Why Do Sugar Mommas Like to Date Younger Men?

We talked before why younger men like to date sugar momma. We said that this kind of relationship is not just about money. So why do so many sugar mommas want to date younger men? Let us find out today. These are some real thoughts which come from some attractive ladies.
Sugar Mommas Date Younger Men
Fiona, 41.
Fiona is a 41 years old lady who is very attractive, confident. She is an author. She recently broke up with a younger guy who is 24 and 17 younger than her. Fiona is a very interesting woman. She is very much control of her life. Fiona said, “the best thing about being a single woman today is that you can do cool things like skydiving which I did 6 months ago, and I am coming for my hundredth jump”. She is very assured about her sexuality. She is very exciting and very fun to be with. Young men just love her. she said, “the best part of being old and single now is I have the maturity to enjoy my freedom. When I was younger, I did not understand what are privileged freedom and confidence. And now I do so I can live like a younger person now that I am actually older than I did before.”
Monica, 44.
Monica is a personal trainer, and she is 44 years old. She was being married a couple of times before, and both to older guys, but that marriage did not last very well. She loves working out, and she is very active. Monica is a very beautiful woman. She is very assured of her beauty. Does Monica consider herself as a cougar? She said that that is what she really wants to find out. However, her family does not really appreciate what cougar really does. So that might be her first concern.
Vivian, 37.
Vivian is 37 years old. She is a real bombshell. She was being married before, but she has been divorced for 7 years now. Vivian is the cougar’ cougar. Vivian said that she loves younger men, “I love men who are tall, fit, and athletic, and they are very spontaneous”. Vivian likes younger men partly because they adore her, and they just fall for her. “I think the cougar is old, sexy, hot women, and they just matured very very well”, Vivian said.
Michele, 37.
Michele is 37 years old occupational therapist. She is divorced and just starting to date again. Michele is beautiful, and she is definitely a cougar to be trained. Michele said that she really wants to know what younger men expect from older women.
Darlena, 38
Darlena is an infectious diseases specialist. Darlena is already a full-time cougar. Darlena is very open-minded to date younger men who are in their early 20s, and as long as they have their act together. Darlena has a great feeling for her body, herself, and her confidence. She knows exactly how to put herself into a relationship, and to be attractive. Because of that, all men would love to fall for her. Darlena said, “I think the word cougar is very powerful. I heard it the first time, and I just think it is a great way to describe women in their late 30s, 40s whatever age. Basically, a cougar is taking the bull by the horns, knowing what they really want, and going out, and getting it ”.

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