What Questions Should I Ask In a Psychic Reading?

Many of our readers asked: What Questions Should I Ask In a Psychic Reading? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help bring you better clarity.

There are several reasons that make people seek the services of a psychic reader. It could be love issues, family affairs, career & finances, and much more. Well, the point that arises is simple; what questions should you ask in a psychic reading? Should it be a love or family affair question? Read this article to the end to know the powerful questions to ask a psychic.

Questions to ask in psychic reading have one thing in common; they are all open-ended and aren’t framed in a way that attracts a YES or NO response. The questions should also show trust in the divine wisdom by using phrases such as HOW, SHOULD, WOULD, COULD.

But if you desire to ask YES/NO questions, make sure they are direct questions which attract direct answers which can either be a 100% YES or a 100% NO.

Powerful Questions to Ask a Psychic

Before asking the powerful questions, you should have the following preparations:

  • Ø  Avoid a yes or a no question because they might limit the feedback expected from the reader.
  • Ø  Try as much as you can to be specific with your question.
  • Ø  Develop a positive mindset during the session and expect positive feedback from your questions.
  • Ø  Only draft relevant questions that you desire to get an answer from a reader.
  • Some of the powerful questions to ask psychic include:
  • ü  Questions about love
  • ü  Questions about your health
  • ü  Questions about your job and promotion
  • ü  Questions about your future and life in general.
  • ü  Finance questions.
  • ü  Questions about an ex.

Example of psychic questions to ask

  • ü  What can you see in my future finances?
  • ü  Am I likely to get a promotion in my job?
  • ü  What can you tell me about my partner?
  • ü  Will my ex come back to me?
  • ü  How do my social circle and friends look like?
  • ü  When will I have a kid, a family, a lover, a job?

Questions To Ask a Psychic about Love

Love is always the central factor that drives people to magic. As human nature, people always desire to get an insight into their love life and desire to know as much as they could about their love. Some of the compelling questions to ask a psychic about love are:

  • ü  Is my current boyfriend/girlfriend going to love me forever?
  • ü  Will, I get married to him?
  • ü  Will, we have children together?
  • ü  How can I find a loving soulmate?

Once you ask a psychic these questions, they will begin by examining your relationship to know whether you are with a promising partner. In most of the cases, gifted psychics’ use their extrasensory perception to read your energies and can pick up main points about your love life.

Questions To Ask a Psychic about An Ex

You can also ask psychic questions about your ex. It could be that you’ve already broken up with your ex and desire to know how they are faring, whether they would come up, and how to overcome the emotions still attached to them.

In most cases, after breaking up with an ex, a period of anger, remorse, confusion, and general upset comes in. If you’ve experienced such a situation, you should seek the services of a psychic reader and ask the following set of questions:

  • ü  Will, we get back together with my ex?
  • ü  Has he/she met someone new?
  • ü  Why did our relationship end?
  • ü  What was I meant to learn from this relationship?
  • ü  What is the best way to move forward?
  • ü  How can I erase his/her memories in my mind?
  • ü  When will I meet a match who’s right for me?

Questions to ask a Psychic about Health

Since the beginning of existence, human beings have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, free of diseases. Today, people tend to ask psychics questions about their health to know what their future holds and the appropriate lifestyles that one should lead.

Psychics may be able to tell one the causes of physical sickness or stress. Some of the health-related questions that a psychic can be asked includes:

  • ü  What does the divine want me to do to have a healthy life?
  • ü  What changes should I make in my lifestyle to remain healthy?
  • ü  Is there anything about my diet that I should know?
  • ü  What are the major blocks that need to be removed from my diet?
  • ü  Are there any risks I should avoid to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Questions to ask a psychic about family

It goes without saying that the family is the most basic social unit comprising of a husband, wife, and children. At times, we might experience significant challenges in our families, such as the loss of a loved one or going through a difficult time, such as divorce.

In case of such a situation, it is advisable to consult a psychic reader to offer guidance and reveal more details about your family.

Family-related questions should be open-minded, and they shouldn’t talk bad about a family member. Instead, they should target to improve the situation and get the family out of a bad situation.

Example of excellent questions to ask includes:

  • ü  What new insights does the universe want me to know about my family?
  • ü  Will I ever recover from divorce?
  • ü  How can I deal with the death of a loved one?
  • ü  How can I deal with the current family crisis?
  • ü  What are some things that I should adjust to having a lasting harmony at home?
  • ü  How does the future of my family look?
  • ü  How can I heal my home space and improve my relationship with in-laws?
  • ü  How can I achieve the highest good for my family?
  • ü  What guidance do the spirit guides have for my family?
  • ü  How can we be united under one umbrella as a family?
  • ü  How can I avoid divorce and lead a happy family free of wrangles?

Questions to Ask about Career/Job promotion

If you wish to know whether you are on the right track for your career, you need to consult psychic readers who have incredible talent in understanding your spiritual and social life.

Once you ask career questions, the psychics can tell you whether you will succeed in a job, get a promotion, or what would happen for you in the job.

Some of the questions you should ask includes:

  • ü  Should I go for that new job?
  • ü  Am I in the right job?
  • ü  Am I going to get a promotion in my job?
  • ü  Should I shift my career?
  • ü  What would the universe want me to know about my career progression?
  • ü  What are some things I can do to find a meaningful job?
  • ü  What is the divine’s view of my current job?
  • ü  How can I get promoted?
  • ü  How can I heal my job situation?
  • ü  What can the divine tell me about this?
  • ü  Is it reasonable to start my business?

Questions to ask about Your Future life

Questions to ask about your future life should be open-ended to get clear answers from the readers. You may have a feeling that your future is luminous or a feeling that a tragedy might strike you in the future.

Therefore, you need to ask the following set of questions to get the desired psychic help:

  • ü  Will my kids go to college?
  • ü  Will, I have a politician in my lineage?
  • ü  What does the divine say about my future?
  • ü  Will, I live a long time without getting sick?
  • ü  What are my lucky numbers?
  • ü I see my great grandchildren?
  • ü  Should I expect any tragedy in the near future?
  • ü  Will, I get a financial breakthrough or lead a luxurious lifestyle?
  • ü  Will I ever win a lottery?

Questions To ask about loyal friends surrounding you

Most often, we have tons of friends in life. However, not all of them have the best intentions for us. There are those who are loyal, while others are there to make us have a negative experience. A psychic reader can help to reveal whether we have true friends or toxic people pretending to be our friend. Some of the questions you can ask about friends include:

  • ü  Who are my true friends?
  • ü  Will, I find new friends if I migrate or move away?
  • ü  What types of friends rhyme with my personality?
  • ü  How can I help my struggling friends?
  • ü  What steps should I take to have more loyal friends?

What If You Don’t Know What To Ask

If you don’t know what to ask a psychic, it is advisable to note down the crisis in your life and then frame the issues into questions. You can also consult a psychic reader who gives you a personal touch and enables them to read your energies and identify the set of questions that requires his/her answers.

Final Words

Even after drafting the best questions, you still may not end up satisfied with the psychic reading. You can prevent that situation by researching websites that give you the option to meet your psychic for free.

There are a lot of veteran sites such as KASAMBA, KEEN, PSYCHIC SOURCE, CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS and much more.

All in all, you are required to make a list of questions before your reading to help bring clarity, create direction, and keep you focused.

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