Free White Spells Magic That Work for Love, Money & Happiness

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t want to grow his/her happiness, wealth and people who love him/her more?

The answer is most likely to be no.

But even after so much of hard work and efforts, we aren’t able to get what we desire for the most. In that case, we would like to enlighten you with the free white magic spells that work for love, money & happiness.

These spells, to be discussed by us, will help you in growing all the three things mentioned earlier. But before we start talking about the white spells magic for love money & happiness, we should explain the best time do them –

The time is none other than the period of the waxing moon. This is the time when the New Moon grows bigger in size, thus, turns into the Full Moon. This is why it is the best time to cast magical spells and rituals. This is when you can enhance your chances of getting your desired man/woman, grow your wealth and bring more happiness into your life.

 In 14 days of the Waxing Moon, spells and ceremonies for expanding positive things into your life will be particularly powerful. These spells are intended to be as simple as feasible for the fledgling spell caster to work, yet rest guaranteed that they are similarly as powerful as any propelled spell.

To help you with these spells, read this article below and increase your health, love, money, and luck.


1. The Money Spell

Let’s start by sharing the basic spell – a simple candle spell. The spell has no specific time requirement. You can do it at anytime of the day. To carry this spell, you will need these –

  1. a green candle (unburnt)
  2. oil (any kind you prefer)
  3. a white candle (unburnt)

Here, money/wealth is represented by the green candle which you aim to acquire while you are represented by the white candle.

  • Start by rubbing the candles with oil. This is the charging process. While you do this, keep your focus on visualizing the money you are about to get.
  • Then place the candles on the altar with a distance of 9 inches from each other. The exact what and where position isn’t important but you can keep that 9-inches apart approximately.
  • Then light the candles and start chanting these words:

“Money, money come to me,

In abundance three times three,

May I be enriched in the best of ways,

Harming none on its way,

This I accept, so mote it be,

Bring me money three times three.”

  • While you are chanting these lines, move the white candle 1-inch closer to the green candle.
  • Blow the candles after you have chanted the lines/mantra.
  • The spell needs to be repeated for a time period of at least 9 days. Every day, move the candle an inch closer. Make sure that you continue to visualize the wealth you desire after each step.
  • On the last day, i.e., the 9th day, your spell will get finished and if the candles are still lleft, you may let them burn out on its own.


2. Money-Doubling Spell

Things that you will need to carry out this spell –

  1. Money of any denomination
  2. Quiet space
  3. White envelope
  4. Open mind

The spell has the power to double any denomination of paper money. Therefore, it is important to have the money in the physical form.

  • Start by taking the fresh notes of physical money. There is no limit to the number of notes you wish to use.
  • Then place them in a white envelope and seal it.
  • Fold the envelope and chant this –

“Powers that be, to me shall bring,

The means to double this sum.

Hear me, you spirits which sing,

Quickly, and gently come.”

  • This spell has to be repeated for at least 7 days. While chanting these lines, make sure the envelope is held in front of you and you must envision the envelope getting heavy.
  • Remember to keep the envelope in your bedroom when you are not casting the spell.
  • When you have got the money, open the envelope and take out the money.
  • You must use a new set of bills and envelope, if you want to cast this spell again.

There are some common mantras that you can recite every then and now for increasing –


I attract love and joy into my life. I am a loving and wonderful person who deserves a loving and wonderful person in my life.

For money:

I attract money. Money loves me and comes to me easily and in abundance.

For health:

I am completely healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I bless my body daily with nutritious food and healthy exercise. My mind is calm and peaceful and my spirit is happy and joyful.

For success:

I am inspired, passionate, and powerful. I deserve success and attract it with every decision I make.

Now, let’s talk about some love spells


1. Love Attraction Spell:

This spell can be easily done by just writing the name of your crush or woman of your desire on a piece of paper. Then fold the paper for at least three times and each time, kiss the paper at least once while folding. Thereafter, you can hide that folded paper under your mattress. This spell will make your crush will to fall for you.


2. Nature’s Magic Love Spell:

Locate the nearest park to your home. Go there and search until you find a medium-sized rock which is shaped like a heart. If you don’t find one then you can always buy one from a shop. Once you have found it, hold it in both hands and whisper the name of the woman you desire for. Bring the stone to your home and put it in a safe place. Within a few days you see that you are having a gala time with the woman of your choice.


3. Red Rose Candle Spell:

Put the long-stemmed red rose between red candles (2). Sprinkle some flower petals all over the candles. Then, light the candles and let it burn down completely. Once the candles have burnt out fully, give the rose to the individual you love the most.

Have you read these luck and success spells? If no, then we recommend reading and doing them now.

1. Everything’s coming Up Aces Spell

From the new deck of playing cards, put 4 aces on a deck. Cover these 4 cards with breadcrumbs and sugar.  Now, add 7 coins and metal charms that portray your desires. At the top, place a silver candle and burn it.

2. Metal Keys Wind Chime Spell

Tie 7 metals keys together using a red thread. Hang them in the wind and let the spell attract good luck and prosperity for you.

3. Lunar Wish Spell

G out and stare at the waxing crescent moon. Softly, speak the name of moon goddess, Selene, and ask her to fulfill your most secret desire.

There are a few other Spells that you should take note of –

1. Better Business Candle Spell

Save the principal dollar earned in another business. Sprinkle it with sugar and salt. Spot a green light & place it over the dollar and let the flame consume the wax.

2. Dream Job Spell

On a piece of paper, write the ad of your dream job. Then put a drop of peppermint oil on it. Further, put it in a bag which is full of three garlic cloves. Carry it all the time until you get the job. Invigorate the oil and three cloves of garlic as required.

3. Happy Home Spell

Place dried lavender, rosemary, and basil leaves in a jar. Let the family pictures surround it.


Final notes –

Casting spells for good fortunes adjust your desires to the powers of nature and the universe. Make sure to pursue the steps cautiously like from picking the candle color to reciting the spell that guarantees to bring you what you need. Know about any extraordinary steps you have to achieve before your desires are fulfilled.

We always tell you to stay focused and positive while casting the spells. This has many reasons associated to it. Spells are delicate and if they sense that your intentions are not correct, they can turn things upside down. Also, these are the forces from various gods whom only wish health, prosperity and wealth only to those people who are true with their words.

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