Should You Have Multiple Sugar Daddies, Why NOT?

Should You Have Multiple Sugar Daddies, and Why? Here are some answers from sugar babies:
Multiple Sugar Daddies
Answer 1:
I hope to find one sugar daddy that is perfect for me and that I can be completely devoted to. I’m new to this app, but that’s what I hope to find. I’m sure I’ll start out talking to different people in order to find the right guy for me, but ultimately I don’t want multiple sugar daddies unless my sugar daddy wants me to. I will be respectful of what he wants.
Answer 2:
I don’t think that I would have just one in the beginning, it’s kinda like when your dating not online but when you meet ppl. You don’t just keep one guy at first what if he doesn’t make you happy, what if he doesn’t have a personality. What if he just isn’t the one. So yes I am going to pick an chose between them and that one I feel is the perfect fit for me is the one that I will stay with if that’s the kind of relationship he wants. If he wants just friends then I can do that also with just him.
Answer 3:
yes at first until i find someone who makes me happier than ever yes at first until i find someone who makes me happier than ever yes at first until I find someone who makes me happier than ever yes at first until I find someone who makes me happier than ever yes at first until I find someone who makes me happier than ever yes at first until I find someone who makes me happier than ever.
Answer 4:
At first, I might since I need to look for the good one, but once I find the perfect one for me I’ll love to take care of him, be with him for good. I just want to make sure I find someone that will treat me like a princess and spoil this little cry baby? I know some sugar daddies are just looking for fun and that’s great as well I got no problem with it, as long as he knows how to spoil?
Answer 5:
Who doesn’t have multiple daddies? Well I don’t as of right now but I’m sure that I will g wet the hang of this daddie sudsy dating and I’m sure that it’s not as easy as it looks or what I hear about it because I’m not just looking for a quick fling or to be a just to make money I want a deeper connection and someone who can help mold me into a lady keep me motivated so I can get my own and create a foundation for a great life but who knows maybe I’ll have one sudsy daddie maybe more but that is yet to come.
Answer 6:
At first yes I might be willing to have multiple daddies but I then eventually want to ” settle ” myself with just one person. I understand all the benefits that can come from having multiple daddies but I’d like to think about the loyalty and connection that you can share with one person and that’s so much better ❤️❤️ honestly anything is possible when you give it a good try !!
Answer 7:
I’m a typical Virgo….. meaning I’m loyal by default. If I have given you the title of being MY “Sugar Daddy”, you better believe you’re the only one. Anything before I’ve awarded that title to a worthy recipient, PSD’s, – multiple men who I have a reciprocal relationship with and ISD’s – those who are inquiring l, will have access to me. DON’T LIKE IT? Make it worth my while, and I’ll consider changing that.
Answer 8:
I am very new to all of this, there only needs to be one Daddy for me, who i can invest my time, energy, and feelings into. To build a good strong connection with. To by loyal to Daddy. To be his princess that he loves to spoil and pamper. Just one Daddy is all I need. A Daddy who is Dominant and is seeking his sweet submissive sb. I enjoy being the little in a DD/lg connection.
Answer 9:
My preference would be to find one amazing daddy that I can focus my time and energy. Before a good connection is formed, I would recommend multiple daddies but once you find the one that you have a mutual connection with it would be good to focus on that one. That may sound like putting all the ehhs in one basket but daddies require genuine care, time affection. Having multiple may reduce the time spent or the care shown to the other/others which may cause them to loose interest.
Answer 10:
I would at the start to test out the waters made to see who I connect with. Because it’s just a hassle to only talk to one daddy and put in all your energy and the have it not work out. I’d just like to have the options a little bit open just incase one of them doesn’t work out. Then if it does work out then I would ask my sugar daddy if he only wants to see me exclusively.
Answer 11:
I’d prefer to have just one SD. I feel as though the SD/SB relationship I’m looking for: one is all I need. I want to be able to connect a certain way that I won’t with others, & bond in a unique way. And having multiple SD won’t allow that in my eyes, if I have to share between multiple SD. The way I want my SD to spoil me is the same way I want to spoil him with myself & whatever attention he might want.
Answer 12:
Considering this is my first time having a SD I’m not jumping forward I’m thinking about having multiples for now I am good with one I want to find the best one I can though I do not want to settle for just any I figure if you can’t have more than one conversation at once then I can’t maintain entertaining two different men or 3 or 4 or 5 lol that’s too much to deal with.
Answer 13:
I think at first I will have multiple sugar daddies before I find the right one. I am sort of in it for the money mainly as I need to pay off loans and get a few new items to help with work at the moment, but after a decent amount of time, if I find someone who treats me right and gives me what I need, I will switch to one sugar daddy for me I think.
Answer 14:
Depending on the agreement with me and my daddy. At first, I would, of course. But if things got serious I would have to drop the others until we had a conversation about it. I myself would love to have multiple sugar daddies. I’ve never really seen myself as much of a monogamist anyway. As long as my daddy was happy and comfortable with it, of course, I would!
Answer 15:
I’m Valerie and new this site.Just one sugar daddy is enough for me if he proves that he’s worth it..I’m looking for sugar daddy who can spoil me and have fun together no drama no bs just enjoy the moment together and more adventurous..I’m looking for serious relationship too if its possible I’m giving it try..I’m not fluent in English so try to understand me lol..
Answer 16:
At first, I believe it’s totally acceptable to have more than one sugar daddy. In most cases, sugar daddies are doing the same thing in search of their perfect baby. It makes sense in trying to find someone you’re truly compatible with. But once you have a strong, mutual connection with a sugar daddy I believe the best way to do things is in an exclusive relationship that way you don’t have to feel insecure in either party.
Answer 17:
I would have more than one sugar daddy because I like to have options and unless they’re seeking exclusivity then why do I need to? I like to multi-task and I have no problem keeping track of things and giving my all when I’m with someone. And what if things don’t work out with one? Maybe we don’t have chemistry, maybe I don’t fully know what I want. I want to be able to decide. And I want to have a different adventure with each one.
Answer 18:
I need to know more people at first and find one right for me. People are different maybe finding the right one might be difficult. So I would keep looking until I find the perfect one for me. With whom I can be myself and share my life with.finding the right one instantly might be difficult I assume. So yeah I want to meet many people as I can and meet my guy who is perfect for me at the end
Answer 19:
Since I’m a newbie to this I think at first I would have multiple SD’s just to become familiar with the whole process, how to communicate with different daddies etc. However, Ideally, I would love to find that one certified SD who spoils me better than say five would because loyalty is definitely a thing for me! It would also be overly draining sharing my time between multiple daddies lmao. But patience is a virtue?
Answer 20:
Maybe at first, I would. During the “getting to know you” stage. But, ideally, I’m a very monogamous pers?on, so I would love just one Daddy who I can have fun with. I don’t think I’d like dating more than 1 Daddy at a time. But, you never know. It’s possible I guess. We’d have to see what happens here on this site. I don’t know what’s possible. Yeah.
Answer 21:
Yes, because that way i will get some more money, i don’t care what i have to do, to get money and make every Sugar Daddy un here dream with me, sometimes i agree that’s something extremely, but anyway i will get what i want, how i want and when i want it, that’s talking about the money and sex, it you want oral sex or something like that, the only thing you need to do is give me some money and i will do it.
Answer 22:
If I get to know a person and I like him no absolutely not I would never have multiple sugar daddies that’s just disgusting honestly you’re trying to get to know a person you’re trying to build some type of relationship I would definitely not do that unless it’s something that me and that person agreed on having an open relationship from the beginning other than that absolutely not
Answer 23:
This is a no go area for me, I am monogamous and only see one person so multiple daddies is not something I am currently looking for, nor will I be in the future. Chemistry is extremely important to me and for me that means putting time and effort into one person so that it’s mutually beneficial for the both of us. Under no circumstances will I see multiple people.
Answer 24:
I think the understand communication and the process you must have a few different sugar daddies to understand what you like and how you like to be treated. After the initial period of multiples, you are then able to understand better about not only the men but also about yourself so that way you can dedicate yourself to a main daddy. I think then you will be able to satisfy.
Answer 25:
Its all up to the sugar daddies. If any aren’t okay with it then I won’t go along with it. Sure dating means Ill meet up with a few sugar daddies. But after I date a few since I am new. Whoever is the most intriguing and best wins me. I’m loyal. I can be with one person. Yet I always had high expectations. I am polyamerous but really I think its because no one has won me over. I don’t over step anyone’s boundaries or want them uncomfortable. I am still very young. Even younger at heart might I add. I also look way younger than I am to many people. This being said things take time. I want to grow with you and build my life. I’ve been stuck in the same place so long. I need a very helpful partner not only with money but with passion, sympathy and patience. I am not all about money never really had none and never really cared to have to much. I just really desire a partner that won’t mind helping with money and other things. Whoever or how many people I’m with will be a part of a puzzle. I don’t know how many pieces I need or what fits yet till I see and know what’s needed in the whole picture of our lives.
Answer 26:
No I wouldn’t, first I don’t think I’ll be able to have much time for multiple sugar daddies, meaning I wouldn’t be able to give my full and undivided attention to one man. I am here to be devoted to one sugar daddy who pleases my needs as I do to his. Were he knows I’ll be available to him whenever he pleases. And lastly I think if the connection is right there’s no need to look somewhere else.
Answer 27:
I think I would have multiple sugar daddies at first knowing that not all of them will stay my sugar daddy and eventually I’ll have only one or two to talk to genuinely and have a good time with. I honestly don’t think I could keep up with having multiple sugar daddies forever, and I know if they stick around that means there is something special. Special is always good.
Answer 28:
I think I will have multiple daddies just for a little bit… I want to be fought over so I know who wants and needs me the most! life is too short to only have one daddy, anyway… I want to have my fun but I hope one day I’ll find the one! I will spoil and love all my daddies whether or not they want something serious but I just hope they won’t mind that I’m with others!
Answer 29:
I would much rather have one daddy but I feel like the way it has been set up so far, it will definitely take more than one daddy to spoil me. I love being spoiled and having myself taken care of and I would love to have just one daddy take care of me an for me to spend all my time with. And maybe he would want the same. But if he wants more than one baby, he is welcome.
Answer 30:
Sure 🙂 especially because a lot of time Sugars have really hectic schedules so I would consider having multiple just to fill in the gaps. Of course if I could find someone consistent with an open schedule who wanted to be mutually exclusive I wouldn’t say no to that either. Every Sugar relationship is different so you just kind of have to have an open mind and go with the flow. 🙂
Answer 31:
Of course I will have more as a beginner, just to find out the best among them and then take decisions on who spoil me a lot and much more among them, this is a natural thing that cud happen to any body because we all have a focus and a target, and I still believe we all are here for different reasons, meeting just one sugar mommy and not test another I think is not a nice decision unless it,s a nature sent.
Answer 32:
I’m a pretty new sugar baby so I think one SD is enough to handle. I want learn the ropes and find a lasting relationship that benefits both parties. I think you can only really do that if you just focus on one person at a time. Hopefully I can find an SD who feels the same and wants a focused monogamous relationship we can both work on and learn from together.
Answer 33:
Definitely!! Why close yourself off to one when there are so many that could do so much for you. I think having multiple sugar daddies is a great thing! I would have as many as I can, if I could.Whatever their wishes, I would abide by them and please them in anyway I could.Different sugar daddies could do different things with you and for you.It is great if you find that ONE for you, but keep an open mind!
Answer 33:
I usually only have 2 at the most. Depending on how much my allowance is, I wouldn’t mind having multiple. But if I have a sugar daddy that would rather me only have 1 at a time then I would definitely be honest with him. Sugar relationships have to be mutually beneficial and I would want him to he honest with me as well. But if one was not financing me enough then I would keep.
Answer 34:
I feel as though i would have multiple sugar daddies since i am new to this ! But of COURSE if that one Special SD just so happen to really get my eye and attraction i will most definitely lean more towards one sugar daddy. I will need to have an attraction with him on a personal level whether its just friends or more! But id have to say since i do not have a special sugar daddy, id have to choose multiple.
Answer 35:
Yes because I’m on here to upgrade my life from where it is and multiple sugar daddies will be able to do that for me, plus I’m sugar somwhere down the road I’m gonna end up in bed with some and lets face it a lot of the daddies want be able to last in bed with me so I will need different sugar daddies for different things. The more sugar daddies for me the better off I’ll be.
Answer 36:
I think that at one given time I would prefer to just have one sugar daddy, just so I could devote as much time as I could to one daddy at once as that’s what I would prefer to do. Also, out of respect I think I would just like to have one sugar daddy as it’s only fair and I wouldn’t want my sugar daddy to think I wasn’t loyal, however if I had a sugar daddy that didn’t mind me having another one then I could consider having more than one.
Answer 37:
I am still new here so I’m still looking out for a sugar daddy. If the right one comes I will stick with him. I would prefer to have only one daddy as it would be difficult for me to coordinate my time if I had more than one. I would want my daddy to be someone I can click with and hopefully he can follow me throughout the time that we are together.
Answer 38:
No. I’m more conservative in the sense of women “spreading” themselves out. After all if you spread the whole jar of mayonnaise among too many sandwiches…there will not be enough and all shall be dry. To each their own. But I would prefer to only spend time with one SD rather than several. Staying honest ….(we are all adults here)…sex may or may not be part of the package for some. If it is….is it really okay to sleep with several? My thought is no.
Answer 39:
I’m new with this sugar thing, but I’m really excited to experience it!! I guess I’ll have many dates at the beginning. But I don’t think I’d have more than one sugar daddy once I find someone special. But I’m looking for a good company to spend time with.. Personally I don’t like to go out with many different people at the same time, once I like someone.
Answer 40:
I think exploring to find the right sugar daddy is an amazing idea, but not having multiple. I want to eventually be loyal to one sugar daddy and one only. Loyalty is a huge thing for me and I’d rather have my daddy spoil me knowing he’s all I focus on rather than have my daddy have the thought of me being with another SD on the back of his mindd.
Answer 41:
It depends on the commitment a sugar daddy wants from me, i can belongs to only one sd as long as he Takes care of me enough and keep me enrertained. But i also enjoy sharing my attributes with many sugar daddies and get some sur from various Men. I can adapt to the needs and wishes if Men, i think all it Takes is a good nice talk and being straight with what one wants from a girl.
Answer 42:
I am new to this however I feel I wouldn’t mind having multiple. I do see myself as an entrepreneur and as long as the arrangement is non exclusive I do not see the harm. I am not closed to the idea of not having one SD because it is hard to have multiple SDs at once and I do believe it is possible to find that one SD that spoils and takes care of you perfectly, whom you enjoyed time with aswell.
Answer 43:
It is a possibility of having multiple sugar daddies! But it would depend on each daddy and whether or not they are open to sharing me. The issue of supply and demand would then arise as to who gets my attention at any given time. I want to be available for my daddy whenever he needs me. So if I have more than one daddy it will limit the amount of free time I have for each.
Answer 44:
I’m fairly new to this site but not new at being a baby. My policy with having multiple sugar daddies is that it’s okay, unless you have a daddy that only wants you to be his baby. If that ever happens I explain to my daddy that I would love for him to be my only Daddy, but my lifestyle is much too extravagant for me to just have one. I let him know that if he’s willing to spoil me completely then I would definitely consider letting all my other daddy’s go. But if I was going to allow him to be my only Daddy, I would definitely make sure that the agreement is set in the place before I end any relationships with my other daddies. The agreement would include bills, allowance, travel expenses, and food expenses plus additional gifts when we spend time together. Everybody has their own way of doing things so I will leave you with this. Know your worth and then add tax. Good luck babes!!!!
Answer 45:
Im new here, honestly I didn’t know the whole thing on how to get an ideal SD,im a filipina and devoted to only have one care with, to love with and to cherished life till forever. Its not easy to play a game if only look after is the best gift that god given us. LOVE TRUELY AND SINCERLY IS THE VIRTUE THAT LAST FOREVER. BLESS US ALL.
Answer 46:
No I wldnt because I don’t believe in being w multiple guys at the same time. I’d like to get to kno one man n if it didn’t work out then I’d look for a new one. But never at the same time, I find that hurtful n disrespectful. I was in an abusive marriage where I got cheated on every day. I just want a man that’s a one woman man for I am a one man woman.
Answer 47:
To be honest that depends… As I am new to all this I am still grasping with the idea but yes maybe I might go for more because I want to explore everything. But also if I get one as I want I don’t think I will find another sugar daddy. The one who spoils me and makes every wish come true😂😂 just getting to know everything now and hope to find a perfect sugar daddy soon.
Answer 48:
No, I will only have one sugar daddy! MY sugar daddy will get my respect, and to me splitting my time between multiple sugar daddys is disrespectful, and anyone who takes care of me in ANY way deserves better than that. I would much rather spend all my time pleasing my sugar daddy and be available when he needs or wants me! My sugar daddy will have my time, respect, and attention!
Answer 49:
If my needs are taken care of and that is the mutually agreed upon senerio than I don’t see a need for multiple partners, however under the same conditions I don’t see the harm in it either. as long as all participants have the same understanding and feel comfortable in their roles, I believe that every situation is as unique as the individuals who are involved.
Answer 50:
Yes at first I would just to see what this SD thing is all about….But once I found that right now who makes me feel and treat me how I deserve….I’ll just have that special one…To spend my time with and enjoy life with….I wouldn’t want to waste his time and hopefully he’ll feel the same way towards me…Having a lot of SD can be over whelming and time consuming…So I’ ll just rather be with one SD.
Answer 51:
I would have multiple sugar daddies and the reason why I would have multiple sugar daddies is because there’s a sugar daddy for everything not one person might be able to handle buying me a car paying my rent or buying me clothes for school or work or you know talking to me late nights are waking me up making sure that I’m ready for work or school or you know there’s someone for everything .
Answer 52:
Since I just started this I think I can have a multiple sugar daddies as I have to be familiar with how things work & how to be perfect in every aspect. I think having multiple sugar daddies at this stage can help me gain a lot of knowledge about how sugar babies & sugar daddies do to make the relationship work as we all know that being a sugar baby requires a lot of hard work & patience.
Answer 53:
I think I would want just one sugar daddy so that I can be completely loyal to him. I think that I would get confused with multiple sugar daddies and I wouldn’t be able to devote as much time to them as I would like. I want to have one sugar daddy to spoil me and take care of me, and in return I want to give back to him as much as I possibly can.
Answer 54:
I would love to keep multiple sugar daddies because I am a mole tied diva when it comes to pleasure and also when it comes to making a person feel loved and and in a sense of home is where you need to be I am all you need. And by having multiple sugar daddy you get more experiences so that way which you can give to one you will be able to give to another and what you learned from that sugar daddy take on the experience with your next.
Answer 55:
I would have multiple sugar daddies because I’m new to the whole sugar baby idea. With multiple sugar daddies it makes it a lot easier to figure out what kind of man and relationship you would like but if I do find an interest in a particular person then I would only be with them. I’m not very picky but it’s the connection and if I have that connection with more than one I would ask if that would be okay with both of them.
Answer 56:
Yes!!! I have NEVER understood monogamous intimate relationships….smh….as small children we don’t grow up thinking(planning) to have ONE “best friend”-“support”-“connection”-“bond”. We don’t make that friend in kindergarten then close ourselves off to any further oppertunity of another friend because we “already have one”….I seize the moment.
Answer 57:
Yes. One because I’m a pic and video baby. So some will never get to really have any type of contact with me unless it’s thru technology. So why be exclusive to someone who’s never going to enjoy you physically? So I’ll have my SD that I can see more regularly and maybe 2 others . Nothing wrong as long as respect and boundaries are preserved. Just the though.
Answer 58:
Id like to have only 1 sugar daddy because loyalty is a plus for me and besides id want him to show me some loyalty too. I know having one SD that i can do everything with is nice, i like to bond with one person instead of multiple people because then maybe it would cause confusion and would be hard to juggle all those sugar daddies around but then again it all depends on you. So just one.
Answer 59:
I believe it will depend on the liability of whoever decides to contact me, and of they’re okay with me talking to others. Personally I’m okay with it! I’m very open with the things I’m looking for in a relationship and thats something I’d want reciprocated with anyone who wants to pursue something with me. But ultimately what matters is that both ends are happy (:
Answer 60:
It all depends on the SD Ideally, I want one SD, but I give loyalty when deserved. If a SD has multiple SBs, well then I’ll follow suit. I’m completely new to this, so in a SD I am looking for someone who is capable and wanting of providing and taking care of me (even though I am doing just fine)….but still able to commit. I am not sure if commitment and the whole sugar baby thing go together, but I am hoping it does.
Answer 61:
Since I’m new to this at first I probably would until I found a couple that I really like or one it all depends on how I feel about who my sugar daddy is and how well our relationship is going whether it’s a relationship or friendship it also depends on how he feels and where we are in the relationship and if he feels comfortable with it too but only time will tell.
Answer 62:
I didn’t have this experience. And I don’t like that. When you communicate with a person, it is important to give him all his attention, care and tenderness. If you are at the same time even with two, you can miss important points for one of them. If you give yourself maximum to one person, then in return you will get even more than you could get from a few.
Answer 63:
I definitely would have multiple SDs. Why? Because I require tons of attention to keep me happy (and a happy baby =a fun baby!) and no daddy has enough time or energy to give me all that attention. Contrary to popular speculation, I can assure you that my daddy de jour would never feel like he was anything but my 1 and only because personally 1. I am extremely loyal and have a lot of love to give. My focus would be 100% on him and his time would not be wasted. 2. I have a very good memory. I would be able to remember favorites, stories, and experiences specific to each SD. 3. I believe that discretion is a virtue. 4. I would feel that it is my responsibility to make the arrangement work since it is for my benefit. So, that brings me to the question: are the daddies down for this? Or is there someone who thinks they can keep me happy on their own?
Answer 64:
Yes, I will have multiple sugar daddies. I don’t expect one man to fulfill everything I want. Everyone has something different to offer and not just money, but time, travel, companionship, cuddling, talking. If a sugar daddy wants me to himself then we need to talk about how that will work and why. And what he REALLY expects from and wants from me.
Answer 65:
Of course at first we must all have a few at first until we find that one that we think is really going to work out for us! But if l9ve to eventually have a SD that would truly be committed to me as I could be to him. I’m new at this as well but its always intrigued me and 8 fugerued I would give it a shot. Of all these other people out themselves out there then why can’t I?
Answer 66:
I would prefer to have a connection with only one man. I feel that entertaining multiple men would be asking for trouble. It is better to find one right one. If one man catches my attention and shares the same type of love I have for life then I wouldn’t be interested in others that may not hold a candle to him. My focus and attention would be placed on that one right man.
Answer 67:
Considering I’m new to this I don’t think that I would have more than one. Plus I would like my daddy to get all of my attention versus him only getting partial attention I think that he deserves all of me.,I don’t want him to think that I’m only there just because I want money. I want him to know that he does have a companion and somebody to talk to and we can video chat. He dserves my full attention.
Answer 68:
Yes initially till I can establish who is the best match for me, im naturally a loyal woman and I think once ive found my daddy I will stay devoted to making only him happy if he in return can do the same for me. In general African women are devoted to being submissive to good men and treat them like kings!!! Calling on honnest, generous daddies who are looking for some loving.
Answer 69:
I think I would like to date a few Ads but they would not be mine. Unless I like the 1st and he’s willing to make me his. I am very traditional I like to be wooed and made felt secure one a man does that… I’d much rather focus on a relationship wuth respect and kindness than date a slew of men who don’t care to do so because of they feel that they can offer and not see my value as well.
Answer 70:
I don’t think I would be comfortable having more than one sugar daddy. That’s when it becomes something else for me. Im looking for a guy I can have fun with and can show me the ropeas of the SB and SD world,we wouldn’t have to last forever. Also, I feel as if the guy I connect with will be one that is looking more so for a companion and i wouldn’t want to jeopardize our relationship with another man.
Answer 71:
If I get really attached to someone then I’d just keep the one but sharing the love with multiple understanding SDs is important too. I’d like to just have one but to each their own. Everyone is a little different in what they want and how they want to express themselves with their SDs. Guess it’s just personal preference and their connection to others.
Answer 72:
Honestly I wouldn’t. If my sugar daddy can keep me satisfied and happy, I should be able to do the same for him. Plus, if I have another sugar daddy then that takes time away from SD #1. That’ll mean someone won’t be happy. I rather just focus on one sugar daddy and if he tells me that he wants me to get another SD then I might consider it. But if he doesn’t then I won’t.
Answer 73:
I’m new to this whole thing so.. I guess I wouldn’t have multiple suggar daddies at once but I would have potential suggar daddies in line I guess just in case the suggar daddy I am with right now stops being sweet , caring or understanding…. I feel like having multiple suggar daddies is considered cheating? But once I find the one.. I’ll probably stick to him.
Answer 74:
Yeah. Why not share it? I’ve never been one for monogamy and who’s to say he can’t have more than one baby. As long as communication is open and were honest, I don’t see a problem. Plus I’m broke as f*** and need money so….kinda don’t have a choice. If daddy has a problem with it we can talk it out and figure something out that’ll work for both of us!
Answer 75:
I think I would like to have multiple daddies at once because I do really wish to go to school and the extra income would help. Also I do love being spoiled and given attention to, and I know that’s not just what this is about. I would just like to enjoy before actually finding a daddy that I would love to give me love and care to, I want my daddy to also reciprocate the affections.
Answer 76:
Not at all I want to put all my attention and focus into pleasing my SD he takes care of me and I take care of him I dont like to share and I want undivided attention I want to be his greatest pleasure and his only pleasure I don’t want to worry about him or I being unavailable or not having time because their are other people involved I am all about pleasing and dont need to worry about someone else taking time away from that.
Answer 77:
I would love to have mingle sugar daddies. The idea excited me originally because this app allows me to talk with a few different men wet the same time safely and responsibly. Currently jabbing one sugar daddy with a med-low allowance gives me a good feel for what I could get out of higher income men. Taking to multiple men would get me to a comfortable level easily.
Answer 78:
I’m a typical Virgo….. meaning I’m loyal by default. If I have given you the title of being MY “Sugar Daddy”, you better believe you’re the only one. Anything before I’ve awarded that title to a worthy recipient, PSD’s, – multiple men who I have a reciprocal relationship with and ISD’s – those who are inquiring l, will have access to me. DON’T LIKE IT? Make it worth my while, and I’ll consider changing that.
Answer 79:
Yes i will because it leaves much variety…! I like to have no strings attached and honest open relations…Being completely honest doesn’t leave any room for jealousy… People over rate and forget what relationships should really be. So being honest is really the only way to make things work with no doubt. For Sure. So if you cant be honest then maybe your meant to be single…
Answer 80:
It is quite possible that I would until I get a feel for things. I am new to this so I would like to ease into this and see how well it goes. Two to three would work for me, but I’m open to much fun, etc. I’ve never really been one for dating more then one individual at one time, but I’m single, and figure I’ll try something different results. Can’t get played when things are on your terms.
Answer 81:
Honestly it depends on you, you can have multiple sugar daddies or you can have just one. It’s up to you and what works better for you 🙂 Everyone has different preferences. Some girls work better with multiple sugar daddies because they are able to multi task or some girls like having one sugar daddy to focus all their attention to. It’s whatever you are comfortable with 🙂
Answer 82:
Yes! these are arrangements and unless i have something very lucrative I dont see the incentive to put loyalty into an arrangement. if i have the patience, the skill and the ability to do so i will take that opportunity. he is using his wealth to get what he wants from multiple girls i will use my charm to get what i want from multiple men. I don’t need to flaunt it though.
Answer 83:
I don’t think I could have multiple sugar daddies. That’s just too much for me. I want to find that one man that I can devote myself to. Someone I can trust and possibly love. I want a man who is caring and consider. A man who always wants to shower me with that special kind of affection. If I’m getting it from every “John” and “Joe” it’s not special, it’s routine. I want spontaneous and amazing. So I think I’ll stick to the one for now.
Answer 84:
I would not. I want only one. Have several makes it more difficult to learn your daddies likes and/or dislike, his thoughts, how to genuinely be the woman he want/needs me to be at any point. It allows me to know by tone or glance if he is stressed, aggrivated or qurious or passionate. It allows me to know how to not be an added problem or burden. Having several can’t interfere with be genuine with you daddies. In my opinion they don’t want fake, they deal with that enough.
Answer 85:
I would want to just find one sugar daddy that i get along with and i wouldnt need another sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are the same as dating to me. If you have multiple sugar daddies, then you are cheating. Its not right and just because theyre giving money doesnt make it ok to have mutiple. It is still a human being that wants to find love and loyalty.
Answer 86:
Most likely not because I already have a hard time trusting people. I am a positive person and the last thing I need is a bunch headache dealing with so many different personalities. I have to built a strong bond and actually like being around that specific person. I am also bluntly honest, so not too many people can put up with me. So, I don’t think I can manage multiple sugardaddys at one time.
Answer 87:
I do think I would have multiple sugar daddies. I feel like this type of relationship doesn’t need to be exclusive. If there were to come a point that a sugar daddy would want to be exclusive I would consider it but it would require him to spoil me even more for me to consider giving up my other sugar daddies. I am not sure how I feel about being exclusive to him if he has multiple SB tho.
Answer 88:
No not at all. Multiple sugar daddies may want to meet me at a time where I have already set apart time to meet another. I would not want to cause any unnecessary inconveniences to any of them. I understand that time is an important commodity that cannot be recovered once it is lost and I would hate to waste anyone’s time and I would not want mine wasted.
Answer 89:
Well. I haven’t been sugaring for long but of course i would want multiple. Just for financing reasons and of course i need to be able to create a schedule as well. Money isnt the only important thing when it comes to having a sugar daddy but with multiple that takes time and patience so the more i have and the more they pay for my time of course id have multiple.
Answer 90:
I think it’s inevitable that once you first start off on this website you’ll have multiple sugar daddies but by the process of elimination you will find that very special someone who is loyal and generous to you only. Once you’ve found that you can kiss those other sugar daddies goodbye lol but always have 1 in the cut just incase things go sour lol
Answer 91:
I would like to have one daddy at a time. I can give him a 100% of my love & time so he can feel that I am devoted to him and then he will make me happy in return. I do enjoy one on one time with the daddy and I also want to make sure that he feels like smiling every day. If a daddy feels that he is not getting adequate attention or sometimes wants to be the only one and feels that he’s not
Answer 92:
I don’t think that I would have just one in the beginning, it’s kinda like when your dating not online but when you meet ppl. You don’t just keep one guy at first what if he doesn’t make you happy, what if he doesn’t have a personality. What if he just isn’t the one. So yes I am going to pick an chose between them and that one I feel is the perfect fit for me is the one that I will stay with if that’s the kindve relationship he wants. If he wants just friends then I can do that also with just him.
Answer 93:
No… why have multiple if you can create a good bond with just one….. I rather not have to juggle men… I can devote myself to one man as long as we give each other the time, love, affection and attention we’re seeking.. If it doesn’t work out with one I may keep my options open I just can’t see myself dealing with someone I’m not compatible with 😋😋😋
Answer 94:
My ideas are pretty weird. For example I would love to grab a car and drive to a place where we can lay down and stargazing, just lay and see the stars, the sky, enjoy the moment and spend it with him, maybe having a good talk to about any subject. Or also it could be in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a cozy, little place that I love. The bread and the coffee is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it has one of the best views of the mountains that anyone could ever wish for.
Answer 95:
‘m attractive to older men with or without money so I would have one sugar daddy that I can give my whole attention and affection to, I love romantizising having one men to care for emotionally have a close connection being the one love of my life secretly. Most men work hard providing for women and most women don’t see that or just take advantage of their money and that’s where I would give them affection and care for them emotionally and embrace them for their hard work.
Answer 96:
I am open to having multiple sugar daddies but it would be contingent upon the parameters me and my steady SD set..sugar daddy for me is no different from any other relationship because I only date single if we are dating and opt not to make things exclusive then we are both free to have other people in our lives. The biggest issue is for us to have honest and open communication so we can both be on the same page.
Answer 97:
Well, with being new to the whole sugar baby idea, I think I would chat with a few daddies. I would prefer to actually only have one daddy at a time though, someone I can connect with on this website and get to know a little better, then maybe meet up in the near future. Im excited to see where this goes and maybe even be spoiled and find a true connection with a gentleman.
Answer 98:
Jess Hannah Herring b I don’t want multiple sugar daddies, I want to find a man who could one day love me and have a deep connection with him. I am just not in favour of having multiple of men at one time because I like to commit myself to one man and one man only. At the moment I am still looking and just want to find someone who isn’t toxic and belittles me to make himself look better.
Answer 99:
I’m new to this, of course. I need to get used to have sugar daddies! But after I learn all this, having multiple would not only be lots of fun, but I would have more opportunities to find my one true love 😉 but also, you know, being pampered is also lots of fun, in my opinion as long as you don’t take advantage of someone. It would be cool just to have the experience.
Answer 100:
I will have multiple Sugar Daddies of course. It makes it easier to travel a lot and get to new places, go shopping and enjoying a fun, fab sugar baby life! In case if of the Sugar Daddy relationships end, you still have another one. Everyou Bill needs to get paid at one point so it’s also good for not having liquidity issues or running out of money
Answer 101:
I have to say ,No. Hell No. My personality and character is Loving to be Loyal with one Man . I will joyfuy channel all that I am to one Man and I assume hes not going to have a problem with this at all. I take pride in honosty being faithful and above all having trust. My idea of having more than one Man is not having any of those things in which I look for in a relationship. So my answer is ,no . I would not.
Answer 102:
As much as I would love to dedicate myself to one daddy and please him as much as I possibly could and get spoiled in return. I’ll probably have to find my way through this whole lifestyle myself and learn how the ins and outs but the faster I figure it out the better I can please my daddy and meet all of his needs. It’s all about the connection. Some people have it and others don’t. I’m ready to start pleasing.
Answer 103:
I would feel that having multiple sugar daddies would almost lose the connection you could have. Just because someone has money and is willing to share that with you in exchange for companionship does not make them any less human. Therefore, i feel that having only one sugar daddy, would definitely keep the connection much more personal. However, if I were approached with two daddies who were both okay with it, I may be open to the idea.
Answer 104:
If my sugar daddy wanted something exclusive, I would respect his want and agree to an exclusive partnership. But, if my sugar daddy wanted something nonexclusive, then I would consider having multiple sugar daddy’s to fulfill many different wants and desires. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel loved and cared for and I would do my absolute best to make sure my sugar daddy/daddies would feel that very way.
Answer 105:
I wouldn’t mind having multiple sugar daddies. I think it would be a great experience to get multiple different views so you, as a sugar baby, can grow and expand your mind. It’s not just about the money, it’s about your mind as well. A sugar daddy’s role is to help you grow and expand your mind to become a better person. Help you achieve your goals.
Answer 106:
Personally, I’d like to only have one sugar daddy. Though I am sure my sugar daddy would have multiple sugar babies, it’s just how my mindset is. I would love to focus on and give my all to whoever my sugar daddy may be. It wouldn’t want to have to deal with juggling a multiple sugar daddies either, only because I can be forgetful. Everybody does things differently though.
Answer 107:
I’d be okay with having multiple sugar daddies, as long as nothing was serious romantically with any of them. Just like regular dating, I suppose- unless it gets serious, why not? At the same time, it seems a bit odd to have more than one. I guess it mostly depends on the type of arrangementa and relationships. Friends, I don’t see the problem. That’d be lile having multiple sponsors. But more than one boyfriend? That’s….not quite right in my book
Answer 108:
I could never have more then one SD even tho this is my first time doing this for the tine being. It do love male attention. But i would love one SD that will pay attention to me a such i will for him. I want a nsa relationship with my SD since i Do have someone in my life I’m very interested in. Im willing to talk and ask what he is looming for in a SB .
Answer 109:
I am definitely interested in having more than one sugar daddy. If we are not in a relationship then there is no need for either of us to be exclusive. I think it would take a very good connection and time to build up something exclusive between a sugar daddy and sugar baby. If he wants to be exclusive but can’t maintain what other sugar daddies offer and I’m not intetested in a relationship then I would not lead him on.
Answer 110:
I dont think so. But I am new in this. Maybe with time I would say yes ti that. But for the moment I’m looking for a Sugar Daddy who can be a friend. And maybe something more. I’m very loyal, I can’t have two things going on. I put everything in my relations. I Know I’m very Young but I really put everything with a person if I think It is worth It. Answer 106:
Answer 111:
Personally, I wouldn’t really want multiple sugar daddies. I would want to be able to give all of my attention to one person and give them anything they deserve. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to it completely as long as he/they were okay with me having multiple daddies. I’m still new to this whole lifestyle so the more I explore, the more sure I could be!
Answer 112:
I would eventually like to have one exclusive Sugar Daddy to spoil me and to spoil in return. I want one Sugar Daddy to call my own. I will however, have to get to know and meet a few Sugar Daddy prospects before I can chose one that I feel will be My Sugar Daddy for a long time. Unless I just get lucky and we hit it off right away and it just goes from there. Wish would be great.
Answer 113:
It all depends. I’m still new and I know what I want from my sugar daddy. I will have multiple if they only fit one of my needs. I would love to find a sugar daddy that meets everything I want and need. Someone who will spoil the crap out of me. Then I will be devoted to him and only him. He has to prove to me though that He is just a devoted to me as I am him.
Answer 114:
I totally would. But I would like to find that one sugar daddy that I was really connected to that made me want to give up all others and focus so let on him. Not just for the sugar tho. But because it was a real connection. It would have to be really strong and would have to stay that way for a while before I was willing to do that. But I would be game for both ways.
Answer 115:
I’m more than open to the idea of having more than one sugar daddy. As long as I manage my time well, keep up my appointments etc and don’t run myself into the ground then I think it could be a lot of fun, and I can definitely see myself gaining a lot of experience while seeing more than one sugar daddy. As long as everyone is happy then why not? 🙂
Answer 116:
Why not? When all are okay with that? I’m not going to marry him, he is my sugar daddy and I have a lot of sugar to give…and I have a lot of wishes. So when the chemistry is nice but things like distance or some not mutual wishes come inbetween…why not? I wont forbid any daddy to meet other girls, as long as I am not forgotten! Relationships with several partners have always been a thing in humanities history, so why stop here?
Answer 117:
No, I only need one. To much sugar can meke me diabetic Lol. It will be nice to enjoy life with the only one. If in the first date it do not work, i will be honest and tell him . And start off that moment looking for the next one, i do not like to play game. If i have to finish something that never starts to found the one, i will. One at the TIME.
Answer 118:
If he wants to be my only Daddy then I can be his one and only babygirl. Id rather keep it on an exclusive level to show my affection and devote my attention to one man. Id like to find a man to share my secrets, intimate thoughts and desires with. Unless he wants to explore other options I am willing to make some amazing guy as happy as I want to be in return.
Answer 119:
Yes, I totally would have multiple. In the beginning it’s difficult to find a daddy that wants long term, the relationship has to be built. Networking is key to finding a good daddy and someone who you can invest time into. So yes, in the beginning I would have multiple, esprically if they were long distance for the most part. The goal though is to find a daddy who spoils me better than any other and wants to be loyal long term. ;P
Answer 120:
Like I said before no. SORRY NOT SORRY. I will weed them out… one by one, but everyone has feelings, including myself . More power to those that are looking for multiple partners. I found my Soulmate at 13. Seen the two lines at 15. Had a precious baby BOY at SIXTEEN. That’s true love.I tried and tried.. I realized one day at the age of 28, 2 kids lster, im important and deserve to be me.
Answer 121:
Yeah I would, at first, I’m new to this sugar daddy sugar baby deal, so in trying to get the feel of it yes. I would like to eventually settle with one as my brain can only take so much at a time. I mean it’s just like regular like the regular, nobody ever starts out with one person. You start and make your way through in hopes of finding him.
Answer 122:
Yes, of course, i would love to have so many SD because will be better for me . i will get more gifts more money and sometimes sex .but if they will be like having another sufra baby i will mind in my opinion he should have only one sugar baby because i really need to be spoiled and more. i deserve it because they will recive myself at my 100% 24/7 so yeah.
Answer 123:
Im the begimning it would be ideal it havw multiple SDs to underatand how the sates work amd to get comfortable with this kind of arrangement.Im time I would love to find that one special SD that I could build a relationship with and where we would have a genuine interest in each other. It would also be overly draining sharing my time between multiple daddies and spend time getting to know them and telling them about yourself, dates are already enough work as it is!Plus a steady allowance is nicer than random per visit amounts.
Answer 124:
I’ve been a sugar baby for about 4 years now (since I was 18)! From my experience it’s harder to have multiple sugar daddies. Only because most men don’t want another man spoiling his sugar baby. & Most females don’t really want their sugar daddy spoiling other sugar babies as well. But there is only so much one person can give, not just finically but time and attention is something we all want. So I’ve had multiple until I find the one they can take care of me all himself. 😇
Answer 125:
Since I’m a newbie to this I think at first I would have multiple SD’s just to become familiar with the whole process, how to communicate with different daddies etc. However Ideally I would love to find that one certified SD who spoils me better than say five would because loyalty is definitely a thing for me! It would also be overly draining sharing my time between multiple daddies lmao. 😍
Answer 126:
I may be considered “old fashion” but I’d like to stick with one. This way you can get to know one another in a more intimate way (isnt that the purpose?) and you’re not dealing witj multiple people and all of their varied personalities, likes and dislikes. If it doesn’t work out as a 1:1 maybe hqving multiples afterward is ok until you both are ready for exclusively being together.
Answer 127:
I have never had a sugar daddy before, although I’ve always found older men attractive. I think I’d like to have more than one sugar daddy at first, and i’d begin to narrow it down to just one over time. I want to test out different means of bringing up an allowance, and when I’ll receive my first allowance, how close and intimate we’ll be getting, how many dates he’ll want to go on during the week, and then I’ll be able to narrow it down to the one sugar daddy.
Answer 128:
One SD may not be genuine by that I mean they may not go out anywhere and just sit around all day not getting the love she deserves 2. SD is long distance so they rarely see each other 3. He may not shower her with gifts but they go out together alot and have fun times. This is why it’s essential to talk about what you really desire from each other 4. This SD may always get gifts and things for her. But they don’t go out together much.
Answer 129:
Due to the fact I’m new to this I definitely need to test the waters to see how this is going to work out. All matches may not be a good match for me. Given the circumstances I’m pretty sure I will not be here only sugar baby. However, if the match is a good match and we decide to form some type of agreement that we both agree too then that is something completely different but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.
Answer 130:
More than one? Absolutely. At first anyways. Once I find someone that meets my most primal and passionate needs then absolutely not. I am not here to play the field. But I’m also not going to waste my time on one long courtship. How would I find someone I was truly attracted to – and vice versa – unless I meet several? And this is out of pure practicality, not because I’m a trashy little bimbo. I am definitely not a trashy little bimbo.
Answer 131:
Well It Depends Because Trust And Clinginess Does Come Into Place , But Im Speaking About Myself , When I Like The Vibe Between Us And Thr Lil Things You Do For Me , I Tend To Get Clingy And Some Like It , Sone Dont 😅 Cant Help It , Im Also A Freak So Mfs Be On Me Like White On Rice , I Cant Help That Either , Im Nasty , So That Makes People Attached To Me , Ion Have A Problem With Having One Or More Sugar Daddies , I’d Be In Heaven
Answer 132:
I understand that ha ing more than one Daddy is probably the norm in the sugar bowl….especially if they are getting low ball offers. Aka salt and spends daddies. Myself…not having a confirmed arrangement as of yet…I can’t see myself being that girl…homegirl has too many add issues…cant keep up with my ownself..muchless more than one Daddy.
Answer 133:
I don’t really want multiple SD. I just one the one man I can devote my time and effort to. But since I don’t think that’s going to happen (right away) I would try multiples. I am still very new at this (first time actually) but I think if I do have multiple SD it’ll give me a bit more insight on how the SD/SB dynamic works. It’ll give me a bit more time to get ready,for when I find Mr.Right.
Answer 134:
I really would like to have just the one SD that could spoil me the attention that I seek but if for some reason I feel neglect in a way or another having two wouldn’t hurt but only if it’s agreed upon with all parties and a understanding is in place. Everything would have to be out in the open and I could only have one sexual partner. That is if I decide or relationship has hit that level
Answer 135:
Personally I think one is enough for me. I’m very new to this. But I have to take care of myself. So I’m being adventurous with this. I know I want to go to school, and being able to have a SD would help. And you only need one to help with everything. Unless he isn’t helping in the ways you need then it shold not be an isse. I’m also the kind of girl that prefers one.
Answer 136:
No, I prefer to have only one and I would wish someone that have only me as a sugar baby. It makes it all more simple (ask me about it to understand my reasons). This sugar daddy thing would be more like a “relationship” than anything else. Also, we can make an agreement about that later. If both decide that exclusivity won’t happen, honesty will be the key to make it work.

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