Who Makes the Best Juicer Machine in 2021?

There are many great juicer-producing companies out there that are committed to providing customers with the most efficient and affordable juicer possible. But no one can buy from all these companies at once. People mostly need one efficient juicer machine. This brings us to the question – which makes the best juicer machine?

No one juicer has it all. Certain brands outshine others when it comes to certain functions but may fall short at other functions. For instance, a juicer may be excellent for leafy green but not so efficient on hard roots. You may find a juicer that handles both types well, but that juicer maybe come at a high price.

This is why the best juice choice varies and largely depends on your needs as a user.

Performance test for who makes the best juicer is usually based on three food three that represent three food types that can enter a juice. They are apples (large diameter, pulpy, oxidize quickly), carrot (hard), kale (leafy vegetable, hard to juice, easily jams)

Before we look at who makes the best juicers, let’s look at the three types of juicers we have.

Types of Juicers

Juicers are easily categorized into three major classes. Let’s briefly discuss them.

  • Centrifugal juicers: These types of juicers are known for how fast they run up to 15,000 RPM. The speed with which the run leads to a generation of heat usually affects the quality of juice extracted. While they are relatively easy to operate, they do not handle leafy green very well.
  • Masticating Juicers: Also called cold freeze juicers are known to juice fruits and vegetables slowly. They are more efficient juicers and tend to have a higher yield compared to centrifugal juicers. Because of how slowly they run, they hardly generate heat capable of affecting the quality of the juice.
  • Citrus Juicers: As the name implies, this class of juicers can only be used for citrus. They are straightforward to use and streamlined. They are compact and take up minimal space on your countertop or cupboard. It’s a great option for beginners and citrus fruit lovers.

Now that we’ve covered the three major categories of juicers, in no formal order, let’s look at the companies that make the best juices today.


Breville has been around for over 90 years. It was found in Australia in the 1930s and was formerly known as Housewares International. You may notice that many centrifugal juicers you find on the market today are Breville products. Breville also manufactures other small kitchen appliances.

Hamilton Beach

There isn’t much information on the “About Us” page of this company, but this company has roots in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It is a major centrifugal juicer manufacturer.


Stand out as one of the most popular names, especially among masticating juicers. Omega also manufactures very efficient centrifugal juicers that yield 20 to 30 percent more juice than other brands. Once name Olympic product and established in 1985. Omega is focused on juicing, manufacturing blenders, milkshake makers, and juicers.

Black and Decker

Was established in 1917 by two men (Mr. Black and Mr. Decker) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. With over 100 years under the belt, they produce innovative home tools, from power tools to lawn care tools and juicers.

Other companies include Cuisinart, Vonshef, Epica, Dash, Jack Lalanne.

Before buying a juicer, you may want to pay attention to who makes them. It is better to buy from brands that have been around for a long time with a track record of excellence. The bigger brands are more reputable and experienced; hence they make the best juicer machines.

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