Attractive sugar baby
Answer 1:
I think the best thing about me on the outside is my eyes then again the best thing about me on the inside is that I’m a loving and caring person and I love to be around great spirited people I can cook bake clean I’m an all-around sweetheart that’s waiting to be treated the same way I treat others. I also have a heart of gold and will anything to help a person in need.
Answer 2:
Most attractive thing about any human is inner beauty it takes a lot of work before it shines to the outer self but it’s also what makes a person shine and that would include a sparkling real and honest personally someone special to me would possess a relaxed yet alert vibe u know a man with whom I feel safe and protected 2 me that’s sexy and for as long as that continues it is what it is XOXO;
Answer 3:
A lot of people think my eyes are my best feature they are the windows to your soul but inner beauty is where it’s at .. from the way I listen to the motivational speech I display in everyday life .. it takes someone who has been throwing the rain to appreciate the sun Life is about ups and downs it’s how you get threw it that might make or break you so always smile and know better days are coming.
Answer 4:
I’m the past i probably would have answered that question by saying my butt, because that’s what guys would, and sometimes still comment on. I would have mentioned how proud of ut i was, but since i now know my worth and have become happy with myself and my body id say my best feature would be my smile. When your happy you smile more, so that is what people tend to see when we first meet. Character wise im a very caring person.
Answer 5:
I would have to say my outter beauty will be my smile and my big glossy eyes. but the biger part about my inner side would have to be my heart. I have a big heart. I’m forgiving and very open minded. I’d rather have someone’s time and honesty instead of what they can offer me . I love to be spoiled but I also love to spoil back in many ways. you make me happy I’ll make you happy
Answer 6:
For me same….beautiful inside and outside..beautiful face is everywhere but beautiful mind are hard to find…but other people is seen first the face and body.. But for me..I don’t care if he’s black or white..for me is inside his treating the woman…and respect..and other also used mind not heart…so that’s y broke the inner beauty..
Answer 7:
My favorite part of me is my eyes but I think the most sexy part is my.confidence. it’s been a hard thing but threw the last few.month I have gained so much confidence. If I put my mind to somthing it will get done. I’ve lost 35lb since december. I work hard and I’m not afraid to show it. Inner beauty is amazing and will shine threw above all else everytime.
Answer 8:
I believe my most attractive character about me is my awareness and attention. For instance, when I am with someone intimately I am very aware of their body language. I do and look out for things they respond well to. I look out for what turns them and what turns them off, and then utilize that information to please my partner. This characteristic is not just intimately either, but even in normal contact and space.
Answer 9:
My long legs and outgoing personality seem to stand out to many people, a lot of people say that i should model instead of going to college but i feel a good education great! another characteristic that always catches everyone’s attention is my bottom, a lot people tell me that my bum is quite nice and that it feels amazing during sex, i believe it’s true!
Answer 10:
I feel that it would be my character and skin. I believe I have an amazing character plus clear skin. I love dancing, cooking, watching horror and comedy movies, listening to music, watching cartoons, taking walks, swimming and hanging out with friends. I believe my zodiac sign also makes me stand out because it reveals some of my character. I’m super friendly .
Answer 11:
The best thing about me is how I can take your mind off of anything. My big brown eyes and thrill seeking attitude can make the difference in any situation. I like to find out what a man wants and likes so i can give him exactly what he desires. My personality definitely is above average. That keeps me standing tall and sticking out of the everyday boring people.
Answer 12:
I think something attractive about anyone is the way they stand out,going against flow. If you are just a sheep, where’s whatever matters to you? You’re just following what everyone else thinks where as you should be relying on your own beliefs. I say fuck what other people think, andbe what you wanna be do what you think is right no matter what other people say.
Answer 13:
Well my cool and calm nature, my shyness, my sweet flirty nature, and my smile make me stand out. And the will to help people. I might not have a good physical composure but I have a good heart. I’m like a puppy, I love the attention from a loved one, and I do love giving back attention. I like to hang around and be there for the ones who matter to me. And the fact that I’m also an artist, makes me stand out. .
Answer 14:
I like jokes and I like making them. Making people happy is one of my life goals. I’ve felt shit and I don’t want anyone else to feel what I had. I get the strength from people who also suffered what I’ve experienced. I think I am humorous and I’m pretty sure I am fun to hang out with. I go with the flow and I can keep good vibes and just chill. I like music that are relaxing and soothing and in the same time makes you feel alive..
Answer 15:
To me anybody can be beautiful on the outside, they can by expensive clothes put on a lot of make-up and being a completely different person then they we’re. But to me the best and most attractive thing about me is my personality and how caring, outgoing and loyal I am. I love to see anyone smile and if they were having a bad day I would want to see them laugh an know I helped them feel better!
Answer 16:
I think the best thing about me that sticks out are my eyes. I get a lot of compliments on them, but to be honest everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t like to talk about myself and how pretty I am or whatever like I said everyone is beautiful inside and out. But I will say that my eyes are the best part about me at least that what im told
Answer 17:
My most attractive part/parts would definitely have to be my large, sexy, green eyes. I have heard that you can tell a whole lot about a person through what you find in their eyes! And last but not least, I would have to say my #1 most attractive part would be ……my contagious and large, mostly cheesy, smile!!!! 🙂 If you look me in the eyes and make me smile on the regular, then we will be golden!!!! :)*
Answer 18:
My behavior. I am crazy fun to be with and I easily get acquainted with strangers. That ability of free spirit makes me stand out. I flow with the vibe and always have a smile on no matter the situation. My character us unique and I can live and cope with just anyone because I know how to maintain good composure and a cute smile at all times no matter the situation and person
Answer 19:
I think for most people it’s about the personality and not the appearance. I am very energetic and love talking about life in general, my bubbly-ness and energy spreads around the room I’m in and it’s something people mention a lot. With my appearance I’d say my eyes, probably one of the most common answers, yeah, but I really like my eyes. They give me that innocent look! 😉
Answer 20:
There are my eyes and my natural southern hospitality. I am down to earth and very open with conversation. Nothing comes by surprise to me. And i am funny. With most men, my external beauty gets in the way of my character. I learned to catch up on men’s typical gestures to weed out the good men from the bad. I’d say I’m making progress. Good men really like the fact that my goal isn’t to use them, but to be a partner.
Answer 21:
My most attractive part is my face. I have a radiant personality and usually the looks go to my face and then my boobs. Since I look young most people think I’m younger than I am. My vibes are positive also so I’m radiant. Most of the time I see people looking at my face and I notice them notice me back. I’m a loving sweet girl which hard to find.