What’s the Difference Between Real Love and Fake Love

How do you Differentiate between Real Love and Fake Love

All of us want to find true love, right? However, many people end up having fake love, not because it is what they want, but because they can not tell the difference between true love and fake love.

To attract and keep a man or a woman, you have to offer genuine love in return. Knowing the distinction between real and fake love gives you wisdom and allows you to build a long-lasting relationship while avoiding toxic ones.

This insight keeps you away from futile suffering that is caused by loving the wrong people. It also prevents you from hurting people and feeling guilty for not offering the right love.


Below are 20 differences between true love and fake love that you should know:

  • 1. ‘True Love is ready to Make Sacrifices While Fake Love is just Concerned about itself’

True love is always selfless. It does not neglect itself, but it is always ready to make huge sacrifices to make the other person truly happy. However, fake love only cares for itself and is selfish

  • 2. ‘True Love will Rejoice in Truth While Fake Love will hide in the Darkness of total Lies’

True love finds comfort in an honest life and is never comfortable with lies. It takes away your insecurities and doubts, as it always displays transparency and honesty. On the other side of the road, fake love finds pleasure in lies and is afraid of the light. It offers no enlightenment and lives in the darkness.

  • 3. ‘True Love is always Kind While Fake Love is Absolutely Cruel’

True love is characterized by a big heart. It is both compassionate and generous. It offers care and love in unmeasurable amounts. Contrary to that, fake love is heartless and only offers bad treatment and pain that is very undesirable.

  • 4. ‘True Love is Very Patient While Fake Love is Always Short Tempered’

True Love forgives and endures shortcomings and faults. It reasonably offers countless chances and waits for you to change to the better.

However, fake love is easily angered by small mistakes. It quickly punishes and judges without listening to explanations.

  • 5. ‘True Love is Humble While Fake Love is full of Pride’

True love is filled with humility and is not only concerned with taking personal credits. It admits its mistakes and takes responsibility for other people’s faults. It is ready to let itself down to lift people up.

Fake love is boastful, excessively proud and grabs credit. It fails to admit its mistakes but instead blames others for them.

  • 6. ‘True Love Always Feels Fulfilled While Fake Love will feel Empty’

True love always feels complete and has nothing more to wish for. It enjoys every moment with you as it sees some dreams that just turned into reality. Contrary to that, fake love is never happy with you and is unsatisfied and greedy. It always longs for something different, something more.

  • 7. ‘True Love is Grateful While Fake Love is always envious’

True love values what is does possess currently, it shows appreciation for having you. Love treasures the little that is received from you. However, fake love is full of envy. It rarely treasures your gifts and belittles your presence. It feels so unlucky to have you and makes someone feel jealous of people who may have more possessions.

  • 8. ‘True Love is Joyful but Fake Love is Always Bitter’

True love always has a cheerful heart and a very positive mind. It is happy to see other people being happy. Contrary to that, fake love has a heart that is full of bitterness and a mind that is full of negative ideas. It always perceives the world as unfair. Fake love holds grudges on you and other people around you.

  • 9. ‘True Love is Very Respectful but Fake Love is Always Rude’True love respects your decisions, ambitions, and opinions. It honors you as a person. Quickly forward to the other side, fake love is full of arrogance. It cares less about your thoughts and feelings. It considers you an inferior person who has no consideration.
  • 10. ‘True Love Always Protects while Fake Love Hurts All the Time’ True love could be characterized by pain, but it protects you from things that could may you suffer in the long term. It defends you from things that may corrupt you. It shields your relationship against things that could hinder its growth.

Fake love gives you false satisfaction that only lasts a little time. Eventually, it gives you a toxic relationship that destroys your personality.

  • 11. ‘True Love is Righteous but Fake Love is Foolish’

True love is always mature and wise. It is discreet in its actions and in decision making. On the other hand, fake love is foolish, narrow-minded and childish. Its actions are always inconsiderate and reckless and based on self-righteousness.

  • 12. ‘True Love Understands and Knows You while Fake Love can’t get it’

True love understands you as a person. It strives to know everything about you so that it is able to love you even more. It reads your mind and feels your emotions, hence understanding you even before you utter a word.

Fake love never cares about your feelings and thoughts; thus, it can never understand whatever is going on with you.

  • 13. ‘True Love Trusts you while Fake Love Doubts a Lot’

True Love exhibits confidence in you. It has a lot of trust in your actions and decisions. It is very positive for you. However, fake love has no trust but is filled with negativities towards you.

  • 14. ‘True Love is Loyal but Fake Love is always a Cheater’

True Love has a very strong commitment to someone. It avoids temptations and never tries to cheat on you. However, fake love will always remain a cheater.

  • 15. ‘True Love is Faithful while Fake Love is Always Unbelieving’

True Love believes and depends on you despite your shortcomings and weaknesses. With fake love, however, there has to be 100% assurance that someone can depend on you before it relies on or believes in you.

  • 16. ‘True Love is Hopeful but Fake Love easily gives Up’

True love makes sure that you are included in its future and sees you as a person to spend the rest of your life with. That is the reason it doesn’t give up fighting for your relationship and for you. On the other side, fake love only has temporary plans for you. As a result, it never treats you as important and will quickly give up on you.

  • 17. ‘True Love Acts with Trembling while Fake Love just Never Cares’

True love does not just talk and fake promises. It is also not about mere actions. True love has energy, passion, and excitement. It always wants the best for the other person and is afraid to let you down. On the other side of the road, fake love leaves you with excuses instead of fulfilling its obligations.

  • 18.’True Love Loves Itself while Fake Love hates itself’1

True Love will love you, but will always remember to love itself. It always deserves to be healthy in mind, soul, and body so that you can have a stronger and healthier relationship. Fake Love rarely cares about its welfare and is selfish, leading to self-destruction.

  • 19. ‘True Love grows a relationship while Fake Love makes it toxic and sick’True love will seek personal growth and development for the relationship. It acts as a role model that always inspires and motivates you towards being better. Fake love, on its side, loves heated arguments and fighting. It never solves things in a calm manner and toxifies the relationship, destroying a good life.


  • 20. ‘True Love Lasts Forever but Fake Love Dies’

True love exists forever and is more than physical and material. It lasts even with distance and death. It inspires lovers and keeps them closer. However, fake love is short-lived and from there the story gets forgotten.



This article allows you to differentiate between fake love and real love, which facilitates appropriate decision making in your life. All the best as you find your love.

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