Why Are Sugar Daddy Sites Growing So Fast in China?

In the US, many old and rich men like to date with young and attractive girls, so does China. They are called as the sugar daddy and the charming women are called as sugar baby. They form the sugar dating relationship. In the Chinese context, they are corresponding to “adopted father” and “nominal foster daughter”, which differs from the primary meaning, especially for the exposure of Gui Meimei event.
sugar daddy website China
Sudy, which becomes famous in the US, is one of the biggest sugar daddy dating website/App in the North America or even the whole world. There are numerous users from the website to the App. It owns more than 2 million members in the world and meets the needs of all users.
Moreover, men and women in “sugar dating” also can get on well with each other. If they become harmonious, they may fall in love and get married, which can be proved by numerous cases.
May-December romance may be not rare around the world. Even if they are reluctant or don’t belong to true love, both of them can take what they need.
Actually, the mutually beneficial relationship can create the more stable marriage.

Sugar Daddy Dating in China

In relatively traditional China, the dating concept is novel, so it is inevitable to be discussed by the public. Indeed, “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” change the traditional value of both sexes.
Young women hope to look for someone who is deserved to be dependent and live a better life, for the sake of paying for tuitions and house rents or meeting consumption demands. In Sudy, many people change destiny, because these males come from members in top 500 enterprises, noblemen, entrepreneurs and magnates.
From the case of Sudy, we know that sugar daddy business thriving fast in China.

Why Are Sugar Daddy Sites Thriving in China?

The traditional dating site is unfair to men? For example, there is aesthetic prejudice. If men are plain-looking, it is hard to attract girls. In the past, many men sent a message to girls on the common dating site, but they received no response and no news for a long time.
On the contrary, in the world of sugar daddy, men have the absolute advantages, it means that even if they are not handsome, they still have a chance to let the women notice them.
At present, many SD platforms officially release Chinese version, such as Sudy. “This is a good thing for both Sudy and users in China”, founder of Sudyspp told us, “the number of registered Chinese has been enrolled over tens of thousand in the past two months”
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