Why Do Personal Injury Lawyers Have a Bad Reputation (10 Reasons)

Personal injury lawyers come in handy whenever we fall in troubles of various kinds. They offer legal services to those who have undergone any form of injury.

At least once in your lifetime, you will find yourself in a state which will require their intervention in one way or another.

Though great and valuable, this cadre of professionals has been on the receiving end for a number of reasons. This has definitely tainted their own image and hurt their credibility. We are going to look into some of these reasons in our discussions here below.

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Let’s Unpack Why Do Personal Injury Lawyers Have a Bad Reputation?


Poor Advertising or Misleading Marketing Tactics

In some cases, the advertising for these services is not done the right way. The adverts portray the attorneys as people who are only hell-bent on making money from or deriving pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. Many hence view these persons with suspicion.

As a result of this, many people are often wary of approaching the attorneys even in the event that they confront circumstances which would ordinarily warrant their intervention. Unfortunately, these attorneys exist primarily to assist rather than make money from people.

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Expensive Charging Regime

Obviously, any services, no less those that are provided for by the personal injury lawyers are [usually availed at a fee.

The manner in which the services are priced by this cadre of lawyers is sometimes disparaging though.

For instance, many charge contingency fee which is often pegged at about a third of the compensation you are bound to receive.

Many views this is a form of theft on the part of these lawyers. Then there are other hidden fees and the possibility of not winning the case eventually.

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Poor Precedence

They say, ‘once bitten, twice shy.’ A bad experience with one personal injury attorney also taints the image of the others in that state. Indeed, quite a number of them do take advantage of the ignorance of their clients and loopholes within the law to fleece them.

These are however exceptions to the rule. Many are truly genuine and devoted to their call as lawyers.

It is hence not a wise thing to use one bad apple to paint all the other apples as being equally bad.

Moreover, there are mechanisms to check and regulate such unscrupulous attorneys.

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Uncalled for Referrals

Some lawyers merely serve as brokers in the field of law. They advertise and source for clients after which they refer the same to third party attorneys.

Many who confront such experiences develop some bad blood with all the other lawyers.

As things stand, there is no piece of legislation that expressly prohibits such acts. However, there are ways and means of seeking assurance from your law firm in advance that such things won’t happen.

Do not hesitate taking full advantage of this loophole.


Insincere Assessments of Injuries

As stated above, most law firms charge a contingency fee for the services they offer. Definitely, the higher the costs of injuries the more they will rake in.

Quite a number of unscrupulous personal injury lawyers do take advantage of this loophole.

They deliberately exaggerate the injuries of their clients to make them appear as though they are worse off than they truly are. If and when this is found out, it is the client who is often held responsible. This, of course, breeds some resentment between the client and any other lawyer of this kind.


Incorrect Impressions

Image, they say, is everything. How people perceive you will definitely determine how they interact with you thereafter.

The scope and job description of the personal injury lawyer in and of itself is not a rosy one. The main reason underlying this is that they come in only when one is in trouble.

As a matter of fact, many people often refer to them as ‘ambulance chasers.’ This combined with the kill they do receive from the pain of victims leads many to write them off completely.


Unhealthy Competition from Insurance Firms

Personal injury lawyers are not the only ones who come in when you are in trouble. The insurance firms also do step in at such times.

To be able to attract clients to their respective sides, each player will often use unethical tactics to do the same.

Some insurance firms, as a matter of fact, have often run advertisements which are all geared to soil the image of the personal injury lawyers.

Those adverts do portray these professionals as persons who are greedy, greasy, and cause unnecessary delays of justice to enrich themselves.


Unrealistic Guarantees

Each person needs to be assured that their case shall go through successfully and bring in some compensation.

However, some personal injury lawyers do take advantage of this to impose unrealistic guarantees to their clients.

While this may be great for the time being, it often backfires badly later.

In the event that the client loses the case and receives no compensation, he might never be willing to secure those services again, let alone recommend the attorneys to a third party. This definitely hurts the reputation of all players in the profession.



All professions are susceptible to occupational hazards. The personal injury legal field is by no means an exception.

However, you agree that some of these negative reputations are unfounded as they lack a firm basis. Instead, they are mostly rooted in inaccurate perceptions.

What does this imply? You should never shy away from invoking their interventions if and when need be.

Instead, only make sure that you seal every loophole which they might take advantage of to exploit you.

The services they offer are too huge and awesome to be forfeited as you may already have noted too!

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