When Will I Find My Soulmate? What to Do When Hope Is Lost

If you’re wondering and asking yourself these questions “When Will I Find My Soulmate? What to Do When Hope Is Lost?”

Just know that most individuals spend most of their lives searching for that one true love and soulmate.

Understand that we all value human connection and crave to have that one person that gets us ultimately. However, finding the one and only is not a simple task.

In today’s society, most people tend to ask when they will find their soulmate. In some cases, it might be your mother continually nagging you to find a woman or man. The good news is that you are not alone in this pursuit of happiness.

Understand that most of us have a relational expectation that we need to be met by a certain age. When we don’t find our soul mate, it is quite practical to start asking ourselves why we get cheated on, lied to, or disrespected at every turn.

Now, loneliness is not just about having someone to hang out with or call. Sometimes, I have felt entirely alone emotionally, yet I am in a relationship. In some instances, you feel as though you have someone physically present, but there is no connection. In these instances, you find yourself in a much lonelier place.

So if you have come to the point where you have started believing that all hope is lost in finding a soulmate, then you have come to the right place.


What if I don’t have a soulmate? What if I was destined to die alone?

Hypothetically speaking, what if someone told you that you don’t have a soulmate? Better yet, what if they tell you that you were destined to die alone? What would you do?

It can be rather sad when you start thinking in this direction. At some point, most of us get to the point where we are emotionally worn down. This is especially true when you are a romantic who needs that particular kind of love.

We understand that all you might be looking for is someone to share your life with. You might be asking yourself whether it is a lot to ask. We all need that special someone that can return our calls and reply to the many messages we send.

Why can’t your soulmate fund you? Have you ever thought about it from this perspective? Maybe your soulmate should be doing the searching and not you. Well, let us take a quick look at some of the reasons why your soulmate might not be able to find you.


7 reasons why your soulmate is having trouble finding you?

Yes, I know it seems kind of silly if you think about it. But who says that you are the only party searching. Maybe your soulmate is out there looking for you. Because you need to be found, let us look at some of the reasons that might be hindering you from being seen.


1. You are pretending to be someone else

In our pursuit of love, we tend to change and act like someone else. Most people think that pretending to be someone else might be the key to finding a soulmate.

Most of the time, you will find people saying that they need someone to love them for who they are.

However, these people tend to hide their true nature, which means that they actually can’t be found.


2. You keep on attracting the wrong people unconsciously

Did you know that your soulmate gets attracted to the authentic soul signal that you put out?

You give out a distinct vibe that gets generated in your soul and heart. This signal is unique to you and only you, thus ensuring that you find that perfect somebody.

Here comes the problem: all the layers of negative energy distort your signal. We get the negative energy from all the hurt, tears, and heartbreaks that we experience in our previous relationships.

Understand that everyone has some sort of repressed feelings because we are conditioned to act happy, be kind, and stay quiet.

All the emotions that you have suppressed all these years emit some sort of negative energy that interferes with your soul signal.

Understand that the negative energy gets projected into the world. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction?

Well, it states that energy will attract like energy. With all this negative energy, you will probably attract negative energy.


3. You may be undermining yourself subconsciously

Have you figured out by now that your subconscious mind was developed during your first seven years?

According to several childhood development experts, during the first seven years of life, our brains are in some sort of hypnotic state.

During this critical stage, we download all the information around our environment without any filters.

We get attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are portrayed by our family. Therefore, understand that you can never find the true you in your subconscious.


4. Your relationship program may be stuck on repeat

Your relationship program is an accumulation of all the subconscious beliefs that you got from your childhood.

They include power, love, integrity, women, men, and whom you trust. It also includes your defense strategies when avoiding getting hurt.

Understand that it is a program that keeps on repeating. You will, therefore, find yourself attracting the same old childhood relationships repeatedly. You will, therefore, not reflect the infinite love that you hold deep within you.


5. You are not in your right mind

According to neuroscientists, most people use only about 10 percent of their conscious mind within an entire day.

During these times, you are fully aware of the present moment, which means you make healthy choices.

However, this means that your body is in automatic pilot mode 90 percent of the day.

Your life is, therefore, endlessly replaying different thought patterns.

When your emotional buttons get triggered, you are more likely to react automatically without giving it a second thought.


6. You are not in the correct place

Understand that your soulmate might not be looking for you in coffee shops and bars. Maybe your soulmate is somewhere in a church waiting for you.

You need to start by figuring out what you are passionate about.

Try to find what your contribution is to the world? What makes you feel fellfield as a human being?

Asking yourself such questions will ensure that you find yourself in the right place.

Understand that your soulmate has the same purpose and passion as you. Start doing what brings the most joy out of you.


7. Your ego might be preferring familiarity to harmony

Yes, your conscious mind needs a soul-nourishing partner. However, your ego might just want what seems familiar.

Right now, your ego is nothing but an obsolete program that has become part of the subconscious.

Your ego is filled with programmed reactions and beliefs, meaning that it isn’t your real you.

Understand that the function of your ego is to maintain and protect your early identity. Your ego will go through every hoop to ensure that your early identity is kept.


What happens next on your soulmate finding journey

If you found out that you will never meet your soulmate, then you might go into a dark depression.

However, I am here today to tell you that all is not lost, and your soulmate is just around the corner. All you need to do is start believing.

Love is the most influential and most excellent motivator in all our lives. Everyone is in the pursuit of getting that one person who ‘gets them.’

Sometimes, you might already be with the one without even noticing it.

Some people think that all hope is lost when, in fact, they already have their soulmates.

Not every day do we get our soulmates wrapped in a perfect package. Sometimes a soulmate could be a family member or friend.

Most people don’t understand that you don’t need a romantic connection with your soulmate.

Well, below are a few signs that you already have your perfect half.


10 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate:


1. You get a sense of comfort and peace when around this person

Your soulmate is that person who gives you a sense of comfort and peace whenever you are around them. You feel as though you have known them for an entire lifetime. As soon as your eyes connect, you feel some sort of relief and comfort.


2. You balance each other despite being different

Have you ever met that one person that seems completely different, but you somehow manage to balance out? Most of the time, we cast such individuals aside quickly without thinking about it. Your perfect might be a little different, and you have to expect that.


3. The palpable gut feeling

When you find your soulmate, you will instantly feel a palpable gut feeling. It is a strong feeling that you sort of fills you up and consumes you. You need to start paying a lot of attention to how you feel whenever you are close to the people around you.


4. Your values seem to be in total alignment

When you find that person that has the same views in life as you, then you have your soulmate.

Your lifestyle and morals will fit correctly, ensuring that you fall head over heels in love. When you have total alignment, then you can spend a lifetime together.


5. You love them even after seeing them at their worst

Have you ever seen someone at their complete worst but ended up loving them? Then you probably have found your soulmate.

A soulmate needs to be someone that gets you even when the ugly comes out. You have to understand that this life is full of steep roads that will bring out the worst in you often.


6. You feel their pain

When you care about someone so much that you tend to feel their pain, then you have a soulmate. Your soulmate is in pain, and you will always feel it.

When you disagree, you will notice that they feel just as much pain as you do.


7. The touch of electricity

Now, when you are with your soulmate, then you will always feel a sort of electricity when you touch. This has to be a mutual feeling that both of you have at the same time.

The good news is that you will always feel it when it gets reciprocated.


8. The rough patches help you grow

Did you know that your soulmate holds up a mirror that reveals all the rough patches that need healing?

Rocky moments help us understand who we are and why we are perfect for one another. Most of the time, however, people tend to run when they start having a rough time.


9. You let your guard down

Think of your soulmate as your teammate and best friend. You will always find yourself letting your guard down and being your true self. You can finally show that twisted, weird, and awkward side that you hide.


10. Lessons we learn

When you have someone that seems to teach you essential lessons every often, then you have your soulmate. A soulmate will always challenge you to attain new heights in personal development. You will start learning new things about yourself.


Still don’t have a soulmate?

Let me tell you a little secret; it’s going to happen when it is going to happen.

Somethings in life are not rushed nor forced. Get this through your head; you are the only person who knows what you have gone through.

You are the one who has been there for YOU through all the tears, heartbreaks, sleepless nights, and long fights.

YOU have stood firm through all the different tribulations that have come your way. What this means is that YOU are your Soulmate.

Whatever you have been through, you have survived. It is time that you acknowledge the fact that YOU are the best person for you.

So don’t force a soulmate to come your way when you already have one in You.

If it happens, then it will happen in its own time and place. You have made it and deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Have pride in the fact that you are your Soulmate through thick and thin.

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