When Would You like to Meet Your Sugar Daddy?

When Would You like to Meet Your Sugar Daddy After Communication Online?

Answer 1:
Before you even think about meeting your daddy, you have to get to know him. Following so, you have to make sure you’re comfortable around him over the phone and then wonder if you’ll physically feel comfortable with him. There’s no set time on when you should meet him. In reality, every relationship goes at a different pace. Comfort comes before anything.
Answer 2:
Within the first week of talking. That way, you know you really will like what you’re getting, since it all is different talking behind a computer screen. Yes, you’ve talked for a while, but you have to verify if the person is real ya know. Sometimes it all seems like you really like the person after talking online, but meeting in person is the most important part.
Answer 3:
Well, I think it would be appropriate to text for a couple of days after Communication online and then meet in a public place just to make sure it’s nothing fake and then go from there, but if they want to just talk online, I think at least three or four days should suffice to be enough time to get to know each other well enough for us to meet but like I said it’s all goes from there.
Answer 4:
As soon as possible if you hit it off, but in a public place to start. It could just be me, but I am so much more comfortable talking to someone in person. Chemistry doesn’t happen over messages. It happens face to face, and for any style of relationship to be fulfilling, whether it’s a friend with benefits style thing or something less or something more, chemistry is a necessity.
Answer 5:
I think that we should meet once we both feel like the time is ready after we have already discussed the things that we both want on each side of the arrangement. There are many fakes on here, so you need to always be aware of who you are talking to and especially of who you are meeting! I also feel that the first meeting should definitely be in a public place!
Answer 6:
If there is a mutual attraction and both Sugardaddy and Sugarbaby are ready, then it is time to meet. In my experience, I have found that it is different for everyone. Some Sugardaddies will want to meet right away; others will feel more comfortable after a few weeks, or even months, of getting to know each other. For me, I need to have both a physical attraction and a mental connection.
Answer 7:
I like to meet someone I’m interested in as soon as possible. I feel like the best way to get to know somebody is face to face in person. I think it’s important because you have to be able to feel each other’s vibes and see if there’s a connection. I’m pretty open and available for my daddy. That’s what he wants; that’s what he deserves. And when I see someone that is interested in pleasing me, I’m eager to meet and please them.
Answer 8:
I would like to meet my sugar mama; after we meet online and communication is set, a phone call is necessary to assure they are who they claim they are. Once we set an allowance price ill show up and show out depending on the person and price; of course if u show me the money ill show u the best of both worlds since I’m a slim lesbian, I’m able to play both roles?
Answer 9:
I think it would be great after a month when we know each other well enough to be ready for a date in person. Both have to know each other in person to see if they are really who they say they are. I don’t know, but I think I would be ready before the month, you know. Like if I’m sure he’s not lying about anything, I could meet him before 3 weeks…
Answer 10:
I can go without ever meeting them; however, I wish to make them happy, and if that includes meeting them, of course, I will go ahead and do so… I’d meet them about 2 months after we started speaking, so I know he is real and that it is safe to do so. I would meet them after Skype and speak regularly. I will also discuss what will happen and where we will go.
Answer 11:
I think that after being comfortable speaking to each other online, move to phone conversations, and then facetime, then I’d be able to meet up with my sugar daddy. Of course, if at any time I decide yes, I trust this person, and I’m comfortable meeting in person, then by all means. I think it really depends on the person you’re speaking to. Some people are ready after the first few conversations. I personally am in no rush, and I will make that know.
Answer 12:
Anywhere when we both find ourselves comfortable and to say everything to each other out loud without any fear of the community or people around us, like I would be very happy if I met my daddy in his place or home, and I think “the talking process ” is done at the online chatting and after that, we both are dying to meet each other in real life, so the real relationship will start.
Answer 13:
I would like to meet my sugar daddy within one week. The price of our first conversation online. It makes it easier to stay in contact with one another, considering everything stays new, fresh, and easy to remember previous topics we have covered in any conversations. Plus, if I’m able to actually meet with them, it shows they are genuine and are truly interested in pursuing a potential arrangement.
Answer 14:
I’m not a fan of messaging back and forth with no date set to meet. I’d rather meet a potential within 3 days of talking. I save both our time, and we can see as soon as possible if there is any chemistry. Plus, it filters out the time-wasters and people who aren’t as serious about meeting as you are. To me, chemistry is important and if you really want to be with someone, there’s no time to waste.
Answer 15:
ASAP tbh. Make sure that the spark is there, verify that they have a thick wallet??, that the attraction is mutual, and that you have chemistry. It’s easier to build a relationship IRL rather than online and physical touch is a huge component of attraction, romantic and sexual. That’s what I think anyway? If I had a daddy, I’d want to meet him as soon as we connected online rather than wait a long time and find that the spark isn’t there.
Answer 16:
I think we should meet when we feel we want to. Like if we feel attracted to each other mentally, physically and if we have fun talking, I think we should go for it, cause life doesn’t wait, and there are infinite option and ways to enjoy life. Why wait for it! We are alive; we got to make it worth it! Also I think we should get to know each other about what we want and look for so when we meet we know exactly what to go for. Enjoy Daddy!
Answer 18:
We are adults here, so why be around the Bush. Lol.just being straightforward with this question, I know I am not here to tease u with a few selves I am looking forwards to meeting a few smart, attractive men, and if I can have them all, I wouldn’t, but I have a few girlfriends for you! I’m not shallow but a bit picky about who I have in my bed. Well, I would like to meet you …ASAP.
Answer 19:
There should be at least a week before the meeting. In that time, the two people should get to know each other online or on the phone, so it’s not a (completely) blind date. The period of time before the first date should be exclusively about getting to know each other, and money/arrangements/allowances, etc. should not be discussed. Build the relationship a little, establish trust, make the other person want to help you. Always wait at least a week.
Answer 20:
If everything goes fine and you can laugh like an idiot and forget about some intimate borders, you have to meet with your crush immediately! As soon as possible, as soon as you can! And the distance is nothing! And I think that nobody knows when you two should start your first if
Answer 21:
If everything goes fine and you can laugh like an idiot and forget about some intimate borders, you have to meet with your crush immediately! As soon as possible, as soon as you can! And the distance is nothing! And I think that nobody knows when you two should start your first.
Answer 22:
Generally about a month or so after continuous communication and learning things about each other. I fully believe in knowing you’re going to be with and meeting in a public place as well the first few times. you never really know what people have in mind when they meet a hot 20 something, and some are just crazy. Always always be safe than sorry, lol.
Answer 23:
I think after a couple of days. Why waste time being pen pals? Everyone I’ve talked to gets boring after a month of testing. Plus, usually, I need money pretty fast whenever I’m looking for an SD. I can also read someone better in person. It’s crazy how you can talk to someone for a while without meeting them and when you do- they are a completely different guy. Just get it over with.
Answer 24:
I feel the timing doesn’t really give a go-ahead hear. It’s both of you that decide when.It is the right time to meet depending on maybe when both of you are free and how much you all are willing to put in on the day. People are also different too so depending on how you perceive the idea,guess that’s when one gets to decide when is the right time.One more thing, though, don’t give it way too long because some get fed up waiting.
Answer 25:
I’d be comfortable meeting them after we’d exchanged details and spoke on another platform. This way, I could get to know them without the pressure of it being over one platform. I’d be happy waiting a while to meet if they’re the sort of person I’m looking for and would be willing to meet them sooner, again if they were the sort of person I was looking for. In short, it depends on them.
Answer 26:
I don’t think there is a time limit. It’s when you have that connection. Even if the two of you just talked that one time, but everything just kind of clicked and it was an instant connection, then why stick to a rule of waiting a certain amount of time, just meet up. But still, always meet in public no matter how “strong” the initial attraction is!!
Answer 27:
Maybe after a 1 week or a month, as you need to get to know your daddy well, and he needs to get to know you as well. I feel that it’d be most comfortable time as you begin to feel comfortable with him when you eventually meet him as you won’t feel uncomfortable and neither will he as you’ve chatted for a while over the time, then after you’d be ready.
Answer 28:
After about a week of getting to know them, you want to make sure your compatible with that individual. You do not want to waste time on something that may not work. Getting to know that person better also helps to see what each other’s boundaries are and making sure there is an understanding between the two of you.You want to make everything worth it.
Answer 29:
I’d like to meet my daddy; it’d probably be cool. I already have a boyfriend tho, but he isn’t mad that I’m talking to men on the internet. I’d love to be taken out and given money, but that won’t happen, at least not yet. I want a daddy so bad it’s killing me. I want someone to want me and pay me because I don’t have a job, but I will soon have one to get my daddy things.
Answer 30:
I think after about a week, or so you should be able to meet the person you are talking to. I think a week is enough to get to know someone and then you can meet and get to know each other even more in person. Some people are different though, some may feel like a week is too soon, but I believe a week is enough, and you should meet with them soon as possible.
Answer 31:
We should meet after maybe a week or so, once we have had few convos over the phone. I would want to get to know my daddy personally. It really depends on the communication between us. Making sure we have an understanding of what we expect from one another. Communication is key in anything you do with anyone, and a simple misunderstanding could be the end to something to something beautiful.
Answer 32:
It depends on the distance. If you both are close enough to meet and have dinner, I would say a week, but If you aren’t, I’d say at least a few months. But you should skype and stuff in that time frame to make sure both parties are legitimate and not scammers or catfishers. I also feel like maybe you should make sure and look them up and where they claim to work, too.
Answer 33:
I really feel maybe a week after taking it would be best for a meeting, you have to at least feel Comfortable or get a vibe with that person before things set off .. a lot of times, people are not who they intend to so just be careful and don’t spoil it. You also want to make sure you save conversations and questions for the actual meet. You don’t want to be blank-minded when you get there.
Answer 34:
We should talk for at LEAST a week before considering meeting. Maybe there should be some fun interactive games to play to get to know each other or fun questions: some “risk” and some just to get to know each other better, at least. I’d like to make friends, not just a guy who wants to try and “own” me. Personality quizzes would be fun. Either way, I’d wait at least a week to a month.
Answer 35:
I think I would want to meet my daddy after about a month. A month would be a good amount of time to get to know each other a little, exchange some photos, or whatever else. Just to get to chat with him online, get to know what his needs are, and make sure I can fulfill them all. I also want to make sure all of my needs are met as well and make sure he will be a good daddy for me.
Answer 36:
A first meet would be best in a public location and has to be wanted mutually. How soon you meet depends on how well you connect online. I personally would let the Sugar Daddy make the suggestion to meet rather than suggesting it myself. The better the online connection, the sooner I’d feel comfortable meeting in person. So let’s see what happens.
Answer 37:
2 weeks. After being in contact with one another for about 2 weeks, getting to know each other via text, Ft, or social media for about 2 weeks should be enough time to determine whether or not you would like to meet in person. It takes me a while to get to know someone and actually feel comfortable being around them; 2 weeks is a decent enough time frame for me.
Answer 38:
When meeting a sugar daddy for the first time, try and ask yourself if this person is someone you’d be comfortable being seen in public with, going on vacations with, and generally spending time with. Ask yourself some questions to see where you stand, such as: Were your personalities compatible? Did you have a lot in common? Was it easy to hold a conversation, or were there awkward silences? These questions will help you realize if he’s the SD for you. There’s no forcing chemistry, so it’s best to figure that out right away before delving deeper.
Answer 39:
I usually like to get to know them for a few days and then meet for drinks or coffee and talk in person. On the first time out, you can tell if there’s any chemistry. Which usually there is if you got to know them a little beforehand. I like to keep the first date generally short, about an hour, because it keeps them wanting more. And hopefully, if all goes well, there’ll be a second date.
Answer 40:
After talking for a while & making sure they’re real… id feel uncomfortable meeting right away. Especially if you have no idea if they’re real or not, & it gives you time to get to know each other and maybe your connection will be better than awkwardly meeting some random you have no idea is real or not and if you’ll be safe or not! So yes, about a month or so!
Answer 41:
Once you both feel comfortable with the idea of meeting and have built some trust. And you both know you like each other then I feel like that’s the time to meet ! I think one important step with the meeting is that you too do feel like a connection I feel like with texts and phone calls video chats, you can really vibe with someone before meeting. So when you have that feeling of I wanna meet them and hold then type of vibe, that’s when you should meet.
Answer 42:
Once there has been some kind of chemistry, and both parties are aware of what the other wants, and they are happy with how things are going. I 4th no, it’s better to be upfront and to the point with the details from the get-go, to see if each person even wants the same thing. After that, then see if the match is compatible and will work. And then let the good times roll.
Answer 43:
I’d say whenever both parties feel comfortable with each other. For me personally, as long as the communication is clear and consistent and we both understand each other. The last thing you want is to rush into something that neither of you is prepared for. The sugar relationship is too unique and can sometimes be more complicated than some would think. Patience will get you a long way. 🙂
Answer 44:
After a week or so of talking, because I feel you should get to know one and other a little. Getting a vibe and whatnot. Because it needs to click communicating first to know if you’ll feel okay when meeting them. You don’t want to have awkward conversations online and then meet feeling really uncomfortable. And your sugar daddy shouldn’t want you or him to feel uncomfortable either.
Answer 45:
I’m not really sure I’m new to this. Although I think as long as both sugar baby/daddy feel comfortable, then they should meet anytime. I do believe I should come back this answer this question after I’ve met someone. Then I could get a feel, and I can be completely honest. If the vibe is there, the conversation is good, and the comfort is there, then I don’t see why there has to be a long wait to meet.
Answer 46:
A week after talking seems about enough time. And being persistent about it shows that you aren’t into any games. Some people like to continue with the emails and texts and all of that, and I feel like it wastes so much time. Stop playing. Meet up. Get things going. The longer it’s prolonged, the longer it’ll take. And if not a week, two weeks. So…
Answer 47:
A month or so, a lot of sugar daddies on here are just in it for nudes and not for anything outside of the app. A month would be enough time to get to know the person and be comfortable with them. I feel like meeting a sugar daddy in less than a month isn’t safe because I do seem to see a lot of fake profiles and fake sugar daddies. Waiting is definitely key.
Answer 48:
I would love to meet my sugar daddy whenever the time is right; tomorrow is not promised, and I refuse to live with regrets. I don’t want to have a what-if in the back of my mind I’ve tried waiting it seems to never work out. I want my sugar daddy to feel comfortable with me; I want him to want to see me and SMILE. I don’t only want a sugar dadd;y I need a friend.
Answer 49:
I feel I would have to wait a week. Just so we know, we both on the same page. It gives us enough time to get to know each other. I want it to be perfect. When getting to know one other, if builds feelings. Calling, texting, even video chatting Builds Feelings AND trust in one other. So imagine how it would to meet my sugar daddy. One week gives me a lot of hopes and dreams.
Answer 50:
I think it is different for everyone and should be based on what you need and are looking for. Some are shyer than others. Some more outgoing etc., if you feel.a connection and can’t stand the anticipation I say to for it. If you’re new to this and are more apprehensive, that’s fine as well. To each its own and all that jazz. Just be safe, girls.
Answer 51:
I think that should be based on the trust levels.. we live in a world with a lot of crazy people, for example, we could be texting, etc, and when we finally meet the next thing you know I’m on the news missing but, it’s come down to trust and having a wise mind if you think you can handle the situation go right and ahead, but I would advise not to rush give things time.
Answer 52:
Honestly, I’m open to meeting.them right away just cause nothing should be hidden. The more you know a person, the more comfortable you are in interaction dates and social surroundings. But of course, the safety and all. Personally, the faster you meet someone.is the better cause both parties will be able to.tell.if they are.ready and comfortable to move on.
Answer 53:
I feel like whether the same day or 6 months later… I feel like you know when it’s right. If you’re like me* lol, you can read people pretty good, especially the opposite sex. I know if I get 1 wrong vibe, I’m walking away. There’s too much going on in the world today to ignore your gut or visible signs.
Answer 54:
I would meet my sugar daddy after two, maybe three weeks. I want to know his dislike, likes, fetishes, and things of that matter. We could possibly video chat with one another and get a personal vibe because of me personally, I would like to see if he’s a real person or not because there are SCAMMERS & CATFISH on this site as well. Overall I think the two weeks would personally be a decent timing to know whether he’s the perfect sugar daddy or not.
Answer 55:
I feel like once I actually get to know my sugar daddy and once I feel I can trust him and be comfortable around him. I want to be able to know if I could trust him and If he’s not setting me up for anything, but also I want to get to know him. I would like to meet with my sugar daddy, but if they meet me halfway and understand that if I’m not ready to meet, then I won’t meet.
Answer 56:
A week minimum and a month the maximum – there must always be some type of strong recognition of one another before any real-life meetings. When I met my first sugar daddy, it was actually after only 3 days; however, it was a brilliant meeting. We chatted the whole night away. You don’t want to tell your entire life story to your potential sugar daddy online because then there will be no great communication on the date!
Answer 57:
Why not? If you trust him, right? You can meet him. But you should know each other and no more awkward if you saw each other. No doubt to see your Sugar Daddy because he knows what or who you are, be yourself in front of your Sugar Daddy ??✌?I don’t know what I’m going to say. Hahahaha seriously? Trust each other. That’s important to the couple ????❤️✌?
Answer 58:
I don’t really know like it really just depends, and I’m ok with meeting the first day, but it would kinda be awkward for me because I’m a very shy person, but if we talked for a little while, then yeah it wouldn’t be especially if we can connect very well, but I would also meet in like a public place like Starbucks or something and start from there ….
Answer 59:
I feel like the most suitable time for a sugar daddy and sugar baby to meet up is after a week or so. It takes time for two people to get to know each other, and you also want to see if you guys vibe or not. Nobody wants to end up disappointed, so it’s better to take your time and get to know the other person. You don’t want to be in a rush or wait for too long.
Answer 60:
I like to meet them after they have made it very obvious they are a safe person to talk to. Usually, at least a week of talking maybe a bit longer the first time don’t meet them I’m a house, or a hotel meets them somewhere public like a restaurant or a bar/pub. Grab a bite to eat, get to know each other a bit better over food, then proceed when comfortable to a more intimate situation.
Answer 61:
I think fairly soon to see if there is chemistry—no reason in wasting time texting for weeks on end. The only way to tell if there will be a mutually beneficial relationship is to actually meet. You can say and be anything online. In-person it’s harder to fake and easy to spot a fake. I’d rather not waste time and meet fairly soon after communication starts.
Answer 62:
I would consider meeting them after online communication on talks also maybe a FaceTime call to make sure they are all who they “post” to be. If I feel they could give me what I wanted, they meet my needs and likewise situation I would definitely be confident and comfortable to meet them to see what will happen and what all of this will get me… hopefully and nice Chanel bag!
Answer 63:
One solid week of good constant communication is best, not only to make sure you feel comfortable enough to actually meet but also to make sure that you can have an actual conversation when you do finally get together. And maybe a few phone calls before would go a long way in taking away some of the initial awkwardness, and you’ll recognize their voice.
Answer 64:
I think it’s best to take one’s time to meet one’s daddy. It would be ideal to meet a daddy quickly, but it would be even more effective to wait and get better acquainted. That way, you can both figure out your wants and likes, etc., establishing a better relationship. Also, it would help establish your boundaries. I think these are extremely important too.
Answer 65:
The chemistry between a baby and her daddy is crucial, whether the relationship is going to be sexual or not. Before meeting a sugar daddy, you should frequently talk on the phone and make sure you’re on the same page. You don’t want your daddy to have unrealistic expectations. When the time is right, meet in a public setting, so you feel safe, and enjoy yourself! Life is short 🙂
Answer 66:
I personally feel you should meet when you both establish you’re attracted to each other, not physically but mentally and emotionally. The more you understand each other, the easy it will be when you guys meet. Less stress = better time together. Nothing’s worse than an awkward first date. There’s no exact time to wait, so whenever you both feel 100% comfortable。
Answer 67:
I think we have to be able to have enough time to know and trust each other, and that would take at least 3 weeks a month. It’s not that long, us girls gotta make sure we stay safe in this dirty world of ours, but if I trust them before that time, or after, I am okay with meeting in person, I just gotta feel comfortable talking online and making sure we have a bond! 🙂
Answer 68:
If the connection is there, I say about a week .I like to chat and get to know my SD a little bit before jumping the gun and rushing things. I want it to last for the time we’re together. I’m still friends with my old SD because we got to know each other first and didn’t rush things; we all left things on a good note one SD, we didn’t meet until like a month later.
Answer 69:
I would imagine it to be like any other new dating ordeal, like saying after about a week or two of talking and engaging with each other. Nothing should be rushed, and both should feel really comfortable before making that decision to see each other, to begin with. Vibes play a strong role in getting to know someone, at least for me and my intuition usually is very on point.
Answer 70:
At his earliest convenience, I mean, why wait if your both interested in each other?….if we can come to an agreement to set up a date, time and location, then I say go for it; life’s too short to just be involved in texting and phone calls; how does that even benefit anyone?….plus the best way to find out if you actually click is by being around each other.
Answer 71:
We should meet after maybe two weeks of talking, depending on how comfortable we both feel doing so. Get to know each other a bit before taking it these steps further. You’ve got to get to know each other’s likes & dislikes. You always have to know what daddy likes! (If not, then what’s the point?) But always taking necessary precautions, you can never be too safe.
Answer 72:
I would feel comfortable after two weeks of somewhat regular conversation. I don’t need to hear from them every day, but enough to get a sense of who they are, what they want, and how erratic their behavior may or may not be. I most definitely would need to feel safe and in control, but a little mystery is sexy, so I’d love for there to be an air of excited tension when meeting my potential new daddy.
Answer 73:
It depends on the connection after chatting for a bit. So probably after a week, who knows, it could even be after a couple of days. I am very interested in people’s energy, so it would most definitely depend on the energy that I get from him and the chemistry we have. If I am not interested, then there is no point meeting, because we should be able to enjoy each other’s company.
Answer 74:
I really think that it should be within a month. If you meet too soon, there won’t be enough to connect with, and you don’t want to wait too long to see if there is a real connection. I also think it is a good idea to wait at least a couple of weeks because you really want to make sure you’re meeting up with someone you feel comfortable with. Being comfortable with meeting up should be the primary goal of that first meet up especially if you don’t live near the other person.
Answer 75:
It really depends on how well we connect and can hold a conversation. If I feel completely comfortable with you after a few days and am dying to meet you, that’s fine. If I still feel we need to get to know each other better and talk for a couple more weeks to a month, so be it. I feel you need to have a great connection with the person to have a compatible relationship and not have awkward meetings, haha but to each their own.
Answer 76:
As soon as possible. Sunday is about that( you know, sugar babies trying to find a real sugar daddy who loves to spoil them. And sugar daddies looking for a hot, nice, funny, or lovely sugar baby.) So, if you feel that you’re ready you could try in a week or two, in my case, I would like to wait one week if we talk every day and more than 3 hours per day.
Answer 77:
I think everyone’s time limit is different, and that is Okay. You should wait until you feel comfortable with the person to meet them. Probably after several conversations with them thru messaging and thru phone calls. This way, you know if you click with this person through those way of communications than in person will be a great next step to take.
Answer 78:
I would meet after I feel comfortable and safe. Timing is really relative, and some connection has to be there. It takes awhile for me to trust someone before I can meet them. It’s kind of the same as if you met someone randomly out of the app world. For example, I’ll meet them up at the gym for an hour or two session, then do it again for a few more times before I can trust them a bit.
Answer 79:
I for sure think it is a case to case basis. You can’t put a blanket rule over each individual relationship. But no matter when we meet, a hard set rule for me is to make sure it’s a public spot for the first meeting. I think that safety is number one. And then you both will be able to relax and let your true selves come out much more easily. Which kind of circles back around to I don’t think it matters when you meet, as long as you can be authentic.
Answer 80:
I feel it depends on the situation. If you feel super comfortable with a potential Daddy then go for it, preferably in public first for safety reasons. It all depends on the vibe you get when you first start talking. If something says “this isn’t right” then don’t risk it. Everyone’s safety is important when deciding on when to meet. Meeting in person is the only way to get a true reading on how you and your potential daddy fit though.
Answer 81:
As long as the two of you are compatible and enjoy speaking to each other, I believe a week would be the minimum in order to meet. Due to schedules and also you don’t want a huge rush placed on meeting either, I feel like if there is a rush it can be charming but at the same time a bit too much and a turn-off. So, don’t be afraid tk pursue a sugar daddy you’re all about asap.
Answer 82:
Well for me I don’t wish to what too late after conversation online. Depending on how the conversation is going and how much we have in common then we can decide when we can meet. But in all honesty it would be mostly up to my sugar daddy, the ball is in his court. It can depend on the individual which can be the next day, a week, a month ect. So daddy it up to [email protected]?
Answer 84:
Maybe after some weeks even months, I think long distance relationships are difficult but not impossible, it is all about trust and being a sugar baby gives you the opportunity to meet new people at a long distance, you have to have a lot of communication for both to feel safe and confident about their relationship, and of course trust and honesty will have to play in the relationship.
Answer 85:
I would meet after I feel comfortable and safe. Timing is really relative, and some connection has to be there. It takes awhile for me to trust someone before I can meet them. It’s kind of the same as if you met someone randomly out of the app world. For example, I’ll meet them up at the gym for an hour or two session, then do it again for a few more times before I can trust them a bit.
Answer 86:
I for sure think it is a case to case basis. You can’t put a blanket rule over each individual relationship. But no matter when we meet, a hard set rule for me is to make sure it’s a public spot for the first meeting. I think that safety is number one. And then you both will be able to relax and let your true selves come out much more easily. Which kind of circles back around to I don’t think it matters when you meet, as long as you can be authentic.
Answer 87:
If open communication and a clear connection are there. I’d prefer to meet as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work then you don’t have to invest more energy into a meaningless arrangement. We’re all adults, and if we can be honest about who we are and what we want, we can truly begin to enjoy our lives. It’s okay not to connect with someone. There are so many people and so many possibilities! Have fun!!!
Answer 88:
I believe after a month is suitable. Safety is a big issue and the baby should feel safe meeting their sugar daddy for the first time. She should talk to him for a while to know there is no harm coming. She should feel one hundred percent comfortable. Although I do see the point in meeting the daddy sooner to make sure he is comfortable it is all about safety.
Answer 89:
I would like to meet him when I feel like I could trust him enough and when he and I have a good relationship where I know we are connecting. I would love for us to build our trust and talk more before I go out and meet him in person. I would love to talk to him for about maybe 3 weeks before we meet in person. But I would have to know that we connect a lot first
Answer 90:
I’m a firm believer in life, at first sight, Showered all adults we all know why we’re here would like to meet my sugar daddy as soon as we realize were clicking. Why waste time texting over and over when you’re already attracted to someone.You might miss out on the love affair of your life.. thank you SUDY I got the chance to meet my sugar daddy
Answer 91:
over FaceTime or some form of video chat early on to confirm the validity of their persona. I really think trust is important in a sugar daddy/mommy and sugar baby arrangement. Giving out bank information is so risky and it’s not worth it to risk your financial security unless you truly trust the person.
Answer 92:
I think they should meet after they have plenty of conversation and feel comfortable enough to take the leap! It could take a few days – could take a week – or could take a month. Everyone is different. I myself am a very open person and it makes it a bit easier because of it really all is up to my sugar daddy, and when he is ready to get what he wants.
Answer 93:
I’m usually a 2 feet jump in girl so I think it would be between him and I when I come and visit or meet however I think after a few maybe a week or two maybe talk about that meeting space at a time but I definitely think that they should be up to coming to Canada so if they don’t want to come to Canada then it’s OK but it’s scary going to the state for the first time.
Answer 94:
Sugar babies have the right to set boundaries as do sugar daddies. I believe waiting at least until you are both comfortable with each other and have a mutual agreement upon meeting. Be clear what you lay out on the table and make sure to understand what he lays out on the table. Never meet a sugar daddy if you are uncomfortable. And if he makes you feel uncomfortable your probably talking to the wrong daddy!
Answer 95:
In truth the sooner the better. While you get a sense of how you vibe over text, phone etc… You want to meet when you’re both buzzing from excitement, the curiosity… The possibility of finding that perfect match. When you’re both excited to meet… The experience is so much more authentic, free and that nervousness turns into those butterflies in your tummy everyone is missing from their lives!
Answer 96:
I feel like there is no time on when to meet. If we both come to a conclusion that we feel is right. Then we shall meet. But if you want a time span on it then maybe like 5 business days to a week. Lol. Because after a while they start to get cranky and want to meet. So when he says he is now ready then go meet with him. In a public place yet private lol.
Answer 97:
As soon as we both feel comfortable and Daddy has proven to be a sweet Daddy to me. I will most def keep it neutral and casual the first time. Maybe a kiss on the lips at the end of the date to make Daddy squirm of excitement and thank him for being “generous”. At the same time it’s important to check if there is chemistry. Sugar (him) & Spice (me) and everything nice.
Answer 98:
Immediately. If we talk and you want to meet, let’s get that setup now instead of later. I prefer meeting ASAP just to see if we can connect. Anybody can connect online. In person is another thing. The last I want to do is get your hopes up. If we don’t click then it won’t work. I want every SD to find an SB they connect with on a physical and mental level.
Answer 99:
Once you both feel comfortable with each other.. Enough to where you both will not feel awkward when you meet. As long as you both have the understanding of what’s going to happen and both parties are committed to the arrangement that will be made there really is no set time to wait or not wait. I can meet up with my potential daddy within a couple days if I feel comfortable enough.
Answer 100:
I love this question. I honestly have no issue meeting the guy that very same day that we talk to each other online if time permits. I think it’s really important to take it off of social media and actually meet each other in person to see if the chemistry is actually there. It’s also really nice to know that you’re talking to a real person and that you’re not being played. If we are doing the online thing back-and-forth for two weeks then I honestly feel like we’re never going to meet and that I’m wasting my time.
Answer 101:
Really I think it depends on the situation, if you feel that we would have a good vibe right away why not meet for coffee or cocktails? Each relationship is different sometimes you fit like a glove after a few conversations others take a little bit of time to develop the comfort between one another. Personally I am a good judge of character and I can always tell if we will vibe well. If I feel we’d be a good fit I don’t mind in bringing up meeting right away. Sometimes you just have to take the risk.
Answer 102:
When we get chance to video chat is when I like to meet that person to see how they behave also when chatting online you can tell by the way the person writes if there someone with a sense of knowledge and respect for the person if they come out too strong and start acting disrespectful I don’t really want to be bother with them but if it’s someone who is more intellectual has things to talk about and bringing you to a higher level then yeah that’s when I want to meet that person
Answer 103:
I like to chat online for a little while to see if there’s a connection, but sometimes people come across differently online than they do in person… sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing! After a few days chatting I do prefer to exchange numbers and arrange to meet if we’re getting on well… constant back and forth online makes me think that the person is just bored rather than serious!
Answer 104:
I really think that a sugar baby should meet her sugar daddy after a few weeks to a month. You need some time to get to know your them, know what they want and need. They need to know what type of relationship you want. Make sure you are both on the same page and make sure your intentions are clear. They need to know your limits or how far you’re willing to take the relationship. Communication is key.
Answer 105:
Once you get comfortable and you both feel the relationship is right for the both you its time to meet. Obviously it’s not going to be the same with every relationship because people click at different speeds. You might feel that spark right away or you might have to ease into it. There’s no set way to start a relationship, it happens in its own time.
Answer 106:
I would definitely say a week after constant communication. You learn a lot about what someone likes/wants in the first week that you begin to talk to them. You find out if you’re comfortable with them too. I love that you don’t find out too much because when you get together there’s more to elaborate on. It sparks great conversation and leads to great things too!
Answer 107:
I would like to meet him after about maybe a few weeks to a month of talkig, depending on how comfortale I had gotten with the man/woman, I have to be real comfortable because I am very cautious of my own safety, I like to make sure I will not be hurt or used for own advantage. I would bring someone with me the first meeting, Maybe a best friend. That is about it, I just want to be sure.
Answer 107:
I can’t put an exact time line on it! Some people you just instantly connect with, while others grow on you. It may be two days of speaking online/texts/phone and then you are ready to meet. Other times it may take a week or so to meet up. Sparks sometimes fly, and sometimes the fire smolders. You roll with it either way. Whichever the case may be, it’s sure to be fun!
Answer 108:
I would like to meet him soon, but when we both feel comfortable with that! It’s important to get to know each other in person and share moments, those are the kind of things that you want to do with your sugar daddy, and it’s more fun. Besides always being apart can be annoying sometimes, but of course that depends on the person, as soon as we are ready I would like to meet up.
Answer 109:
After a week of talking i would be okay with meeting in public. And if we both are still on board with the arrangement then we can really spoil each other. Im not looking for a relationship connection, just a mutual beneficial “friendship” so to speak. I dont want to find someone to marry, just someone who would benifit from my company and friendship and could spoil me in return.
Answer 110:
I think it depends on the sugar daddy as some take longer to get to know. Obviously with it being online you have to be cautious so I would never meet up with someone I had only been talking to for less than a week minimum as I like to take some time to get to know each other before moving forward so soon, therefore I would usually wait at least a week before meeting.
Answer 111:
Once you both feel secure in the fact that meeting that person will be worth your time. So maybe after a week or even 3-4 days if you talk often enough. Be sure to set clear boundaries before you meet each other. That way you both know how to conduct yourselves and what type of person you are meeting. General guidelines/rules can be established later once youve decided that you both even like each other. In my opinion initial compatibility, boundaries, and the basis of what sort of arrangement both of you are seeking is what should be touched upon in intial conversation and then “poured in to the concrete” per say once you’ve met and hung out.
Answer 112:
As soon as we match in the app.. It’s important to talk before, of course! And have compatible expectations. But I personally don’t feel really comfortable sharing my life and spending too much time chatting with someone I don’t know. I think a first date shouldn’t take too long to happen. That let us both see if the chemistry happens or not. Why to loose time?
Answer 113:
I don’t think it is smart to say, a day a week or any specific amount of time! Instead I think 2 people should talk and when or if they both are comfortable then they will know and meet. With some sugar daddys it may be immediately and with others it might be a bit longer like a couple of weeks or a month but whatever the case may be, the sugar baby and sugar daddy should both feel comfortable with the situation.
Answer 114:
I believe that after s two week to a month period of getting to know each other is a good time to meet. You have to have good vibes and have the same interests. If all goes well ťhen meet up and have coffee or a lunch to make sure the vibes were true. A lot can happen over phone but in person things can become even better. Maybe a spark is in the mix.
Answer 115:
I am not a person that prefers to play too much cat and mouse online. I prefer to talk on the phone or meet in person. So with that said; as soon as possible I would like to meet my sugar daddy. It is so much easier to get to know a person off line then through merely texting. Texting should be a last recourse used only when you cannot see or talk to a person. I prefer human contact.
Answer 116:
I would like to meet up with my sugar daddy after I have gotten to know them well enough. That might be any where from a week to a month. Some guys on these sites are fake, scammers, or just plain creeps. I want to make sure their is mutual respect and I feel safe meeting up with them. No one wants to be out in a bad situation, it can scary and unsafe. With that being said, safety should be number one when meeting up with anyone over the internet.
Answer 117:
Maybe a week so that way both people can get a feel for each other to see if there Cld b a connection. Good company w good conversation is very important. It wld b boring if u meet someone n there’s nothing to talk bout, so atleast a week wld b ideal in meeting someone for the first time after talkin n getting to kno a Lil bout each other. I like talking bout alot of different topics.
Answer 118:
It depends how the person is mysterious and all. If he is free and open j might gain his trust immediately. As soon as I will.. I will be more than happy to meet him. But sometimes it might take time because you can’t just trust a person you met online right now. If he is everything I need I would meet him immediately. So it all depends on him as he reacts.
Answer 119:
Give it a good week; tops a month. By that point you get a certain vibe from the person and get a sense of what you’re dealing with. You need to make sure you know exactly what he wants and make sure you both are in the same page. But I wouldn’t want to wait to long; would love to have conversations in person. Keep it interesting for him not bore him and ask all the questions at once.
Answer 120:
I would like to meet my sugar daddi as soon as possible due to how anxious I am to be a sugar baby I’ve never in my life even been spoiled or pampered and also I would like to get our journey started cause its a new begining for a new life. So of I could meet my sugar daddi the same day well not really the same dai but some where to that affect so sugar daddi here I come.
Answer 121:
I think it’s wide to meet the sugar daddy after two weeks or a month chatting with him on line. This will give you time to get to know each other before meeting each other. Making things easy for both of you to gather all the information you need about each other before meet in person. This will help both parties involved to decide whether to meet each other face to face or move on.
Answer 122:
I personally would say after a week of heavy conversation and consistency. Simply because neither of us want to waste our time. Whats if its awkward. What if youve only spoken about superficial things and then you jump the gun and its like “wait a minute, what have I done??”. I personally belive it should take some time to build and see if its stable.
Answer 123:
I would say a few weeks of getting to know each other online is enough to get a feel for a person. After that I would say there would need to be two or three meetings in public before having an alone interaction just for everyone’s safety. But I think that after talking for a few weeks, you will have a sense of if they are genuine or not before you meet.
Answer 124:
I think we should meet as soon as we both feel it’s available in both parties schedule. I also believe that meeting as soon as possible would eliminate all unnecessary games to know that she is really there for you to be your sugar daddy and as well that he has confirmed all seriousness when he has met you on your first date and gave you your first Sugar Baby treat.
Answer 125:
I’d like to meet my daddy after a few weeks after talking online. It’ll be better because then I’ll get to know him and prepare myself for the meeting. I’ll feel like I know him better and it will be less awkward for us. I have to be 100% sure so meeting right away or after a few days would be too early. Also, I don’t want someone to not show up so after getting to know the person will be safer.
Answer 126:
I’d meet soon as the feel is right!! I love meeting people and enjoying their company!!! I yearn to bond and offer compassion. I want to feel your vibe, and much easier when face to face. I’m interested in physical connection. I think body language tone of voice and facial expressions help clearly identify if that physical connection is around the corner!!!
Answer 127:
I feel like a week of chatting online or on the phone would have me in a more comfortable position when we do meet. I’m very strong on trying to figure out if my sugar daddy and I would be compatible or not only because I wouldn’t wanna waist anyone’s time. So for me after a week of chatting online or on the phone I think is when I would be comfortable with meeting face to face.
Answer 128:
I feel that we should meet after a week or two so we can get to know each other before hand. I also take extra precautions like meet in public. I feel that some people lie on here so i would want to meet asap so i could get to know the real them. Get to know the real side of them so in the future we can just have fun and be honest about what we want and how we plan to get it.
Answer 129:
Depends, if youre a sell pics and videos SB, you’re probably far from each other. So it wouldnt be so easy to meet but I think as soon as you start exchanging anything intimate, a meeting should be arranged and that way new levels of comfort arise. Thus spicing up the relationship. That’s just personal thought tho, other people don’t feel safe . Hmmmmm .
Answer 130:
Probably about a week and it depends on how comfortable I am and how comfortable we are talking to each other I don’t want to just jump into it if we’re both not comfortable we’re for really comfortable and we connect really well we could even meet before that it just all depends on us and how comfortable we are with talking to each other and getting to know each other.
Answer 131:
I would. It would have to be after the trust was built and things have lead to meeting in person. I would love to meet up and drink coffee or go on a adventure. The unplanned dates are always the best because the pressure of being somewhere at a certain time is gone. I certainly meet up given the trust was there and for the right reasons. Go ahead gals.
Answer 132:
Two weeks after we make the online communication. Rules, boundaries and safe words should all be established before the date. I’ve always been a wild and outdoorsy guy that enjoys all the cool fun and unexpected things life throws at you therefore when my Daddy meets me on the island. I’m willing to entertain him and make him feel the full extension of sugary palette.
Answer 133:
I think I would feel comfortable after 2 weeks or a month if he’s far away. I think we would both need that time just to be building a bond and understanding between both myself and the sugar daddy so that both he and I feel comfortable with each other and know one another a little and what we are looking for and expect of our outings and time together.
Answer 134:
Well for me…I would wanna meet my daddy asap…knowing that we would automatically click…he knows what I want,I know what he wants..he’s attracted,I’m attracted so it would happen fast for me…to see my daddy physically..I would want that to get all the nervousness out and to be comfortable so we could begin our epic journey of pleasure over and over and over again.
Answer 135:
Meeting someone you’ve met online is really scary, but I’d be willing to give it a try as soon as possible. I love meeting new people and having adventures, so if my sugar daddy wants to meet me I’d be glad! Of course, it’d be great if I knew him for a while before meeting him, so a week or two of chatting and phone conversations wouldn’t exactly hurt.
Answer 136:
After a week or two, depending on the distance. I wouldn’t mind d waiting for a month, because then I’d get to know the person really well to see am I suitable for them. After a couple if days it would be too soon, too rash. I know this isn’t quite like dating your neighbours kid, but I still feel like I want to know the other person and their dreams and life to skip small talk in person.
Answer 137:
I am free and available to meet up with him at whatever time he wants to meet up. I would like to spend quality time with my sugar daddy and let him tell me how his day was if he had a good day and a bad day too and how he thinks I will make it better for him. I want to be there when he needs me the most and let him spoil me silly when he can. It will be a good time.
Answer 138:
You should meet your sugar daddy within 2 weeks at a public place. Unless your sugar daddy is busy then a month tops. If you wait longer he may lose interest and seek other women in his area to spoil. But before meeting it’s important to build a relationship so it won’t be awkward in real life. So talk to him as much as possible before the meet up.
Answer 139:
I think that the right time to meet in person is when I can see that we get along well and that he’s a good person. I wouldn’t like to rush things so I would give about 3 weeks till we meet in person. I need to be absolutely sure that he won’t hurt me and that I’ll be able to show him my true nature without any judgment. I think that my sugar daddy also should t force a meeting until I’m ready.
Answer 140:
All depends on the type of person they are! If they’re creepy, or I don’t trust them, absolutely not. But if I feel safe and I like their company, definitely yes! Being a college student it would also be very hard for me to travel considering I have classes all week plus a job…but we could make it work if the circumstances are right! 🙂 Its all about timing and safety baby.
Answer 141:
Once again quite new to this so aside from just trying to understand it all. I’d say this depends on how well we can communicate. I am all about energy so if we connect well through communication I would want to see how our energies mingle. I adore meeting people so I dont really have a time frame on when. Strike up a conversation and we can both find out.
Answer 142:
After talking for a while probably a week and a half. Depending on if he was too pushy or too eager to see me then of course that’s a red flag. But as long as he is patient i would say a good week is enough to make him/her wait. Unless they are dishing out something in order to see you earlier then thats a different story. Welp thats basically all i have to say lol .
Answer 143:
I’m willing to meet up the day of if I can! Why wait? The best way you can get to know somebody is to look into their eyes, see their facial expressions. We’re all adults, we meet strangers every day. As long as it’s safe, in a public place, I have no problem meeting up whenever possible. It also weeds out catfishes very early and who doesn’t want to do that!
Answer 144:
I don’t have a set amount of time wherein I like t9 meet a daddy. It depends on how comfortable we are talking to each other over text or phone and think that we’ve formed a good enough bond and trust each other enough to meet in person. This will vary depending on the daddy as personalities are different and it may take a longer time for some people to open up enough to you to where you can trust them and vice versa.
Answer 145:
I cannot put an exact time stamp on it, but I do think I would be quicker to meet a daddy that’s more personable. I think a standard meeting time frame would be after a week or two. However, again, it still depends on how I get along with them and how they approach me. I’m a very circumstantial person, so it’s definitely a case by case type of question for me to answer.
Answer 146:
I would love to meet a potential sugar daddy at least a week or 2 after the first contact is made. Any long and I would feel like they are no longer interested and/or they are lying about who they were are and the things they can actually offer. Any shorter of a time and I would think that all the lot wanted was something physical and / or they were hiding something
Answer 147:
I think it’s up to us because we’re adults and you might have an attraction to them early on. I do think you should get to know each other better and what the other person is looking for so then you’ll know what the next move is going to be. Me personally this is my first time doing something like this so I don’t know how it really goes or how long your suppose to wait.
Answer 148:
Unless your goal is purely virtual, I think it’s almost critical to meet as soon as possible. I don’t mind taking a couple days to text and talk and to make sure we’re looking for the same thing, but that’s just a waste of time if we don’t click in person. In-person, I know if I love the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh, the smirk you give when you ask if we’re getting dessert, if you hold open the door without even thinking about it…. those are the things that capture me, that give me butterflies, that make me want to be around you. Texting can make me comfortable and get past the awkward stage, but I want an arrangement with a person, not a phone.
Answer 149:
I would definitely want to meet as soon as we are both comfortable. Personally, the whole point of this is to actually meet someone and spend time with them, not just be pen pals. I think meeting each other sooner rather than later helps keep things clear about what each person’s intentions are. I like being able to know whether there’s a connection in person instead of just texting.
Answer 150:
When you feel you are ready and know quite a bit about them. Some more than others, it takes a while to build trust. So you have to build that trust and be connected with each other. That’s the foundation to everything. You should also get to know each other on a deeper level. And before anything, you have to make sure they are who they say they are.
Answer 151:
For me meeting them would determine on who they ‘re and how comfortable I feel talking to thrm. I also make sure that i call them and make sure that they are who they say they are. I want to make sure also that they can keep a conversation with me, neither of us want someone boring that we don’t get along wit so I also make sure too cover all my bases.
Answer 152:
I would meet when I am ready. That could be one day or a week. I have to be comfortable with him before I jump into it. I like to take things slowly but if you can tell the connection is there then we would meet sooner. I would have to meet my daddy in public too for the first time meeting just to be safe. So in conclusion it could be a day or one week.
Answer 153:
It really depends on how well we get along. If there is an immediate connection then ASAP. But other times it might take a few weeks. And then you have to factor in weather or not he lives in the same state,or the same country. If it’s the same state,a few weeks. The same country,a few months, different countries….well I really don’t know. Again it’s all about how well you two get along.
Answer 154:
I dont mind any time. I like to talk to person face to face. I like to read emotions. That’s how you can know him better. Sometimes you talk to people online very long time and then you meet this person and don’t have nothing really to talk about. Thats just awkward! Wouldn’t go very far at the first meeting but you never know what kind of person you are going to meet. 🙂
Answer 155:
I would like to meet them as soon as possible since I am in this app looking to meet people and the best way for me is to have a date face to face go out for a drink, restaurant or a weekend somewhere cool. I Don’t think talking for a long time is good for both sides since we’re going to get bored with repeating the same things so best thing is meeting and getting to know each other better.
Answer 156:
Really think that a sugar should meet her sugar daddy after a week or so. You need some time to get to know your SD, know what he wants and make sure he knows what you want. Make sure you are both on the same page and make sure your values are clear to him and same to the daddies. You need to know your SD and your SD needs to know his SB and what we expect out of it.
Answer 157:
I wouldn’t feel comfortable until I had talked to the person for a few weeks. Trust has to be established. If you have no trust then the entire met would be a utter disaster. Even then I am still going to be nervous. I want the first time I need my sugar daddy to be rememerable and have a lasting impression on the relationship and person. Maybe I’m not the only one who feels this way.
Answer 158:
I would like to meet them as soon as we are both ready. Of course, it’s important to talk first, discuss needs and wants and ensure that you are both on the same page. If that’s all sorted then I would be happy to meet them as soon as they are ready. As I would with meeting anyone for the first time, I would discuss an appropriate location and time that is comfortable for both of us.
Answer 159:
When the time is right. We can talk about everything and anything but meeting is important because you get to know each other in a much better way than just virtual. Of course my safety is important so I would take my time and meet him in public first – so if anything happens and he isnt what he said to be or tries to do something I don’t want, I can leave.
Answer 160:
I think of it feels right go for it right away..why not what do we have to loose . Never know until you try and I’m willing to try and see what happens and who may possibly be interested in me. Like I said you never know what is going happen..maybe just a friendship and maybe more. We only live once and I’m a firm believer of seizing the day… GO GET IT.

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