Why You Keep Your Sugar Daddy Dating Secret?

Sugar daddy dating is a private thing.  However, many people don’t mind telling their friends and family. How about you? Lets’ hear what they say:
sugar daddy dating secret
Answer 1:
I honestly don’t care who knows. It’s not like I’m a prostitute. I’m just spending time with someone and what’s someone else going to do or say. My family knows and it’s nothing I’m ashamed of. I’m not going to post it on my Facebook or Instagram but it’s not a huge secret either. If I felt morally wrong about it, I wouldn’t do it but I feel good about my choices.
Answer 2:
Absolutely! Aside from the obvious judgment received towards myself, my SD may also prefer discretion and it is in no way my place to decide that for him. As much as I’d love to live in a world where people can freely do as they please, we actually live in a society that shuns anything that is “out of the norm”. Also, it’s quite frankly nobody else’s business anyway.
Answer 3:
I believe that’s on a case by case circumstance. I would not tell my family because they are very conservative and old fashioned. I would tell my friends because they would understand better and would be less skeptical or judgmental. Having an SD is not exactly normal and honestly, not everyone needs to know your business anyway. If you feel comfortable talking about it then go for it.
Answer 4:
Yes because do all internet or texting stuff. I don’t in person and it’s a little more risky. I like it its a rush. I try not to be to pricey with my stuff but I also like to take care of myself to look good for my sugar daddy I want him to be proud to show me off not look at this troll coming out from under the bridge. Beauty isn’t cheap. I can’t wait to find the perfect sugar daddy.
Answer 4:
Yes I would prefer to keep it a secret for many reasons. Number one being though I don’t like everyone in my business. Number two reason is I wouldn’t want anyone to try and snatch my daddy away from me. He’s my daddy. And I honestly don’t want to share unless I have to. If my daddy wants us to put it out there then I will do just that. If not then it’ll be our little secret 😉
Answer 5:
I just started very recently and have yet to meet anyone yet, but I’ve told some of my friends about it and they’re curious enough to consider signing up 😊 I don’t find any shame in the lifestyle as long as there is mutual consent, but out of respect I would probably introduce anyone I meet on here as my boyfriend rather than my sugar daddy, but other than that I don’t see why it should be a secret .
Answer 6:
It depends on the relationship and how both parties feel about it, Not many people approve of The whole sugar daddy/ baby relationship. I think I’m the beginning it should be kept a secret until daddy and baby get a feel of each other how they think of the arrangement. Me personally I would like to for it to be kept a secret only for the fact that I know many people around me won’t see the purpose.
Answer 7:
I believe that the sugar relationship should be kept on the down low for the sake of how others would view the relationship. If both parties are open to the relationship and would like for others to know, then it is appropriate. But if either party is a bit uncomfortable with the outside world knowing about the sugar relationship, then it should stay between the two.
Answer 8:
I wouldn’t keep it a secret unless he wanted to. I mean there’s no point in lying to people about it. If they don’t approve of it that’s on them it really shouldn’t affect what I think or do. If someone was to ask me about it I’d be like yes I have a sugar daddy and when they ask why I’ll tell them the truth. It’s because I have two jobs and I’m still broke.
Answer 9:
Yes, I do keep my sugaring secret. I know for a fact that people I know would be highly judgemental if they we ready to find out that I was a sugar baby, and even more judgemental if they knew I was okay with having a sugar mommy (since I am a woman as well). Sugaring is highly misunderstood, and people really do not need to know about that part of my life.
Answer 10:
Yes it’s a secret. I don’t need people knowing my personal business. Plus there are people in my life that I do not need drama from! If you want honesty I’m looking to better my life and save up to buy my kids the home they deserve, instead of this apartment that is starting to get smaller by the year. I don’t have a problem saving, I just can’t save up enough with the money I make at work.
Answer 11:
Yes, because it’s my business and I rather keep it to myself then tell anyone. I rather keep whatever I do and what I find interesting my secret. I don’t want to be judged and called things because I want to have a sugar daddy but also I just feel that it’s my personal business that I want to keep private and just to myself but between me and my sugar daddy it won’t be private.
Answer 12:
If both the daddy and baby agree to be open about it then that’s the way it should be. Compromise is something that both should respect and do. If one doesn’t feel comfortable enough right then to be open about it then the other shouldn’t push it. It’s nice to make sure both daddy and baby are on mutual grounds otherwise it would make both not have a great relationship with one another.
Answer 13:
In respect to both parties it should be kept a secret until both agree they are comfortable making it known to the world. Daddies have their own lives just like the babies and until those worlds come together (if wanted) they should remain separate. If both parties decide to make it public, great. If not, great. However, in the case that one wants something the other doesn’t that may be a cause for ending the relationship.
Answer 14:
I do keep it secret, I don’t think it’s something that is seen as appropriate where I’m from even though there is nothing wrong with what’s happening! Along with that I don’t think it’s fair to become known as a sugar baby and then be seen with a sugar daddy who would rather the whole experience to be confidential, if they don’t want it to be in the public eye it’s unfair to force them into it by being very open about your relationship!
Answer 15:
I keep mine mostly a secret but I wish I didn’t have to. I wish I didn’t get the stares or that people weren’t so gossipy because in reality I don’t care. I’m having a good time and I’m being taken care of. Also I don’t believe my family would be OK with it so I have to hide it and I really don’t like to do that at all. It’s what I have to do for now but I’m hoping one day I won’t have to hide it at all.
Answer 16:
Not at all. I’m young beautiful smart and fun to be around. Don’t like me it’s your loss cause there’s no other like me. I like to be shown off and spoiled. Why hide the person who thinks so highly of me? Plus boys are embarrassing. I need a man and someone who wants to see me successful meaning going to school being financially comfortable why I’m doing that.
Answer 17:
I would like to keep the sugar part secret, but if we are exclusive I have no issue saying you are my man!! Nobody needs to know the details that started the relationship. To everyone you are my man, I’m your girl… they don’t need to know what we do and how you spoil me, unless I’m wearing the proof! Hahaha such a negative stigma to the term sugar daddy, I see it as just a man looking to spoil his lady!
Answer 18:
I think discretion is always wanted for both parties. I do keep it as secret as possible but I’m not ashamed of my ways or my daddies and their very important in my life and very appreciated and I want them to feel that. But many daddies also want discretion like me so I definitely appreciate and respect that. Also this lifestyle can be very judged by others and under a lot of scrutinies, even by your own loved ones so it’s just easier to keep it secret.
Answer 19:
I come from a CNY, Italian, traditional family. They mean the world to me, therefore I would like to keep things discrete to prevent them from knowing about this side of me. They wouldn’t understand and would try to fix me. If things became serious and my sugar daddy agreed, then I would get my family involved. Until that day, I would keep things a secret.
Answer 20:
I think it’s all up to the sugar daddy if they want it to be a secret or not. I don’t personally care but it’s all out respect for the other person. If one or the other doesn’t want people to know then you should keep it discreet. I think this should be a talked about subject in the beginning of talking so you are on the same page with each…
Answer 21:
I would personally keep it a secret not only because of the situation but I like to keep my life personal in GENERAL. Simply because in this day in age, the wrong information in the wrong hands is certainly not good what so ever. Being as young as I am, there is constant drama in the simplest situation. I would not be bothered if you told your friends but I will not publicly share it.
Answer 22:
I believe (as all type of relationship) you have to be agreed with your SD/SB, what he wants, what he needs. Sometimes they have other commitments in order to keep this part of their life as private. There are other that may need or want totally exposure. Or, some cases, a nice companion for a business meeting, dinner, or occasion that requires a partner.
Answer 23:
As a Lady, it is only proper to keep your business to yourself. Regardless of other’s opinions that are something that should always be discreet. Being very independent about everything from work, being a mother, gym and still managing to survive without judgment of others. I admire the discretion the SD’S. Especially when it comes to them expressing themselves about how they feel about you, and the situation that we are both in.
Answer 24:
Yes, I believe it should be kept secret unless both parties agree that discretion isn’t important to either of them. The respectful and polite thing to do, in my opinion, is to keep the relationship low-key unless it becomes serious. I also feel that there are levels of secrecy- being seen together in public, or being a known couple to friends/families, etc. and I think that the level should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. 🙂
Answer 25:
Sugaring stays secret for sure. Unless he wants to be open about it, then I would only share this with certain people in my life. I don’t care to have my business out there for everyone to judge which could cause issues in the SD/SB relationship. Besides, it’s pretty hot knowing you have this other life people don’t know about or would even imagine you having!!!
Answer 26:
Yes because I think it has a bad reputation due to people exploiting each other through this system. I don’t think it’s something you can easily explain to outsiders. Maybe close friends should know if one is going to meet an SD/SB, merely as security so they know where they are. But apart from that person I’d keep it on the down low as I think my family and friends would look down on it.
Answer 27:
Yes. My sugar life is secret. This is new for me and with the company I keep and my family I would be shunned, degraded and plastered around as an inappropriate individual for my actions as a sugar baby. Plus it’s way more fun to have this dirty little secret that only he and I know or she and I know. 😉 it’s like I get to have this secret life. It’s exciting.
Answer 28:
My business is my business. And besides you don’t tell people about the people you meet, just when you’re ready for them to come around that occurs. So when it comes to my fantasy world. That is definitely a No No. I mean what’s exciting if everyone knows of it already. No drama is the best way. Sometimes it takes for you to keep things to yourself for them to work out. You’ll learn if you haven’t.
Answer 29:
Discretion is very important. Should my sugar daddy and I get serious, or simply decide that what we have is a very real relationship we want to continue to develop, then we’ll decide together what to say to whom and when. I may tell my close friends that I’m meeting someone I met on a dating site, I may show them a picture and tell them all about him, but only in the exact same way I would if we’d met in line at Target and only if he’s OK with that. The fact that he’s my sugar daddy is no one’s business but ours. Unless he wants me to brag about it which is a different thing entirely.
Answer 30:
Yes, I believe it should be kept secret unless both parties agree. Out of respect and the polite thing to do is to keep the relationship low-key unless it is a mutual understanding. I believe there are levels of secrecy in the relationship and be should be discussed between the two. I am open to understanding my partner on our fun 🙂
Answer 31:
My sugaring is my secret. I don’t want anyone else to know. I offer discrete and sometimes intimate relationships with my daddy and I don’t want him to be afraid that someone will find out. So all of my relationships are kept between my daddy and I. In order for an SB/SD relationship to thrive, each party has to feel safe. If the world knows what’s going on between you and your daddy, then the relationship is no longer discrete and private, eliminating the safety factor. 🙂
Answer 32:
There is a certain stipulation as to whom I keep this sugaring as a secret from. At certain times, some sugar daddies wish to stay on the low (considering if they’re married, or apart of wealthier companies) I am more inclined to hide our arrangement. But others I may be more willing to tell say a room mate? If they are wishing to visit my home. There needs to be some sort of groundings as who I can and cannot tell. (Considering he social stipulations on the idea of a sugary arrangement, I doubt it would be smart to divulge any arrangements you may have to a coworker?)
Answer 33:
I would not want my family to know that I am in a sugar daddy relationship. That’s because it is not something they will want to understand. I’ve spent my time catering and molding my life to please them, they fail to see why I wish to make an effort in my own life and happiness. Why would they understand any decision I make. Plus, this would be a special relationship I’d savor. Until or if the relationship becomes something more, it would be mine alone.
Answer 34:
Yes being discrete is very important especially if he’s attached or married.Plus it’s nobody business but you and his. Friends might become jealous and family might call you a who’re or prostitute. So for your own good secrecy is best. Plus who are you going to tell and how would you explain it without sounding like it’s an illegal act? Plus he would want you to be discrete.
Answer 35:
I would say yes to this, because it’s honestly none of the people’s damn business. I’m just the same as everyone else; I’m just here trying to make a living somehow. That being said, I would disclose all necessary information to my closest friend, whom I trust implicitly. She will be aware at all times as to where I am and have a general idea of who I’m with.
Answer 36:
Yes, I definitely will keep it a secret unless it becomes something more. It’s something that’s personal to me, and I don’t feel like everyone needs to know my business unless it’s important and affects them too. If I want to tell someone I will, but I’m a private person in the first place so opening up isn’t something I do often! I like to keep my private life private 🙂
Answer 37:
I keep my act of sugaring a secret from everyone in my family. My best friend is the only one who knows I participate in it while also keeping it to himself. Both parties must agree to it if names are going to be divulged to anyone outside of the relationship in order to maintain open honesty with each other. That is the one thing that is super important in any dynamic.
Answer 38:
Depends on the arrangement if we’re discreet then I can do that and keep it fun spontaneous and private if we’re open I don’t mind showing off my sd publicly l going out to functions caring for my sd needs as well as mine. I’m a pleaser but love being pleased as well both ways can be handled very satisfactory for all parties involved so that everyone is happy.
Answer 39:
Sure, it’s an arrangement between the two of us. Most won’t understand it anyway and I am in no need to explain my actions. Nowadays people like to label each other, I don’t play that game. Trust and discretion should be a must. Unless it’s more than just an SD/SB relationship yet again I won’t tell how it al went down. That will be our little dirty secret.
Answer 40:
I do believe that one should keep it secret, but if my sugar daddy wishes to be open with itthen that would be fine with me. So in other words in would be up to him on whether we keep it secret. I do not have a problem with being open if that what he what wishes.Let me know from the begging what it is what you want and I can accommodate your demands. 💕
Answer 41:
Yes, I would really want to keep this whole thing very discrete I have a family and friends that I wouldn’t want to know about this, mainly because I don’t tell them sh*t as it is. I’m a very to myself, introverted person so I wouldn’t want to gain any attention from this app that could further I guess. I don’t know how that would happen but still have to be safe.
Answer 42:
I personally am an open book in fact my family knows I’m on here…. However, some men might not like for it to be known…. I’m ok with that to if the daddy asks me to keep it quiet that’s fine nobody has to know who I’m talking to…. So really I guess it all depends on the daddy…. His preference is what we would go by 😊 and if his mind were to change…. Either way that wouldn’t be a problem either.
Answer 43:
I do not really keep this a secret. If it comes up in conversation I will happily discuss what I do and why I do it. There is nothing to be ashamed of so why would I have something to hide? I think things like this should be more out there and more acceptable. Nothing should be a secret unless you do have something to hide and don’t want anyone knowing at all.
Answer 44:
I openly talk about with my friends. It’s more common than you think. I wouldn’t openly discuss being a sugar baby with anyone who wasn’t my close friend due to the reason that I wouldn’t want my sugar daddy feeling exposed if he wasn’t openly talking about being a sugar daddy. I think it is a great form of income for some people however there are always going to be those people who have something negative to say.
Answer 45:
Yeah I keep it a secret. At least for now. Unless my sugar baby and I decided to not keep it a secret. Then that’s when I would let it be known. I really don’t mind telling people or anything. But I keep it a secret for the privacy of the other person. Don’t want to embarrass my sugar baby. But there is nothing wrong with keeping it a secret or not.
Answer 46:
While I do not mind everyone knowing about my sugar daddy, I respect peoples’ privacy and the way they choose to live. With that said, I will keep my sugar daddy a secret until we both decide that the relationship is serious and mutually beneficial. Once we are on the same page, then I wouldn’t mind having the time of my life in the public eye with my sugar daddy.
Answer 47:
I think it would be a good thing to discuss that with your sugar because that’s it could be a meaningful thing it could be just a thing to whatever help out you know do something doesn’t matter but definitely a discussion to have with that sugar but honestly I think it’s OK not to say anything definitely keep it in a private thing in less you’ve been told otherwise to say something.
Answer 48:
Yes, keeping to yourself is always a good idea of course until you both have a mutual agreement otherwise. You’re not in this alone so I feel things such as that circumstance should be discussed. I personally would keep my daddy to myself because it really isn’t anyone else’s business besides mine and his! Letting everyone know your business always opens the door to other peoples opinions and who needs that!
Answer 49:
I don’t mind being open but I’m also not going to run outside and scream it to the rooftops. My best friend knows and funny enough, my mom knows also. I trust them. But if it is a discreet situation (I.e they don’t want anyone to know they are giving me funds) then no, I don’t tell anybody. Because of either way, is it really anyone’s business besides the two of you?
Answer 50:
I wouldn’t mind it being open but if the personnel I’m with doesn’t want anyone knowing or it to be low-key that’s fine. As long as they happy and they are helping me and getting me all I won’t I have no reason to complain. As long as they keep up and look after me. Concluding this I have no problem if they want it on the low I’m happy either way, as long as I’m ok with who finds out as I like to be private about this.
Answer 51:
This lifestyle has many opinions but I believe it works for me, so if someone does ask I will tell them that this is another way I make money so I can get the things I need in my life it’s not all about getting what I want and when people ask I do my best to help them understand why I do what I do. This is the way I choose to live my life so therefore it shouldn’t matter what other people have to say so that’s why I’m open about it.
Answer 52:
No, I wouldn’t keep it a secret but it wouldn’t be something I talk about to everyone. Only to people that I trust or if someone brings up the subject and I could share my experience.. there’s nothing to be ashamed about in being a sugar baby.. but you should only talk about it to others if your sugar daddy is okay with it and it’s been clearly established that it isn’t minded.
Answer 53:
I would like to be open about because I think it is nothing bad to be ashamed of but the thing is I could not and the people around me as well. We live in a world where a lot of people are closed minded as hell so I’d prefer to be quiet about and just enjoy it in peace. But it’s also a good thing to keep it discreet and just mind your business and do what you gotta do.
Answer 54:
Yes completely and until I know my “SD” can comply with that one rule i might be a little guarded. I’m new to this and would love if it worked out where we both get what we want and it stays between us. I have done the whole relationship thing and it always ends with me being cheated on. I’m over it. Spoil me and let’s have fun! And it will stay between us 😉
Answer 55:
If my Daddy is keen on secrecy them that’s the order of the day. I’m very secretive when it comes to boys. I’ve always been a guy that keeps whom ever with just between us so that no one else input can jeopardize our SHIP. Furthermore, there are daddies here that are married I’m not one to out NO one. I’m not opposed to daddies with wives. Just ensure my allowance is always available.
Answer 56:
Yes i think i would keep mine a secret just for safety reasons no need for them to get caught up by your people in ur daily life that could get jealous of you or what you’re up to or unless other wise was agreed upon by sb/sd but for sure at least one person in your life should know for your own safety so if you really like them vice versa then open up.
Answer 57:
I think that everyone should be discreet if that’s how they feel that in this life type of Lifestyle that’s how they should be if they don’t want to be discreet and they both agree upon it then they can do as they both wish but I feel that if both parties wanted to be discreet and want to make sure that both of the privacies are protected that they can do that and still be able to have a sugar relationship and trust is very important and being on the same page is also very important.
Answer 58:
Yes this has to be discreet because what if your sugar daddy has a wife and kids? You don’t want him to just up and risk the potential chance of him leaving his family. Usually, you’re his guilty pleasure on the side so you have to respect your role in his life. You’re not his wife but getting wifey treatment so you shouldn’t over step your boundaries.
Answer 58:
Yes, I think it should be kept top secret especially when it comes to ide ntities,names, etc. simply because it’s not a casual sort of relationship to most people, and sugar daddy/sb relationships get frowned upon often by people that don’t do it, so it’s better to just not have to deal with the judgement unless both parties agree to make it publicly known.
Answer 59:
It is not commonly accepted to have this kind of relationship. It’s mostly frowned upon. Since I am surrounded by open minded friends, it’s easy for me to talk about it with them, but if I were to tell my family, it wouldn’t be accepted. Most people keep it secret because they are ashamed and some because they want to save their relationship with other people.
Answer 60:
It really depends on my sugar daddy if he wants a discreet relationship then that’s what it would be plus im not one to talk about my personal life to just anyone it’s not anyone’s business on who I have a relationship with I prefer to keep it to myself like my own little secret the only way they would know is if they see my gifts and things my sugar daddy gives me.
Answer 61:
I keep any of my sugaring secrets for a lot of different reasons. First off, I think my mother would have a heart attack where she stood, and my dad is probably rolling over in his grave lol! My sister and my brother would totally be with me, but I think a lot of older parents seem to not understand why we do it. It would cause drama, I would be called slurs, you get the deal. It’s unfortunate I have to keep this all a secret!
Answer 62:
Yes! You never know who knows who in this world and there are certain boundaries to being a sugar baby. What if your sugar daddy has a wife? What if you end up at the same place at the same time around family? It’s not easy to explain “oh I go out with older guys to live” to anybody and for the sugar daddy it’s not easy explaining things to friends. Keep hush hush lol.
Answer 63:
Oh, of course it’s kept secret. Both parties identities should always remain safe. Sugaring relies on trust and safety, as does any healthy relationship. As for keeping the fact that I’m a sugar baby from my friends and family; only my roommates know, but they’ve joined in as well as sugar babies. I think keeping it a secret adds to the scandalous, sexy vibe that being an S. baby is all about.
Answer 64:
I’m very open about it, but only with close friends. I think discretion is important, especially if it’s a matter of respect, and I want to keep boundaries safe. At the same time, I’m not ashamed of it and not opposed to talking about it if someone is truly curious (and of course it’s ok with everyone involved!) My sugar activities are private and intimate, but by no means something I’m ashamed of.
Answer 65:
I would want to keep my sugar daddy. A secret n it wouldn’t b because of embarrassment or anything like that it’s just because there’s way too many nosey ass people out there that just love to talk shit and can’t ever mind their own because they have boring ass lives so want nothing but to destroy others reputation and that is definitely not right at all especially where I’m from people stay in others business.
Answer 66:
Yes and no. My parents (and most of my family in general) probably wouldn’t be pleased to know about it, so I don’t have any interest in informing them. Friends, on the other hand, I don’t mind sharing with. However, the details I share with them can be limited, depending on my sugar daddy’s preferences. If he doesn’t want them to know who he is, what he does for a living, and so on and so forth, then my lips are sealed. So long as I’m respecting my sugar daddy’s boundaries, I don’t mind being honest about having a sugar baby lifestyle. Any details that are more personal than that will either be kept to myself or shared with only a select few, who I know I can trust.
Answer 67:
My sugaring does not have to be a secret on my part. I am not ashamed of being a sugar baby and don’t feel the need to hide it. I am naturally quiet about my life and won’t go around advertising my lifestyle and how it came about, but if asked I have no problem disclosing that I had some help from someone very special, that take great care of me and treats me like a princess.
Answer 68:
I keep it secret because I am a teacher and thought of as a good girl so I don’t feel like I can talk to others without them judging me. I was mainly attracted to this app because I prefer to be involved with ambitious men that go after what they want and know how to make a name for themselves and I can’t find men like that on other sites. So even though I have to keep in secret I hope it will lead to more.
Answer 69:
I wholeheartedly believe that sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships should be kept on the down low. Not everyone needs to know about our relationship, and if they find out then so be it. I think that if any of my friends or family found out I had a sugar daddy they’d completely stop talking to me. I don’t want people to think I’m using older men as a way of income, because that isn’t what it is at all, and that’s what they would say.
Answer 70:
I think it would be good if I keep the secrets as some of us don’t feel comfortable discussing our private life more especially if your SD is a very important person by discussing your sugary secrets with others my compromise him. Its best if we just keep it a secret but won’t mind if he wants us to discuss our sugary secrets with other people as long as he is comfortable with us discussing the secrets with a third party I’m good.
Answer 71:
Yes, because it’s nobody’s business what you do! I believe what you do on your free time is up to you. I feel like everyone has a reason for making the choice to become an SB. a lot of people wouldn’t understand. Hell they would disagree but you gotta make my own choices, life and learn. I have people in my life that would look down on this. And i have a man in my life that doesn’t need to know about this at all.
Answer 72:
Yes because there are so many people who see an SB/SD relationship as prostitution, a fetish thing (because of daddy/baby) or who may look down on me for looking for an SD. It’s my thing what I do, no one else’s. I’m not stupid or greedy or needy for wanting a sugar daddy and my future daddy wouldn’t just want me for my body. It is our business and I wont deal with closed-minded people.
Answer 73:
I only tell the people that are close to me. The reason for that is other people don’t need to know my business because all people like to do is spread rumors about you. I tell the ones close to me so that they know, and in case anything happens at least somebody knows. I have lots of friends that don’t mind letting everyone know, but that’s just not my personality. Ultimately I think it’s just personal preference. I like my privacy.
Answer 74:
Yes, I’m not embarrassed by my life or my choices but I do it for fun. Its different and gives a rush that I like. I am a married woman and I love my husband very much but I sometimes get bored. Lifes like a movie it never changes much No matter how many remakes. I want a my life to be more like different movies everyday! Lots of change and different endings. A chance to see and experience things I havent yet.
Answer 75:
I definitely think it’s something to be discussed between the sugar daddy and their baby. While some may be comfortable with sharing their lifestyle right away, others are new to the lifestyle and still exploring. Its good to keep open communication but ultimately i think that discretion until they both feel comfortable with sharing is the way to go.
Answer 76:
Personally I do keep it a secret just because I don’t feel as though I am ready to tell anyone about it yet, as I dont have a lot of confidence about it as I am only just starting. However I think once I’ve been doing it for a while I may tell some close friends about it, the ones I trust, as I think they’ll understand because I know that not everyone does.
Answer 77:
Some SD are looking for a SB who is going to use discretion in their relationship. Due to their career, family, etc etc.Which is absolutely fine with me because I can be a very private person at times. This would be something I would bring up in the “getting to know each other “stage because this would be an important part of building trust in the realtionship with my SD.
Answer 78:
I’m trying this out on a whim- I’ve told three of my best friends, and that’s IT. I’m afraid of what people will think of me. Money isn’t my priority, but since my dream is to be an independent artist, I’m going to need financial support for a while. And I kid you not, my brother has totaled two cars in the span of a month this year, and then mine decided to start having problems popping up left and right, including the strut base mount rusting COMPLETELY through (the thing that holds the tire onto the car). Life has been getting scary, my parents are getting ancey for my brother and myself to move out, I need to finish college yet, and I’m going to be an artist. Money isn’t so much what I’m interested in as much as I don’t want to end up living in a cardboard box. I’m really looking, hoping to find the right person for me. I’m just not sure everyone will understand that.
Answer 79:
I think it depends on both of the people. But I prefer to keep it a secret as people can judge pretty quickly and I don’t wanna be called a gold digger or something. Its just that I want someone to help me financially but people might think in a different way. And its not like a relationship that others have to know about it. So its better kept a secret.
Answer 80:
I would keep it discreet until I knew that the person was serious. Honestly it would be very hard for me to not to tell my friends because they would know something was up. I would be giddy all the time and they would start to question who was in the picture. But with family I can’t exactly relate. They wouldn’t be able to understand why I enjoy that sort of lifestyle; but if things would get serious at some point I wouldn’t hesitate telling them.
Answer 81:
Yes, people do not always need to know what I’m up to or what I’m doing . My parents always told me to be reserved so Ive always been the type to keeep it a little myserious. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But It’s always better can’t say I haven’t thought about it but something won’t let me. Plus I like to keep my life very private .😋 Either way , It’s none of there business.
Answer 82:
Yes I would keep it a secret unless both of us are comfortable enough to not have it a secret anymore , if should always be kept a secret until the both of us agree on it otherwise it shouldn’t be known by anyone … It doesn’t matter if one of you agree on it and the other one doesn’t like I said before it should be known if the both of you agree on it.
Answer 83:
Yes because privacy is important. some daddies have other lives and so as a baby its my job that my daddy is kept happy. even if that means only late night visits or dates.. some daddies are professionals who are too busy to date so some babies are here for publication to b seen on his arm in front of friends and family and some arent.. i just depends on what ur daddy wants.
Answer 84:
It depends on the person like if y’all are both open people then it really doesn’t matter but usually the relationship is a lot better when it’s private because you have less people stating their opinion about things. And especially if you’re in a serious relationship and you have a sugar daddy or whatever on the side then you definitely want to keep that to yourself because it could actually end up really messing up possibly a good situation that you have.
Answer 85:
Only if I am ask to keep it a secret at first yes but there will come a time that you want to tell some one but I would ask if it was OK cause he counts just like I count I hope we will understand each other and not have to hide from the world cause we are two adults and we can do the right thing for both of us not every one would thing the same way as we do but that them not us.
Answer 86:
I believe that if you want to keep it a secret go ahead if you want to tell everybody go ahead but we also have to realize this lifestyle isn’t for everybody so of course you’re going to get the looks and the rumors if you decide to go public but it is also up to both the sugar daddy and sugar baby whether they want to let everybody know we’re not personally depending on the extent of our relationship is when I will decide if I want to keep it a secret or go public.
Answer 87:
For me, I prefer to keep my sugar relationship a secret. I do this to avoid all the judgements looks or questions that I could get that could be rude and almost disrespectful. A lot of people now joke bout having a sugar daddy but if you actually get one then your oftentimes judged. I also keep my relationship a secret if that’s what my sugar daddy wants because I’ll respect his wishes.
Answer 88:
I keep my sharing a secret because this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will understand it, and I would rather keep it secret and be fine, then have to explain it and answer all these annoying questions and be judged and treated differently. I already get that being pansexual, I don’t want it with other aspects of my life too. It’s just easier.
Answer 89:
As discreet as possible, I’m not a spotlight kinda girl. I’ll let a couple of super close people know about it but I wouldn’t be spilling details or anything. I don’t have anything to hide I just don’t think it’s their business. Plus, it’s fun being secretive, it can be really exhilarating at times. I wouldn’t mind if you let some people know about us but don’t tell the whole world.
Answer 90:
Yes, I keep it a secret not for me but my SD. Our relationship could possibly negatively impact his reputation and his relationships both in his business and personal life. What we do with our time is our business. If he feels comfortable to make our relationship known or public then it’s his choice. Part of what I offer is discretion. I’m here to please him and not cause trouble for him.
Answer 91:
Yes to a certain extent, I like my sugar daddy to feel good when he does something for me so it’s only right that i show him and his awesomeness off but only if it’s okay with him first. I would love to show daddy off and give him endless amounts of sugars, but if he wants to be a secret im fine with that too. Just as long as we both are on the same page.
Answer 92:
Keeping it a secret should be decided upon your Sugar Daddy and yourself. In my own opinion I believe it’s nice to keep it a secret, I feel as though it entices outings, gifts, dinner, etc. it’s important to get to know each other and have a bond or else things may not work. Don’t be ashamed of keeping it a secret sometimes it’s for the best, if you feel it’s right then do it.
Answer 93:
This sort of lifestyle isn’t for everyone and you get judged a lot, I know I will if my friends or family ever found out. If I was to carry on a relationship with someone in real life other than a sugar relationship then I would say how we met ect. But I would prefer it to be a secret between me and my daddy mainly for our pleasure! Not only for my sake but my daddies as well.
Answer 94:
I keep my sugar life a secret because I’ve found that the words, “sugar daddy” comes with a very negative connotation. Being a sugar baby is also seen as a shameful title. It is associated with being a whore or a fake person. Which is not even close to the truth in most instances. To keep from being judged by my friends and family, it is easier to keep it a secret.
Answer 95:
I keep my life the sugar baby secret because if I didn’t then I would be putting the life of my sugar daddy at Jeopardy and that would be bothering him and say his wife or family and I would want to do that this isn’t just about my security but it’s about my sugar daddies I care about him more than I would care about my own because you’re supposed to take care of him and buy out in yourself your outing him and what he does in his personal time.

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