Which Masticating Juicer Is the Easiest to Clean?

With new juice bars popping all over the country, and many people putting home juicer in their kitchens, there is no doubt that juicer has become more than a trend and a necessity, indeed. Freshly squeezed and bottled juices have become a popular way to reap fruits and vegetables’ health benefits.

It is easy, quick, and highly convenient, especially for those who are consistently occupied with work. With the great demand for quality juicers, there are unlimited market choices, ranging from centrifuging to masticating ones. Picking the best one to fulfill your dietary requirements can, for sure, be a burdensome errand. Despite numerous questions that would pop up in your mind before making a purchase, “which masticating juicer is the easiest to clean?” remains the most significant one.

Ease in cleaning the juicer should be your topmost priority since you genuinely don’t have any desire to go through hours cleaning it, especially if you have multiple errands to run.

In principle, masticating, juicer industry, the most mainstream one and the one with the most ease in cleaning, is the “Omega J8006HDS.”


It is a quality item that is amazingly simple to utilize. If you are new to juicing, it is unquestionably helpful and advantageous. A robust motor-stage-juicing framework guarantees astounding effectiveness. This slow, masticating juicer attempts to create an incredible yield of nutrients and flavor from your favorite fruit and vegetables. It works at 80 rpm and 110-volt with 80 Revolutions for each minute which is undoubtedly a high squeeze yield.

Simple assembling

Since many of us are lazy with amassing different juicer pieces, individuals are happy to see that no tools are needed to assemble this particular product. And above all, only six parts could be quickly separated: auger, screen, hopper, lid, pulp catcher, and juice catcher. A cleaning brush is also included, which allows for easy cleaning of the grinder and the remaining product.

Simple cleaning

A decent cleaning should take around a few minutes of your time. Omega Juicer is additionally simple to clean by hand and utilizes the protected pieces of the dishwasher. As the juicing components go all the way to the dishwasher, you will find that cleaning and assembling the elements isn’t much of an ordeal. Ports can be pulled easily to make it simpler for you to clean parts by hand and then allow them to dry on the counter.

Additionally, with the feature of automatic pulp ejection, cleaning has become even more superficial than ever. The only thing you have to do is separate the attachments, wash them after use, and then use a brush provided to clean the remaining product left on your juicer easily. Hence, cleaning this juicer would hardly consume a few minutes out of your busy schedule. Simple and effortless.


This juicer is an extremely affordable option, as it is one of the most economical, however, the best and facile choices. It also accompanies an appealing 15-year-old producer’s guarantee, so you can unwind without much of a stretch and realize that your investment is shielded from all the defects.


Undoubtedly, juicers can be exceptionally chaotic, depending upon the natural product or vegetable you decide to mix. Imagine the overwhelming task of investing extra energy cleaning your juicer each time you blend anything for a fresh meal. Omega J8006HDS is the ideal alternative for you and the answer to the crucial “which masticating juicer is the easiest to clean?” question. This wouldn’t simply guarantee you a sound, delicious glass of new natural product squeeze yet would likewise be extremely simple to clean.




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