Free White Magic Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love

Are you looking to perform some Free White Magic Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love with You?

The Internet has always been the best place to look for free white magic spells to make someone fall in love with you. But hey, your parents are no less than a search engine.

So when I went ahead to ask my parents about “how to cast love spells”. This is what they replied – “That is shit and shit don’t work”. But that’s not the ending. In just another moment, my mother said – “Don’t you get involved in any kind of black magic”.

But during my beginning time when I went ahead to look for white magic spells to make someone fall in love with you, I found many answers. Many of them couldn’t convince me but then I found that this ain’t shit but the path to some unspoken world where things happen the way you desire for them to happen.

Now, before we get started to know these love spells, let’s first understand why anyone would need them.

So, imagine yourself entering a room and you see a man or woman who makes your heart playing all your favorite love songs. No, I am serious because it happens to us all the time, although we never admit to that. But hey, for just one minute let’s consider this again.

Now, what if I tell you that with the white magic love spells being discussed later in this article can make that man/ woman droll over you within seconds?

Kind of hard to believe?

Well, it should be because wonders ought to make you feel surprised and hard to believe it. But we are not here to make you surprised. We are here to discuss those magic spells which will help you in getting the man you have been wanting.

Let’s just get started with our first spell here –

1: Spell to change your friendship into love

To conduct this spell, here are some of the things that you will need first –

  • 5 ounces of honey
  • Wooden bowl or ½ coconut shell
  • 3 sugar cubes
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 teaspoons powdered henna
  • 3 yellow rose petals
  • 1 raw egg
  • 13 kernels of whole pepper
  • A chicken feather
  • Green ink
  • A piece of yellow and black fabric/ cloth

How to cast this love spell chant:

Now once you have collected all these things, start to cast the spell by following these steps

  • Using the green ink, write your and your friend’s name on that raw egg.
  • Thereafter, take the wooden bowl or coconut shell and place these things inside it –
  • 5 ounces of honey, 13 kernels of whole pepper, the egg that has both your names on it, 3 yellow rose petals, 3 fresh mint leaves, 3 sugar cubes, 4 teaspoons powdered henna.
  • Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep your concentration on your friend.
  • Once you are done putting everything, cover the bowl or coconut shell with the piece of cloth.
  • Now, at dusk time, go to a nearby river with the coconut shell or bowl.
  • Repeat this spell for at least two times –

“I hereby offer you, Holy Queen of Rivers, what you asked of me. Now I ask you, Holy Queen of Rivers, to do the same for me.”

  • Now once you have done it, stay there for some time and try to recall the time that you have spent with your friend. The spell will begin to work within a few hours.


2: Voodoo desire me a love spell

To carry out this spell, you must have the following items –

Now, remember that to do this spell on the night of Tuesday and Friday only.

How to cast this spell:

  • To start this, place the beans in the bowl.
  • Then set the candles by sticking it to the base of the bowl with the help of wax. Once the bowl starts to warm, the beans will hop all around.
  • As this starts happening, recall the time that you have spent with your partner. This will help in igniting the partner’s passion for you.
  • Keep doing this spell for three nights in a row.
  • Once you are done, bury all that is left near a tree and let the magic spell do its part.


3: Spells to draw love to draw the love towards you –

The best part of this spell is that it draws the person of interest in the minimum possible time.
To start doing this white magic spell, you need

  • to have chocolate milk and
  • a total of nine whole cherries.
  • Make sure that the color of these cherries should be darker as much as possible.

Now, after you have acquired all the required items, start by following these steps –

  • The spell best works best 9 days before the full moon. If you aren’t able to track the time for this, you can just do it on the full moon.
  • Now, add nearly two-thirds of the cup of chocolate milk into a tub which is filled with water.
  • Since this spell is related to bathing, you need to have those dark 9 cherries with you while batching in the tub.
  • Now when you are sitting in the tub, take each cherry one by one and imagine about your partner. Don’t forget to eat all the cherries one by one.
  • Feel the romantic essence rising in the surrounding,
  • Keep your mood right and let the positive thoughts flow in.


4: The adore me spell –

Follow these steps to make sure that you do this spell the right way –

Before you commence this spell, ensure that you have these items –

  • A picture that has you and your lover. Even separate pictures will do the job.
  • One purple candle.
  • One blue candle.
  • One pink candle.
  • One green candle.
  • A champagne glass with sea water in it.
  • Emerald, gold and blue glitter.
  • A small picture of Lakshmi

To do this spell, there is no need to wait for the special time, unlike the others. But if you are doing it on a full or a new moon then the effect will be more.

  • Using the four candles, make a square.
  • Now keep that Laksmi picture/ statue in the middle of the square.
  • Also, place both your pictures near to it but within the square.
  • Place that champagne glass that has sea water in it in one of the quadrants.
  • Thereafter, sprinkle all the glitter in all the area.
  • Finally, light the candle and let it be inside the square too.
  • The goddess will bless your relation.


5. Spell to make someone think of you –

Following ingredients are required to start this spell –

Once you have got hold of all the things, follow these steps –

  • Write your name on the orange candle while another person’s name on the other candle.
  • On either side, frame them with the red and gold candle.
  • Anoint them all with cinnamon oil.
  • Thereafter, sprinkle a circle of dill herb all around the four candles. Make sure everything stays in the circle.
  • Now, chant the following:

By the power of light and love,
You get this message from above,
You love me,
You honor me (his name),
You cannot stop thinking of me.
That my name is (your name).
So it shall be! So mote it be!

  • Let the candle burn down and the dispose of the remaining into the nearest running water. This will help in enhancing the psychic connection between the two of you.


Conclusion –

Magic spells are some of the quickest ways to get things done the way you want. But when you are casting a magic spell on someone, always remember that you must have positivity in you. If anytime there’s even the slight negativity or you have wrong intentions, the spell is more likely to go the other way. This is something you will never want.

Also, there are many spell casters and black magicians who can cast these spells for you. So, if you are a beginner have any doubt, consult with a professional. Also, you can get in touch with our team as we also know about these magic spells.

One more thing, if you are satisfied with these spells and have obtained the expected results, share your experience with us. You can also share this article on social media so that your near and dear ones get to know about this also.


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