated. In fact, according to the international academy of consciousness, discovering and using your psychic experiences makes you more mature. Having that kind of mentality about psychics will only draw you away from realizing what your true powers are.

Therefore, follow through the exercise in the best way (you now know) how possible. Make sure the will is there for the best outcomes. In addition, generally, trying to improve self -knowledge will also be very helpful. I hope this article was helpful and elaborate enough to answer the main question and issue about your psychic powers. I just smelled you discover what psychic power you have. [1]

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