WhatsYourPrice App Reviews [Pros vs. Cons]: My Personal Experience

Money can’t buy love. The first impression, however, can attract potential partners and usher in stable relationships.
In the dating arena, landing a first date may prove a journey riddled by futility. With WhatsYourPrice, you can defy the odds and get into a mutually beneficial relationship while retaining your mental well-being.
WhatsYourPrice like seeking arrangement is the brainchild to Brandon Wade. Given the success of the former app, you have assured a dose of functionality and luxury with the latter.
While it ranks among the new sugar daddy dating apps, the app has helped over 650,000 people land dates with like-minded characters. Also, the app has featured on many platforms ranging from Forbes, Time, Daily mail, and popular sugar dating reviews.
In this WhatsYourPrice review, I will discuss the intricacies of the app, and features you ought to muster before taking a plunge.

How it works

Unlike typical sugar dating sites, WhatsYourPrice operates under the concept of buying and selling chances of a date.
By doing this, the website keeps scammers at bay and maintains a safe environment for genuine users.
Basically, the app categorizes members into generous members and attractive counterparts to sustain the concept. For a date, the latter contact attractive members with an offer upon which babies may choose to accept/decline.
If accepted, the parties define the terms of their engagement and arrange for a first date.

Quality of members

Quality is the ultimate price a sugar daddy dating platform can give a user. Thanks to their approach, the site keeps scammers off the platform, making it safe for users.
Besides the concept, the app features a quality verification process that leaves nothing to chance. Also, the compensation for attractive partners creating time for the date is made in person.
While face to face payment is an assurance that the generous partners will not lose their money, it exposes the sugar babies to cons.


Using a sugar daddy dating site with inadequate security protocols is as safe as exposing your secrets to the highest bidder.  WhatsYourPrice maintains anonymity until you strike a deal with users to keep your information safe.
Also, you can fine-tune your security options to block access by various users. The issue, yet, is in your safety upon setting the first date up.
While their customer support is keen to handle con artists, it is essential to be cautious on the first date. Also, ensure that you gauge the users understanding of your demands and their motives.

WhatsYourPrice signup

whatsyourprice signup
Among the features, I enjoyed on the website, was the fast signup process. After selecting the signup option, the app inquired my gender, purpose on the site, and sexual preferences.
Even better, the app sends an email for verification to enable data retrieval. Having completed this process, I was able to view profiles and add users to my favorite tab.
However, the ability to engage users in messaging is withheld until a profile is verified. For faster verification, it is paramount to have a complete profile. To do this, click on the drop-down list on the top-right and select edit profile.
To make your profile more captivating, be creative and concise in describing yourself and your ideal first date. Typically, users can wait for up to twenty-four hours before verification of their profiles.
The details required on the profile range but are not limited to location, body type, education, and income.

WhatsYourPrice credits

whats your price credits
Unlike the sugar dating apps that operate on premium membership to facilitate full service, WhatsYourPrice is credit-based. The prices for WhatsYourPrice packages range from:

    1. $50 for 100 credits
    2. $150 for 450 credits
    3. $250 for 1,000 credits

Members with verified background incur an extra cost of $50 with which they get a privilege of higher ranking. After your subscription is depleted, you are free to select a different plan.
It keys to note however that the app offers no refund if you terminate usage mid-way your package.
Prices for dates on what’s your price range from $5 to $250. The credit charges to unlock various offers are as follows.

      • Ten credits to unlock offers ranging for prices lower than $50.
      • $200 credits for offers ranging above $200.

On average, the app claims that the price of the first date is $125.

Search options

whatsyourprice filter
WhatsYourPrice app is among those with an easy interface that requires little skill to navigate. After selecting a user’s profile, you can initiate an offer and begin chatting once it’s approved.
However, the app restricts members from sending offers until their profiles are verified. Unlike common sugar daddy dating apps, WhatsYourPrice search is based on parameters you set.
This reduces the baggage of swiping through tons of profiles in a bid to select the one. To set your search parameters, choose the search tab, and select the filter option on the top right corner.
On the filter, be as precise as you need, to get user results that meet your ideals. Besides precision, I also found the option for the app to save your search parameters practical.
By saving the options, you escape the burden of fine-tuning your search results now and then.

Contacting members

After narrowing the results down to select profiles, the next step is to engage. You can tackle this procedure in three methods.

Make an Offer

If you prefer hitting the nail on its head, you can initiate an offer instantly. If the users turn down the offer, you are subject to a refund of credit for alternative use.
Alternatively, users can offer a counteroffer for organizing your date. If you are not sure of the odds and wish to massage the odds to your favor, a wink cue could come in handy.


Offers are not always as great. Besides the chance that you can over quote an offer, you may miss the ideals of a user, thus getting turned down.
With a wink, you can enter negotiations with users for the ideal first date and the cost. As a result, you can land a deal within your budget without surpassing your budget.

Purchasing WhatsYourPrice credits

Generous members can buy credits by clicking the buy credits icon in the top right of the navigation bar and select the “Purchase” option.
Services are free for attractive members, which brings about many sugar baby membership. As such, the sugar daddies get a broad audience to choose from regardless of their preferences.

WhatsYourPrice blog

A trend in sugar daddy dating is the adaptation of blogs to guide users to more fruitful endeavors on the platform. Given its goals, what’s your price dating site also employed this ingenious feature.
The blog contains articles ranging from app usage to safety in sugar relationships. As such, users increase the know-how, thus building better profiles and engaging like-minded personalities.

Deactivating your account

deleting a whats your price account
What’s your price delete account option is easy to access. On the drop-down list, click on settings and scroll down to the bottom. Here, you will find options to delete the account or deactivate the account.
To end your engagements and quit using WhatsYourPrice services, delete the account. If you intend to engage the services, later on, deactivate the account thus removing your profile from the search options.
Also, the app does not refund money spent on credits upon deletion of your account.


While the supply of sugar daddy dating apps is endless, few make it to the top of the list. Despite its short duration of existence, what’s your price has amassed not only a huge audience but also earned an excellent reputation.
Among its top features include tightened security and a massive audience of genuine profiles. Even better, the app is straightforward to use with the help of their responsive customer support.
Additionally, the app is open to users of all sexual preferences, thus lifting the common sexual bias.


While the developers have shown great success in this app, there are various loopholes to tighten. First, the developers could improve the security in payment to avoid either party from getting scammed off their money.
Also, the app would consider a system for attractive partners to give feedback on dates. With this feedback, the app could capture disrespectful users and boost safety further.
Despite its success, the app would consider changes to de-stigmatize its service. These would change the motive from money, giving users a chance to bond and get to know each other deeper.
Last, WhatsYourPrice could develop a mobile app making it easy to access. To make the app safer, Attractive users should take a background verification.
The verification rids the app of scammers and fake profiles, giving members a run for their money.


While some detest the “pricing your date” concept, it’s only fair to say the app delivers its promise. In this review, we focus on the functionality of the app as opposed to the moral angle.
Also, the app states that it is uninviting to escort services on their platform. If you are willing to throw in some dollars for an amusing first date, it is no worry this app is for you.

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