When Do You Realize That Its Love, Not Infatuation Anymore?

When Do You Realize That Its Love and Not Infatuation Anymore? Infatuation is really intense feelings of love toward someone or even something. You can’t escape him or her.

Love eventually, everyone realized. It may be sooner or later. Whatever the time, no matter how long it takes, you can be absolutely sure that one day it will fall on the heels of someone’s love.


But that’s not the scary part.

The part that scares most people is the fact that love is often blind – or so it seems.

The truth is that true love is elusive. True love is rare. When you finally find something that looks like real love, you can grab it with both hands. You invest everything you have. Unfortunately, you may discover after months that it is not true love. I’ve been chasing the dream!

This brings us back to the really frightening part. Love tends to be blind. People who fall in love tend to be irrational and irrational. Passion love takes over. After that, nothing matters.


Why is this scary?

The answer is simple. Love can be devastating. Love, blind love can destroy your life.

Yes, kind of love is blind love. This kind of love is infatuation.

True love or true love is to build and build.

True love is:

  1. realistic
  2. Merciful
  3. Considerate
  4. not selfish
  5. Practical and down to earth
  6. Blind love or infatuation is unrealistic, selfish and destructive.

When you fall in love, ask yourself what kind of love you fall into. Is it true love or infatuation? Is your love based on unselfish and realistic expectations or fiction?


Consider an example of how love can be blind, infatuated.

Sharon from Karim’s house was rich. She was a college student who had everything she wanted. They were wonderfully beauty, well trained and cultured. Understandably, the suitors came in large numbers.

Her father’s wealth poured her way, so she was rich in the accepted sense. The suitors who ask her hand in marriage were rich. It was a lot of an enviable social situation.

However, Sharon just was not interested. The marriage was not in by yet. When she decides to marry, she marries the man of her dreams. So she said.

In the end, Sharon fell in love. Unfortunately, her lover had a blunt shock to everyone, including her parents.

Sharon’s friend was a heroine who smoked a heroine and had a position. He wasn’t completely crazy about her. But she paid his bill and paid his way to a smoking sanctuary. So put with it.

Sharon, on the other hand, was madly in love. I saw something in it that you didn’t see anywhere else. Her boyfriend, Larry, was wide-shouldered, tall, unkind, raw, bold, unrelenting, and daring. Death could have stared at him and did not pierce his eyelid. The boyfriend was a real man!

Sharon was madly in love with Larry and did not stop her. Her parents could not understand why their rich, well-off daughter loved a poor heroine who smoked. Her friends couldn’t understand it.


Can you feel the love of Sharon? Do you understand why her cute fell for her to get a fight?

Sharon fell in love with a dream – a bold, bold, senseless man who dares to devil. He has the appearance and heart of the lion. I was impressed by this courage, that manly boldness. This admiration soon turned into love. There was no stopping her.


However, they are on the wrong path.

True love does not depend on physical attraction. Physical attraction eventually fails with age and ages. What matters most is the spiritual virtues – the character of your lover.

The gang that smokes the heroine will eventually get into trouble and land in prison. A gangster is happy to hit people and make trouble. Sooner or later, if they get married, they may become the victim’s wife.


Did you get the point?

The infatuation is blind, physical and destructive. True love is a clear vision, building, refreshing.

True love, true love, depends on expectations and realities. He is selfless and works for her partner. Infatuation, on the other hand, does not care about reality. It focuses on material and immediate gain.


Evaluate your feelings correctly before continuing this love affair.

Relationships based on true love last forever. Infatuation-based relationships are usually temporary and temporary. This is why some marriages last two weeks, about seven days, and still another life.


The difference is true love. True love is true and lasts forever.

Are you thinking of falling in love?

Make sure it is true love. Evaluate the potential of your lovers in terms of your desire more – what is known and proven to make relationships last.


What Is the Difference Between Love and Infatuation?

If you are infatuated, you also know the signs associated with it. Many people say that infatuation is more painful than love when it is exposed to particular circumstances. The symptoms of true love and passion are very similar and can be easily mixed. How can you distinguish between love and infatuation?


Infatuation Strikes like fire

One definite fact about infatuation is that it hits like a burning flame. The emotion associated with it can make you start thinking about this person from time to time and wherever you are. Even with infatuation, lovers are ready to go to specific unique depths just to maintain a relationship. In most cases, people end up getting married before getting out of that mindset. Easily misses the assumption about love because when it hits, it is very determined to challenge the barriers to its crucial end.


Clear differences between the two

The most common cause that distinguishes love from infatuation is longevity. The person with the desire has a time frame in which the blazing relationship can continue to flourish. But then, affection offerings begin to diminish until they finally disappear. In contrast, love usually has the following qualities:

Standing before the test of time and challenges: true love continues even after the passage of a lover. But the infatuation is short-lived

Selfless, honest and truthful: true love does its best to look for the interests of the other person. But infatuation focuses mainly on personal benefits.

Mature and Responsible: Love behaves maturely and responsibly, and remembers that today’s actions affect tomorrow. Infatuation doesn’t care tomorrow unless some selfish interests are concerned.

Always tolerant: true love and tolerance are inseparable. When there is true love, partners are still understanding and willing to look beyond mere differences of opinion. But the infatuation is looking for such opportunities.

Care and self-sacrifice: When there is love, partners quickly show gentle care for each other. They are always willing to make sacrifices to each other.

Don’t discriminate in any way: no matter whether lovers come from different races, languages, countries, regions or religious backgrounds, love always works. But infatuation does not easily allow for such.


The Certified Way To Test Love

When there is true love, it is easy to see the fruits being exchanged between lovers. In fact, many people say that true love is like pregnancy because it cannot be hidden.

Lovers meet together in all seasons and are ready to stand by each other for life. That’s why love is always patient. Therefore, patience is one of the actions you can use to check whether your love is real or not.

If there is an infatuation with participation, your lover will be in a hurry to get selfish benefits from the relationship and abandon you.

It is also easy to know true love by focusing on the actions presented by lovers and the motivating reasons for these actions. In most cases, you will see selfishness in practice or a self-sacrificing spirit at work when you pay attention.

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