Why Is My Mobility Scooter Going Slow Of 2021?

A mobility scooter is an excellent transport for you if you have a physical disability. Those who have pain, walking difficulties, and other potential medical conditions will find the mobility scooter beneficial. You can do a great job with your mobility scooter, such as shopping, moving around, going for a walk with your friends and family, and similar things. It provides you independence, too. Therefore, the question- ‘why is my mobility scooter going slow?’ should come to your mind.

For many reasons, your mobility scooter may go slow. Among them, the battery of the mobility scooter is the main reason to go slow. There are a few other causes for your mobility scooter going slow such as motors, tires, potentiometer, and so forth. If you discover your mobility scooter is going slower than before, you should replace the battery. Also, you should consider other issues in your mobility scooter.

Why is My Mobility Scooter Going Slow?

After charging your mobility scooter fully, you can go around without any tension. But what if you see it is going slow though the batteries have a full charge? In this situation, you should consider that the cells are getting damaged internally due to some reasons. Apart from that, your mobility scooter may go slow if the tires do not have enough pressure.

Why Is My Mobility Scooter Going Slow Of 2020

However, you have landed on the right planet to discover the answer to the question- why is my mobility scooter going slow? Yes, this article will help you understand everything about the topic. After reading the full article, you can guess where the problem is to go it slow.


Most modern-day scooters will caution you when the battery needs replacing. The charger of the battery may also be a fault. So, before you head over to charge the battery, make sure the charge is in good condition.

On the whole, you should check the battery associations to ensure they are secure and situated appropriately. You’ll be surprised how regularly they continue to provide your scooter to run. If they get any issues inside, they may not support completely to operate the scooter.

Motors of the mobility scooter

The engines on mobility scooters are amazingly trustworthy. Still, if you have an older scooter, you may encounter some level spots, which is when the engine briefly drops to a lower yield making the scooter a bump sound. When you can hear the bump sound, and it tends to stop itself, you should consider a problem in the scooter motors.

If you notice your scooter knocking, it could mean the engine is on out, and you should take it to your nearby mobility scooter repair professional to get it looked at the earliest opportunity.

Consider the tires

However, tires will, in any case, need replacing once in a while. Mobility scooter s are accessible with two sorts of tire, strong and pneumatic. Durable tires are more earnestly wearing; however, they are not as agreeable as pneumatic tires so that you may incline toward the last mentioned.

If the tires of your mobility scooter do not have enough pressure, they will not support the scooter to go faster. Also, they may have a puncture, which is also a potential cause to go your scooter slow. You need to mend the tires and start to go again.

Look at the Ignition switch

The ignition switch may not work properly if you do not maintain and take care. If the ignition switch has any issues, whether it mechanical or not, it will not help your scooter to go faster. In this case, your scooter needs regular maintenance and care for better movement.

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster?

If you see that your mobility scooter is going slow, you need to make it faster. You can make your mobility scooter go more quickly by powering the battery up. The array of the mobility scooter may get damaged, and therefore, the scooter is going slow.

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster

There are other potential causes to make your mobility scooter slow down. If you can repair the scooter’s motor, ignition switch, and tires, you will see that your mobility scooter is going faster than before. So, improve some components of the scooter so that it can run faster.

Replace the battery with a powerful one

Usually, expanding the battery power may assist you with increasing the speed of your mobility scooter. It happens because the electronic parts work quicker as it gets a lot of potentials. As you increment the battery power, you will see better execution. You can mostly do this by replacing the battery with a more powerful one.

You can likewise include an additional battery in the scooter if conceivable. However, it permits you to max the speed of the scooter for a more drawn out timeframe.

Rewinding the motor

The engine of the mobility scooter incorporates a mind-boggling system. You can rewind the curl of a brushed motor to speed up. The speed will increment as you will diminish the windings happen per loop. Accordingly, you will get extra cycles every moment with less force.

You need to be extra cautious while doing the change. As it is an exceptionally perplexing and propelled process, it might cause an effect on the engine. The entire procedure should be profoundly effective. Also, you may wind up harming components as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have other questions about the topic, don’t worry because I have come with some frequently asked questions with their perfect answers.

Can you overcharge mobility scooter batteries?

After every use, you should make sure the battery is fully charged. The good practice is you should charge the battery overnight for the following day. Therefore, overcharging may damage your battery entirely.

Is there a speed limit for mobility scooters?

Depending on the terrain, you should drive your mobility scooter. While you are driving on the pavement, you should not drive fast. So, the ideal speed of a mobility scooter is 12 km/h.

Can you use car batteries in mobility scooters?

Car batteries can provide a large amount of power within a short time, which is not suitable for your mobility scooter. Using car batteries in your mobility scooter, you may harm the motor of the scooter.

Should I leave my mobility scooter on charge all the time?

Once your mobility scooter’s battery is fully charged, you should unplug it from the electric outlet. Otherwise, it may harm due to many reasons, such as lightning in the sky can damage it ultimately.

Final Thought

So, your mobility scooter may go slow for several reasons, including batteries, motors, ignition switch, tires, etc. Before you take your mobility scooter to the technician, you should understand the article’s topic- why is my mobility scooter going slow?

However, by replacing the damaged batteries with new ones, you can solve the issue. Also, you should check the tires whether they have enough pressure. The motor of the scooter should also be checked and repaired to solve the problem.

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